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Thanks for doing this AMA and providing a more in-depth perspective on your article! I have two questions:

  • What's the legality of asking someone to sign loan documents while they're under the influence of either shock and fatigue and/or pain medication?

  • How do these practices interact with hospital price transparency laws like the one in Ohio? (context)

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What on-set incident in Breaking Bad caused you to laugh the hardest?

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Thanks for the replies! What can be done about this form of thinly-veiled bribery? What is already being done?

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Hi, thanks for doing this! I have two questions:

  • What kind of bills have been introduced by the people getting these donations?

  • In what ways has the 2010 Citizens United decision impacted the Pharma lobby?

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From what I understand, David Chase was largely responsible for the ambiguous nature of The Sopranos finale, although you served as both writer and producer for the show. Considering your role in its creation, have the varying levels of praise and backlash for its ending affected that of Mad Men? What about being on the other side of the camera for the more straightforward finales of other serialized dramas, like Breaking Bad and The Wire, to which, as contemporaries, Mad Men's will undoubtedly be compared?