Here is my story:

At 17 I enlisted in the Army Reserve (1989-1990). After graduating high school I joined the US Navy (1990-1994). Navy Diver assigned EOD Mobile Unit 2. Deployed: Operation Restore Hope, Somalia 1993. Joined US Army (1994-1996). Got in a little trouble.

I began working as a civilian contractor to US military (1996-2007). Responded to anthrax attacks on US Senate (2001).

From 2007 til last year I rode a motorcycle around a lot and found myself as a featured Extra on ABC's "Scoundrels" as "Luther Wallace". I then found myself as a background actor again, this time on "Breaking Bad" riding my motorcycle. The whole riding scene was cut out and luckily that made me eligible to audition for the role of "Jack's Man #4", which later became "Matt", for the Final 8 Episodes of THE BADDEST TELEVISION SHOW OF ALL.. BREAKING BAD "Los Ocho Finales"

I've heard that /r/breakingbad is full of die hard fans. I'm one of 'em too and a lucky bastard. Beginning today around 4PM EST I'll start answering your questions.

Ask away!

Edit: Proof!

Edit: Twitter proof.

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TheRealRodneyRush378 karma

It was an honor to be involved in breaking bad.. Having the opportunity to work with such a wonderful crew and cast.. We all go down in history as being involved in one of the greatest shows to ever be made.. Congratulations to everyone involved in breaking bad for all of our great achievements.. Great Job in the show Matt!

Edit: Top comment!? Wow. You can find me on Facebook.

MThomasMetzler231 karma

thank you for being on here and you got it man, historical, the word cool don't begin to touch it

MThomasMetzler134 karma

hey I suck at social media, just scrolled up and saw your post

LuisMoncada306 karma

Hey Matthew Great job on the show! Thank your for your service! (Much respect for that) I would've love to see the Salamanca Cousins vs The White Supremacist 💀💀

MThomasMetzler213 karma

Bad Ass! thanks for being here. I still wonder what we did with all that $cash.

PatrickSane174 karma

Hey Hey! You guys on?

MThomasMetzler158 karma

what's up Patrick!! I only drove 45 miles to get on the net

PatrickSane60 karma


PatrickSane87 karma

Have fun with your ama Dawg. I'll Jump in a little later and see how it's going. Reddit folks are cool.

charmingCobra171 karma

he called me cool...


VTArmsDealer84 karma

Play it cool bro. Just subtly find out if he's single and what he's doin later.

MThomasMetzler77 karma

Hahaha. That shit really made me laugh. I'm gonna call him and give him hell.

edify131 karma

Thanks Matt for joining us.

Edit: I love how this AMA has been affected by the lack of Internet in New Mexico. Very authentic.

MThomasMetzler99 karma

it's a catastrophe. but we get by and I wouldn't trade this beauty and open land for anything. I've lived here for 17 years

MThomasMetzler54 karma

thank you , hoping all goes well.

whosgt107 karma

Has anyone stared at you in public for a while? I would expect that as you had a great role in one of the best show's finale.

MThomasMetzler277 karma

if you're talking to Patrick , people always stare at him. as for me I live in the middle of nowhere. my dogs stare at me if they're not fed on schedule

whosgt21 karma

LOL! I'm pretty sure you both have left a solid image in people's minds, your roles were in some of the greatest scenes.

MThomasMetzler51 karma

yes, taking out the DEA HANK and GOMEZ. being a bad guy on Breaking Bad is the best. and amazing watching everyone work. how could it not be a bad ass time

wysoaid105 karma

"He made up his mind ten minutes ago." Gave me chills.

MThomasMetzler61 karma

Yes pure heartless business. If someone didn't see it coming, that statement cleared things right up

Prothall11 karma

Dude.. spoiler!

Edit: Not for me, don't worry. Just saying :)

MThomasMetzler43 karma


MThomasMetzler24 karma

Thanks. You're right

BLACK-GUY72 karma

Are the white supremacists in the show meant to be KKK style racists doing it just because they hate anyone different or were Jacks guys more just gang henchmen who happened to be in a white power gang?

MThomasMetzler123 karma

I say more the latter definitely. Nothing was ever said by any of the characters that had a thing to do with racism. Their motives are all about control of the money machine. Racism is secondary at most. Their mean motherfuckers and want to let everyone know it. Not very deep guys.

BLACK-GUY28 karma

I appreciate your response. Its something ive wondered about for a while.

MThomasMetzler41 karma

Absolutely, I'm happy to be doing this and hope I give a reasonable take on them. Or any other subject. Thanks man

morsebicknell64 karma

Hey Matt! This is Morse Bicknell, trying to drop in via a spotty wifi connection in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Congrats on the killer role in BBad, and congrats to you and Patrick Sane (hey Patrick!) for the SAG award— so well-deserved!!

MThomasMetzler53 karma

right on, I know the feeling with wifi. got to my first stop 20 miles from home and 30 minutes before we were on their internet crashed. 25 more mile down the road and I'm in a café in Gallup NM. seems to be holding up. as far as the SAG Awards, the word grateful has been seared in my brain, from being part of the Breaking Bad family to now and here. grateful. we all made this show crack the mold in TV and it's still moving. great to be a part of it

whitenoise63053 karma

Who was your favourite actor to work with?

MThomasMetzler100 karma

You know I got to leave that blank man. Just not right. Haha. I will say that everyone was nothin buy good to me. Everyone. And realized that I expected people to be a particular way from seeing them in film/TV. My own apprehensions. I was dead wrong. Best group of people I could imagine.

witty_puns40 karma

He doesn't want to say because there are so many BB actors on this AMA

MThomasMetzler75 karma

I just said what I wanted to say and I'm still in the "room" so you can direct you comment to me and I'll respond

GotMyNikesOn22 karma

I don't understand how it's so hard for someone to just not say stupid shit

MThomasMetzler28 karma

Thank you. There are lots of questions people have about a show that means the world to me and I'm more than happy to share what I can with anyone on the same level.

GotMyNikesOn9 karma

Yeah I think it's awesome when such high profile people can communicate on common grounds thanks for the AMA and good luck with all your future endeavors!

MThomasMetzler38 karma

I don't view myself as high profile at all. Hope that's not how that read. And when I say on the same level I mean talking about something we dig and enjoying the conversation not putting words in my mouth about not wanting to respond.

MThomasMetzler48 karma

I was trying to get to a question about covering up tattoos. Please don't think I'm ignoring anyone. So if you deleted a question I'll be happy to answer. Thanks for having me on. I'll be drinking coffee and checking in a lot tonight. Thanks again Reddit

RunDNA41 karma

Do you have any info on the spin-off show, Better Call Saul? Will you be in it?

MThomasMetzler41 karma

no info, and no. can't wait to see it though

weesstt40 karma

Hey, I happen to have a few questions. First of all thanks for doing this AMA Matthew !

  1. What were the Emotions like on the last day of Filming ?
  2. Did any of the actors match their on show personality off camera ?
  3. How did you feel when you were selected to be a Nazi on the show ?

Also thanks for following me on twitter Mat !

Edit: Didn't know Patrick would be on here to ! Either of you can answer my question, the more the merrier !

MThomasMetzler50 karma

emotions, calm and observant, "just don't fuck up and embarrass yourself Matt" .. and then excited for the next several months.. and the personalities of the actors was beyond relief for me. everyone was just happy being there and that includes cast and crew. I felt very out of place only briefly, they made it the best experience .Fun, every day, no shit. Being selected for the role was not in my expectations, I had all but given up on acting, it happens. and there was a call , me auditioning , me getting a callback. And, "congratulations Matt, you got the part!!!"

Mr_A22 karma

What was the time like between filming the final episode and seeing it cut together? How did you deal with "knowing" while nobody outside the cast/crew knew?

MThomasMetzler37 karma

Probably like most everyone else, I was going nuts waiting for it all to finally air. And keeping my mouth shut was second nature so no problem there

glowtmickey28 karma

Which flavor of Ben & Jerry's did you prefer?

MThomasMetzler51 karma

I didn't eat any ice cream

Ethanhekker20 karma

Are you serious?

MThomasMetzler33 karma

Not on TV. I thought that's the question. Says which did I prefer?

troan444926 karma

How long did it take to film the shoot out scene in the desert?

MThomasMetzler55 karma

3 days. You would think doing "the same thing" over and over would get boring. It's not the same thing and getting everything perfect has it's obvious benefits. In this case it was pure fun. Who else gets to dress up like maniacs armed to the gills and do shootout scenes for a job?

Rhyek21 karma

Let's not forget making TV history. You'll always have a great story to tell.

MThomasMetzler18 karma

Exactly right

Kknowsbest22 karma

What is the best advice that has been given to you about your career?

MThomasMetzler34 karma

be yourself. period

[deleted]73 karma


MThomasMetzler42 karma

Is that a serious question?

mayhem_morearty20 karma

How hard was it to keep the ending a secret?

MThomasMetzler29 karma

No. Simply out of respect for everyone's dedicated work and fans. No, not at all

mdbleach15 karma

what was it like working with Michael Bowen?

MThomasMetzler29 karma

he is so good at getting one to relax. I drove the dually pickup into our shootout scene, had to hit this invisible mark in the vast sand lot. he and Patrick and me, then get out smooth with the BAR. I kept saying "where's the fucking marker in the dirt?" it costs lots of money and pure embarrassment to miss and reset. they both joked around and put me at ease. awesome

shockfire14 karma

What was it like to play a white-supremacist?

MThomasMetzler72 karma

it was actually hard to be so damn mean to well everyone. one minute we're talking and laughing together eating lunch or riding to location and them you just put this hateful , evil veil over yourself. I wanted to walk up and apologize for being such a terrible person after all the shit Uncle Jack's crew pulled

CMelody14 karma

What was it like winning that SAG award?

MThomasMetzler22 karma

it was fucking awesome. Patrick just agreed with me. and with all seriousness, I kinda blanked out for about 3 hours. it was the coolest

CMelody11 karma

What kinds of stuff did you see behind the scenes at the SAG ceremony and at the after parties? Did you meet any famous Breaking Bad fans?

MThomasMetzler18 karma

I type horribly slow, apologies in advance. I met a lot of actors at SAG Awards , and just had to introduce myself to Mr. Scott Bakula. I was really a bit star struck, which doesn't happen much. he was as cool in person as I hoped. a very cool moment for me.

ronvonjones21 karma

I met Scott Bakula in San Diego at the Hard Rock hotel. I asked the bartender what her favorite joke was and he answered with a joke of his own behind me. "What does a mama sweet potato dress her baby sweet potato in?" "Yammies" I groaned so hard he paid for my drink.

MThomasMetzler10 karma

Very cool.

CMelody8 karma

Thanks for coming by, and Scott Bakula is pretty cool! Loved him on Quantum Leap and Enterprise.

MThomasMetzler10 karma

exactly! how cool is that? and thanks for having me here. another great time

PatrickSane6 karma

yeah, it was surreal bro. I've never seen so many cameras. And what an honor to be n the same room with all those heavy hitters.

MThomasMetzler8 karma

I don't say ditto , but ditto Patrick

CMelody6 karma

Who got drunker at the SAG party: the Breaking Bad cast because they won, or the Game of Thrones (my other fave show) cast because they lost?

MThomasMetzler12 karma

I don't think anyone got drunk, and if they did it would be pretty fucked up for me to comment on. truly it was a huge gathering of professionals and artists. like I said. I'm a lucky bastard simply put.

CMelody7 karma

Aw, no shame in a lot of champagne to celebrate! They sure all seemed to have a lot at the Golden Globes, at least.

MThomasMetzler12 karma

I want future employment. and joking aside, it was really fun and I was so out of my mind with everything going on. I will say that watching Morgan Freeman present Rita Moreno with the SAG Lifetime Achievement Award was actually very emotional. I remember watching them as a little kid at my grandparents'. it was beautiful and what an honor to be there .

NegroNoodle214 karma

Does Aaron Paul say bitch off the set too?

MThomasMetzler15 karma

I don't think so

RocknRollRobot914 karma

Did you get to keep any of the props as a soviener of the show? And what was the party like after the last show was finished being filmed?

MThomasMetzler17 karma

no props, I wish. and the party in Albuq was amazing. great energy great attitude and all fun. and an honor to be present

Sven__Hoek12 karma

What's next for you? Will we be seeing you on the screen again anytime soon?

MThomasMetzler20 karma

who knows what's next. I am definitely working on getting more work. just like any job market, make calls , send in your resume. hope to get a call.

Conspirologist10 karma

Hi. I really want to ask you how it feels to play a gang of white supremacists. Were all you from the gang only acting physically, or did you managed to really become white supremacists for the show inside your minds? Sorry, but I don't remeber how the two opposite methods are called.

MThomasMetzler16 karma

I will tell you that "really becoming" white supremacists never happened in anyone's mind. I feel quite confident that I speak for all on the cast/show .

serialinterface20 karma

For any laymen reading this, I think /u/Conspirologist was talking about "method acting" versus "classical acting".

Method actors talk about how they sometimes experience mental/emotional issues because of how they get so deeply involved with their characters and will spend months studying and training and actually TRYING to be that character, whereas "classical actors" just wear their characters like masks and can take them off at the end of the day with no lingering effects.

Hope this helps anyone who was confused or offended at /u/Conspirologist's question.

For my part, I'm glad Matt and everyone else stuck to playing characters rather than trying to become them in their minds... Just playing the character felt authentic enough for me as a viewer.

edit: confused classical acting with character acting for a bit; character acting relates to a specific actor's ability to play a very specific kind of character effectively.

MThomasMetzler9 karma

I get the question. But really "become a white supremacist" no. No matter how you put it. Didn't mean to be be dismissive

DranoMilkshake8 karma

Did you get to meet the chick who played Lydia? IMO she was smokin hot.

MThomasMetzler19 karma

Yes. I met her. She's a very classy and polite woman. And obviously a great actor.

bikelockbling8 karma

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! I'm curious to know what it was like filming the shootout scene, and whether there were any difficulties in getting it right. Also, in the future, which kind of roles would you see yourself pursuing?

Finally, when you see yourself in the episodes you participate in, how does it affect your enjoyment of the show? Can you appreciate it the same way you would an episode from an older season and get drawn into the story, or does it feel a little strange having the behind-the-scenes knowledge and experience?

MThomasMetzler7 karma

Thank you for asking. This is great to answer. There were no real difficulties. The entire crew moved like the well oiled machine that we needed to be.And I am still amazed at how quickly everyone moved from on shot to the next. The first time we let loose with the blanks it echoed through the canyon we were in. I thought, this shit is gonna look crazy and realistic all wrapped in the suspense of what the outcome would be.

MThomasMetzler7 karma

In the future I hope to get shot, stabbed, blown up, impaled. You name it as a bad guy / tough guy. Good guy? And hopefully evolve into more developed characters. Strangely enough it wasn't too much different watching until I went to the Finale at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. All the fans there, what a way to experience it

BipolarBear08 karma

Hey Matt (& Patrick),

How did your role on Breaking Bad compare to the other shows you've starred in?

What made you pursue acting as a career, and how did you jump from the Army/Navy to that career path?

MThomasMetzler13 karma

as far as acting as a career, I really wandered into this with the help of many great people and people who are some of my closest friends now. once I found myself on a set, I fell in love with the feeling of accomplishment and creative world that opened up to me. very different from my entire past experiences

MThomasMetzler10 karma

I haven't starred in anything, did a quick role on Longmire in the second to last episode last year. more great times.

MThomasMetzler10 karma

and switching back & forth from Army / Navy was just my typical aimless personality and years ago.

SerieFan7 karma

Hey! It is so cool you were in the best show ever! - Will we see you in other movies/series? -Do you have still contact with any of the actors? -Did you get a S A G award to? -Were the actors welcoming? Or did they have this group who wouldn't let anybody in? -How is Vince in real life?

MThomasMetzler8 karma

I think I hit most of your questions , as far as keeping in touch, yes a few, love all of 'em. and Mr. Gilligan is like he seems on television interviews, really. with all that was goig on for the final episodes I thought wow, he's totally calm & cool every time I see him or while giving direction. just a great human being

MThomasMetzler6 karma

Yes I got a SAG Award too. What a long strange trip it's been.

dafuzz43456 karma

What is the funniest thing you can remember happening while you were on the set of Breaking Bad?

MThomasMetzler16 karma

The day Kevin Rankin got in the undulating recliner. In "Felina". The thing was powered by these really powerful air bladders and made a hell of a noise which surprised us all in the middle of a silent set.

Cadafaces6 karma

What show was your favorite growing up?

MThomasMetzler10 karma

Grizzly Adams

EmbellishmentMan2 karma

This is a superb answer. I LOVED Grizzly Adams. Also, CHiPs.

MThomasMetzler6 karma

Grizzly always had a happy resolve. And it really had some big part of me wanting to move to the mountains.

Kknowsbest6 karma

Who was your role model growing up?

MThomasMetzler16 karma

I didn't have much of ant role model growing up, other than my Grandpa Lew Jones. A steel worker and union man from northern Ohio. I loved him more than anything

PityFool4 karma

That's fantastic! Coming from a family of union-proud steelworkers, I'm guessing that had a lot to do with installing hard work and pride in your craft

MThomasMetzler6 karma

Steel and auto workers and hardnoses. Bluecollar. Yes

Cheesedud65 karma

What advice would you give to a teenager who wants to get into acting?

MThomasMetzler15 karma

Man I'm not qualified to answer that in any way.I say that from a practical standard. From me, I say stick around people who love doing the same things you love to do. Ignore assholes who tell you what you can't do. And bust your back working on something that doesn't feel like work cause it's what you want to do.

AutoFellationist5 karma

How many foreshadowing examples have you heard about that were actually intentional? How did you feel about the shows ending? Do you wish you had a bigger role?

MThomasMetzler12 karma

I've heard too many and quit trying to figure them all out. I really stayed focused on what I needed to do and pay close attention. This was my first real gig. No matter how small a role, everything you do as a cast member can make things go smoothly or really screw things for everyone else who didn't screw up. When you're given an opportunity like this it's almost disrespectful to talk about " I wanted more" you know

cromwest5 karma

I've always been curious about this. How far in advance did you get cast for the role. Was it just before the episode got shot or do they have this stuff set in stone long before the shoot and the previous season was still getting shot. What was it like waiting to do you first scene? Did you go out and tell all your friends/family? I would be so excited.

MThomasMetzler7 karma

Was off line for a bit. I got cast about a month before shooting . It was on "Buried". We showed up and offed Declan's crew. It was exciting and I tried to stay out of people's way and do what I was directed to do.

I_am_Tre4 karma

Do you think Uncle Jack's swastika tattoos were excessive? The dude had one on his wrist, neck and I thought somewhere else. I just thought it was a bit ridiculous/funny.

MThomasMetzler18 karma

Well Uncle Jack is an over the top character. So I think it was right on. And didn't outshine his actions or words in any scene.

I_am_Tre6 karma

He was an awesome badass. No doubt! Nice beard by the way.

MThomasMetzler8 karma

Thank you. I styled it out of total laziness and was told not to shave and keep it for the show

MThomasMetzler4 karma

For the questions I didn't get answered yet, I will try to answer them today. And thank you to everybody on here and all the great questions about Breaking Bad or myself.

RML253 karma

Big fan here! Thanks for contributing to my favorite show ever. I've read through the comments and the questions that I wanted to ask have already been asked.. so how are you doing?

MThomasMetzler5 karma

And thanks for checking it out

MThomasMetzler4 karma

Very well. Thanks for asking.

Droobert2 karma

How does it feel to have been on one of best shows to ever hit television?

MThomasMetzler5 karma

I'm still trying to wrap my brain around that. For real

friedjumboshrimp2 karma

What is your favorite shrimp recipe?

MThomasMetzler14 karma