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^ This. I was thinking to post the same question. The first rule of any time traveller is to always be neutral and avoid exposition, in order to not change the history. Even if the time traveller is corrupted, and is exploiting time travel for personal gain, he will still be unwilling to share info about it for personal security.

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I just read your stuff, and it's pretty interesting how you describe things straight away, without any fake remorse. Have you ever thought about selling your story to Hollywood? A lot of people would be interested in watchig a movie abour the life of fucked up pieces of shit.

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It is called "The Butterfly effect".

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Hi. I really want to ask you how it feels to play a gang of white supremacists. Were all you from the gang only acting physically, or did you managed to really become white supremacists for the show inside your minds? Sorry, but I don't remeber how the two opposite methods are called.

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Hi. Do you have any idea why The Thing by John Carpenter was recieved so poorly by the critics at that time? Everybody who have seen it now says that it is a masterpiece (including me). Did it happened because it was a horror / sci-fi movie, and those critics were expressing prejuidice, not prepared for a genius in this department?