I'm Daniel Moncada, Aka Leonel Salamanca or One of the Twin Assassins/Tuco's cousins from Breaking Bad season #3 http://bit.ly/HjPCft Breaking bad Was my first Acting job EVER. I went in and out of prison for a while 'til I got my shit straight! Now i try to stay busy, I do Catering for films, I'm a Tattoo artist, Certified Bartender and I just got into the Stunt Business, (I do it ALL) I'm also a big MMA & Boxing Fan and Practitioner. Here is my Facebook if you ever need a professional Assassin ;) https://www.facebook.com/DanielMoncada80 https://twitter.com/DanielMoncada80 http://instagram.com/danielmoncada# 'nuff said, LETS DO THIS!!!! Twitter confirmation: http://bit.ly/LIs6sF
THANK U GUYS i had a good time, sorry i did this on short notice. Don't be scare to Friend me and Follow Me on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM (links Above) i won't kill you. Have a great weekend.

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LuisMoncada593 karma

Hey get the fuck off Reddit and make some food, I'm Hungry!!!

danielmoncada485 karma

Fuck You, theres a microwave you know how to use it!!

LuisMoncada351 karma

Can u guys believe how this A$$hole treats me?!?! If i die of starvation you guys know who to blame! ;)

HoHoNOPE374 karma


danielmoncada170 karma

No I dont! He has a Fucken phone He can order some pizza ;)

ionine98 karma

I think that was a meth joke... :P

danielmoncada155 karma

Then he can still use the phone for that one too ;)

fat88cat832 karma

Aaah, brotherly love at its finest.

danielmoncada66 karma

You should see us when we really fight, LOL!

fat88cat821 karma

Oh im sure it can get pretty intense being assassins and all.

danielmoncada51 karma

Intense is an Understatement!

iSmokeTheXS8 karma

Damn that's harsh, you don't even think he's fancy enough to use the oven.

danielmoncada24 karma

I'm not sure if he knows how to use it!

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danielmoncada59 karma

Prob never can you believe that??

Awesome_Oil_Paint264 karma

Hey man, I just want to say that I made this for you.

danielmoncada136 karma

Ohhh man thats Awesome Thank you... Wow 3hrs is fast. Was it pastels or brush?

Awesome_Oil_Paint89 karma

I used 5 brushes, one for each color (because you know oils never like quick changes of color), then stippled them in almost like a pointillism fashion.

danielmoncada86 karma

Well Done :) Thanks for taking the time and create such artwork of the Cousins :)

bloodyfknmess89 karma

Wow man, first acting job ever? That is pretty amazing. How hard was it getting used to the long hours? What was your most memorable day of filming?

danielmoncada135 karma

The long hours were nothing compare to all the barking my brother was doing in between scenes (Do this do that blah, blah, blah) lol The most memorable day was the Explosion cause everybody got wet after we did it hahaha

_Shit_Just_Got_Real_71 karma

Got wet, as in laid?

danielmoncada154 karma


special2plumsfor127 karma

Got wet as in it was so sexy that everyone was horny. There may have been a baby or two conceived on that hot Albuquerque evening.

danielmoncada40 karma


bloodyfknmess21 karma

He would make a scary drill sergeant. What did you think of the crawling scene?

danielmoncada54 karma

I thought it was to fucking hard. We had bruises all over when we were done. Look good on TV though ;)

noetherian_ring88 karma


danielmoncada118 karma

Church's chicken is pretty good too lol

oddfuture44534 karma

Their biscuits are heaven.

danielmoncada89 karma

Yes they are. Fuck thats where Ill be headed after this lol

jjamessmithh78 karma

How difficult was it for you and Luis to keep in sync like you did? Out of all the aspects of the Salamanca brothers, the slow, synchronized movement really got me.

danielmoncada117 karma

We didnt even try, I guess it was natural (my brother did a lil barking)

jjamessmithh64 karma

That's even better then.

Was just re-watching the series, and just passed you two's story. Noticed in the scene where you buy the bulletproof vests from the man in the truck, even the big step down off the trailer was perfect.

Great job guys!

danielmoncada52 karma

Thank You

edify66 karma

What up Danny!? Thanks for doing this. Sorry I interrupted the fights you guys were watching last night :P

Edit: Luis Moncada just confirmed this AMA via Twitter.

danielmoncada81 karma

You get to slide this one time cause my brother likes U..Next time Im gonna have to kill U! ;)

eam118813 karma

upon playing your character, what has changed in your everyday lifestyle?

danielmoncada42 karma

Not a damn thing, Maybe a little more $$

JanCarlo63 karma

They should make a movie about you and your brother's badassery just killing people and being all creepy/awesome.

danielmoncada89 karma

Lol I really hope Amc or some Big shot producer is reading this haha

e21655 karma

Did you practice that "psycho" facial expression you did in the hospital?

danielmoncada114 karma

No That shit was natural hehe

edify31 karma

danielmoncada30 karma

Love that scene, thank you :)

bananatree1252 karma

What made you decide to audition for Breaking Bad?

Not a bad gig for your first time! lol

danielmoncada106 karma

My brother initially went to the audition and to make it short he came back home with a fucken script call me to get my ass home and studied went to the auditon the next day two days later the cousin were born ;)

KittenWithNoMittens50 karma

What is it like to work with Bryan Cranston?

danielmoncada90 karma

It was a great experience and an Honor to have worked with an Emmy Winner an Great Actor (very cool guy).

KittenWithNoMittens34 karma

Was he funny backstage or did he take his role and the filming seriously?

danielmoncada83 karma

He was serious and very professional when he was on and as soon as the cut he would say some funny shit ;)

CdeoD24 karma

You can still have a good time and take things seriously.

danielmoncada50 karma

Thats Cranston at his best :)

iSmokeTheXS17 karma

Plus he was on Malcolm in the Middle! Don't forget that awesomeness. If you haven't seen it, you should totally watch it. You'll love how different his two characters are.

danielmoncada45 karma

Ohhh, I watched it! Two completely different characters that goes to show how great of an Actor he is.

bloodyfknmess49 karma

Hello Danny! Thanks for doing this man. You guys are the best cast of people ever!

danielmoncada59 karma

Your welcome my pleasure :)

ravelloview43 karma

told your brother he didn't seem so scary on Reddit and he replied that I was dead....I locked the doors after that comment

danielmoncada46 karma

Its ok were verrry patient are you by any chance typing from inside your closet??

Tyle32533 karma

Do you do your tattoos in a shop or from the comfort of your living room? I would definitely pay money to get a tattoo and hang out with you for a couple hours!

danielmoncada74 karma

I dont, I'm on call tattoo artist. I cant do the 9-5 gig too much shit to do. Hit me up on Facebook

silverius32 karma

How did they film the legless part? Was it hard to walk using only your hands?

danielmoncada67 karma

Green Screen/green stockings and no it wast hard to crawl with my hands.

elscorcho0o0o0o26 karma

Warning: season three spoilers.

First of all, you were awesome in Breaking Bad. The way you died and all the scenes leading up to it were so exciting. If you could have written yourself off the show, how would you have done it?

Also, do you still keep up with the show? Any predictions for season 5?

danielmoncada63 karma

Believe me I would still be on the show!!! Season 5 I have no Fucking Idea and I do keep up with the show. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT SEASON lol

The_Survivor22 karma

What was the funnest part about playing a bad guy? Explosions? Pure badassery?

danielmoncada92 karma

Just the badassery of being a bad ass is Awesome

oddfuture44521 karma

Who's the cooler brother? :P By the way thanks for doing this!

danielmoncada65 karma

Of Course is me. I just read this to my brother and his already talking shit. (I don't think he agrees :))

its_rabbit18 karma

You guys were the shit. How did you and Luis get the parts? Did one of you go to audition and the other went for support. Did they cast you both due to you guys being bad ass looking homicidal badasses?

danielmoncada29 karma

My brother initially went to the audition and to make it short he came back home with a fucken script called me to get my ass home and studied went to the auditon the next day couple days later we got the parts. Im sure that Homicidal bad ass looking motherfuckers had some to do with with it

raella6916 karma

How did you feel about the way your character died ended?

danielmoncada88 karma

Kinda Fucked up I would've liked to have another shot at Hank

CajunPenguin16 karma

I saw two guys who looked and acted EXACTLY like the twins a few months ago. Were you in a pool hall in Dublin a while ago by any chance?

danielmoncada75 karma

hmmmmmmmm. Imposters huh? By chance do you know where these motherfuckers live??

invididom14 karma

What was the funnest scene for you to film?

Who's your favorite character in the show? Thanks for answering our questions!

danielmoncada27 karma

Episode 7 (shootout) The arms dealer.

invididom6 karma

Thanks! Do you plan on continuing your Acting career?

If so, do you have any future/recent projects coming up?

danielmoncada33 karma

Yes Im still pursuing the acting I did few gigs after Br Bd, Law in Order: LA, Sons Of Anarchy, Southland already aired and look out for Feature film Dead End coming soon

lawanhawizy12 karma

Hi Danny. The moment you and your brother hit the screen the intensity level went through the roof.

Do you 2 ever intimidate other people, Marco and Leonel style, for your own amusement?

danielmoncada39 karma

Not really. (We just kill them ;))

ShadowAmbipom12 karma

Yo! Thanks for doing this :D now to think of a question... If you could pick an actor/director etc to work with on a new movie/tv series, who would it be?!

danielmoncada33 karma

My pleasure man. Cranston again or Spielberg.

The_Survivor12 karma

Who is the most different from their character in the show? By the way, I loved the episodes you guys were in! Always brought a sense of the unknown!

danielmoncada42 karma

Giancarlo aka GUS his a super very nice guy in real life

The_Survivor13 karma

That's what I've heard. He's almost scary in the show especially by the end of the 4th season. Thanks for answering!

danielmoncada20 karma

Your Welcome

supsky11 karma

Did the redneck with the getting peed on fetish that you shot, who sold you the bullet proof vests ever get to be peed on by whatever woman he said he was going to see (to get peed on)? It's one of the never answered questions of the show.

danielmoncada12 karma

Yes thats exactly the one lol

HamstersOnCrack11 karma

Yeah hi. I think you're pretty cool and all, but I do have this question for you. Could you please qoute any line that you said during the Breaking Bad ?

danielmoncada41 karma

My two big lines on Episode 7 One Minute. "VEST" and "TERMINALO" (finish him)

delicious_sandwich16 karma


danielmoncada15 karma

Thank u. Yes, Nate was great.

edify11 karma

Your line "Finish Him" (Terminalo) was completely unexpected and memorable. You had the coolest death scenes, man.

danielmoncada11 karma

Thank You, I had a pleasant death :)

danielmoncada4 karma

Thank You

ONmytab11 karma

Thank you so much for doing this!! You two really made season 3 a lot better! For you what was the significance of everyone crawling in the first episode of season 3 "No Mas"?

danielmoncada41 karma

Its a ritual to pay respects to Santa Muerte (Saint of death) to ask for Success and protection on a upcoming mission.

mortarnpistol8 karma

Are those skull boots you all wore comfortable?

danielmoncada20 karma

Mine were not lol

drainoltx7 karma

Did you keep them?

danielmoncada13 karma


Latch8 karma

Would you say your brother Luis is smarter, more handsome, or both?

Did I ask it right, Luis?

danielmoncada31 karma

Fuck No, Im smarter and Im handsomer WTF cant You tell?? :)

martomo7 karma

So when your brother went to the initial audition, they didn't specifically ask for brothers? Were the Salamanca twins not supposed to be twins at all until they found you?

danielmoncada10 karma

No the original script said Twin Brothers or Look a like cousins.

TheGMan3237 karma

Can you ask Bryan Cranston to do an AMA here the next time you see him? ;)

danielmoncada8 karma

Sure will :)

Tintagalon7 karma

Hey Danny, thanks for doing this. You and your brother had the coolest parts in the show by far! I was just wondering how it was to work with Aaron. He was my favorite part and it would be neat to know how he acts off camera and out of the character of Jesse. Thanks!

danielmoncada10 karma

We didnt really get to work around Aaron but the times we interacted with him I gotta say his a Super cool down to earth guy.

mirthquake6 karma

If I recall correctly, your character had few to no spoken lines despite a good amount of screen time. Did you have to carefully choreograph your facial expressions and glances? Or did you have the freedom to act through gesture and posture as other do with intonation and volume?

danielmoncada13 karma

Didnt choreograph. Facial expression came at at the moment while in character.

Paradox6 karma

How many Lottaburgers did you guys eat on the set? I'm originally from NM, and I miss those things all the time

danielmoncada11 karma

Never had one

Paradox6 karma

Really? You should try to get one. There are several around Albuquerque, at least 4 in Santa Fe, one in Pojoaque, and one in EspaƱola. Green Chile cheeseburgers are amazing.

Since you said you've done set catering, what was your opinion on the food AMC provided? Good/bad?

danielmoncada9 karma

I live in LA so cant but Ill make sure Ill try one if I ever go back. Food on Set was good.

Paradox4 karma

Cool, thanks for responding!

danielmoncada3 karma


gilly92096 karma

Daniel! First off - well done on your preformace in the series, you two contributed amazingly.

I have a few questions since i probebly will never get this opportunity again!

  1. What was your favourite scene? The truck explosion? The decapitation of the turtle?

  2. What what your most challenging stunt you ever carried out?

  3. In your brothers AMA, he said the funniest thing in the show was the scene when u and ur brother are sitting in the bedroom waiting for Bryan with an axe, between cuts apparently Bryan would come out between cuts and do something funny to you two?

  4. How in the hell did your brother and you become such b.a.m.f's?! I mean suits and axes and not to mention the boots ! You too are definitely the slickest characters in the show thus far.

danielmoncada19 karma

  1. Explosion
  2. The shootout
  3. Oh yeah that shit was funny, He came out singing and dancing with the towel wrapped around him. lol
  4. Thats how we roll...Its Fucken natural :)

phantasma1866 karma

Is Bryan a fun guy to be directed by? I would imagine it would be pretty fuckin intense.

danielmoncada15 karma

He was intense when he needed to be but very nice and funny guy

filthy_canadian5 karma

Don't know if this has already been asked but what is the scene you had the most fun doing?

danielmoncada8 karma


jexmex5 karma

Hey you were great on the show. Has anybody ever thought less of you because the nature of the show? I think acting is acting, but I could guess a few people might get their panties in a bunch regarding the story plot in general, and your character on the show.

Also, do you keep touch with any of the other actors from the show?

Thanks for doing this BTW, would love to see more guys from the show do this as well.

danielmoncada12 karma

To tell You the truth I don't give a Fuck, Like you said its called acting for a reason. I dont think they'll have the balls to come and tell me what they thought of me. lol

CheatingCheetos5 karma

Since you are pretty recognizable, do any people come to you to get tattoos and recognize you?

danielmoncada14 karma

Yes theres been quite few people that recognized me or found out afterwards.

thefuckswasthat5 karma

Hey, thanks for doing this, big fan. What was the hardest scene you had to do?

danielmoncada14 karma

The explosion because there was shit flying all over the place and we were just waiting to get hit. (Its justa fucked up feeling)

cokea4 karma

You and your brother are badasses. Just wanted to say this

danielmoncada7 karma

Thank you

alwayschewsgum4 karma

So did they let you keep the boots?

danielmoncada10 karma

No Boots

nm8_rob4 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA!

How much did you improvise the cousins scenes on set? It seems like a lot of the strength of your scenes come from how well you and your brother work together, and it seems like it would be risky for a writer assume that connection in advance.

danielmoncada15 karma

we never Improvised someway somehow we were always in sync . It was Risky but they seen our audition, So they knew we could pull it off

brandaddition4 karma

hey! where do you tattoo at the minute? Breaking bad is absolutely class!!

danielmoncada8 karma

Im on call Tattoo artist. Breaking Bad is the Best show ever

SeaCandiesTroy3 karma


danielmoncada3 karma

The Trucker he was so Funny

oliver_tate3 karma

Are you as excited as the rest of us for season 5? What was it like working with Vince Giligan and the rest of cast on set?

danielmoncada14 karma

Hell yeah Im Excited. Working with Vince and the rest of the cast was completely FUCKEN AWESOME!

TMartin4423 karma

What's it like working for Vince and the gang? Does everything always go according to the plan or does he allow you guys to stray from the script? I remember hearing that Jesse was not written to survive the first season but Paul's chemistry with Cranston was too good write off. Do these types of things happen often?

danielmoncada9 karma

It was A great Experience. On this show most of the shit was scripted. Things like what happened to Aaron Paul are rare but they do happen when the chemistry is that good.

gloomis1203 karma

Whats your craziest run in with a fan?

Btw, you and your brother are great. Thanks for taking your time to do this.

danielmoncada19 karma

I havent really had a crazy experience most of people arecool (may cause they probably figure I can kill em) :) My pleasure.

unemployedlurker3 karma

What is your favorite dish to make?

Do you have any tattoos that you've done on yourself? Show them!!

danielmoncada11 karma

Chicken and Shrimp Fettuccini Alfredo. Yes I have one I did on my Thigh when I first started tattooing. Friend me on Facebook and Ill take one and post it later

fat88cat83 karma

Hey man, Is there any bad ass props that you got to keep from the show? Like the ax for instance.

danielmoncada3 karma

Nah Man We didnt keep any Props

CopyX3 karma

You and your brother didn't have a lot of speaking lines while on screen, was that a relief as your first acting job? Did you find it difficult to bring life to the character?

danielmoncada6 karma

It was a big relief. I was kind of nervous my first couple of episodes. Not hard at all to bring the characters to life...Its almost like us in real life.

bferret3 karma

Were you the one who got murdered by a car or shot in the head?

danielmoncada5 karma

I was the on that got runned over by the car Hank And later died at the Hospital

Koshesha3 karma

When I imagine your character, I always go back to the part where you jump off of the hospital bed and crawl, legless, towards the door. What was the most fun scene to shoot, and/or the most rewarding to watch?

Follow up: how did you not flinch when the truck blew up behind you?


danielmoncada11 karma

The Explosion and the funnest to watch was when I took the bite of the apple and my brother Axed that motherfucker to death lol. First Cranston told us it was important to not flinch and 2nd my bro was barking to not flinch, not to flinch, not to flinch!! lol