Daniel Moncada

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is known for his work on Breaking Bad (2008), Sabotage (2014) and Dead End (2014).

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Fuck You, theres a microwave you know how to use it!!

danielmoncada170 karma

No I dont! He has a Fucken phone He can order some pizza ;)

danielmoncada155 karma

Then he can still use the phone for that one too ;)

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danielmoncada136 karma

Ohhh man thats Awesome Thank you... Wow 3hrs is fast. Was it pastels or brush?

danielmoncada135 karma

The long hours were nothing compare to all the barking my brother was doing in between scenes (Do this do that blah, blah, blah) lol The most memorable day was the Explosion cause everybody got wet after we did it hahaha

danielmoncada118 karma

Church's chicken is pretty good too lol

danielmoncada117 karma

We didnt even try, I guess it was natural (my brother did a lil barking)

danielmoncada114 karma

No That shit was natural hehe

danielmoncada106 karma

My brother initially went to the audition and to make it short he came back home with a fucken script call me to get my ass home and studied went to the auditon the next day two days later the cousin were born ;)