Hello Reddit,

Thanks for having us. We are the staff of HIGH TIMES magazine, infamous for it's pro-legalization stance since 1974, bringers of the hi-res pot centerfold and writers pushing public figures and celebs out of the grow closet for as long as we can remember--which isn't too far back considering all the pot use! Now we're seeing the public opinion overwhelming leaning in favor of medicinal use and full decriminalization, which is a sweet relief.

After doing a Q&A session in r/trees a couple of months ago, the mods of AMA invited us to come back and do it here, where we expect a more diverse range of questions and opinions--which we really look forward to. And what better time than the week of 4/20? We'd have done it Friday, but we'll be a little, uh, preoccupied.

Actually, we'll be in Denver for our second Medical Cannabis Cup in that city, a domestic version of our big yearly Amsterdam event. We've been hitting cities like LA, San Fran and even Detroit. It's a landmark year for the state of Colorado on the marijuana front, and we'll be out with the masses at the 4/20 Rally, which is expected to be huge. If you're in the area or want to be, we encourage you to come out to both the rally and our event (WARNING: SHAMELESS PLUG!), which includes parties with our good friends Reggie Watts, Odd Future and Barrington Levy. You can get tickets here if you're interested, and the promo code 'REDDIT' will get you a 10% discount.

Aside from that, we're releasing our official Cannabis Cookbook on Friday as well, which is perfect for all you ents who love edibles. You can order a copy in our Headshop or on Amazon.

Alright, with the formalities out of the way, please ask us anything! We'll be back at 3 p.m. EST to start answering. In the meantime, here's a quick gallery of images from some of our recent shoots, including our upcoming August cover with Oliver Stone: http://imgur.com/a/oComA

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If we had an ounce for every time we've heard that one, we'd be Willie Nelson's tour bus.

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Ever run into legal trouble?

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Another question about the current legal climate. How do you guys feel about Jury Nullification?

I notice the movement has been picking up steam here on reddit, partly due to some of us shamelessly trying to get the word out, but do you guys view it as a effective tool? Why, or why not? What are other such legal measures or means one can use to help in the war on drugs? Thanks in advance!

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If it's in the People's best interest, any process in our legal system that is just should be considered. Our forefathers were very smart men. The interesting thing about jury nullification is that it takes a remarkably sharp jury to make it happen, and there are many, many misguided and under-educated people in this country.

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what notable person (not some celebrity)where you most surprised or happy to find out smokes pot?

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Telling people that Carl Sagan was a huge cannabis enthusiast, who attributed his highest level thinking to marijuana, is always fun!

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Are you guys ready to be beaten by Newsweek & The Daily Beast's softball team in the NYC media softball league? Because we are stacked. - Newsweek & The Daily Beast employee and member of the softball team!

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The Bonghitters say bring it on! See you on the field soon, pray for mercy.

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What other ideas for team names did you guys have before settling on Bonghitters?

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One does not simply settle on Bonghitters. Can you think of a better softball team name for a marijuana magazine?

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Do you think the stoner stereotype is harmful/ a barrier to legalization?

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Out of all the celebrities you've met, which ones smoke the most?

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If you had to give a ballpark estimate of how much weed Snoop smokes in a day, what would it be?

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Hard to quantify since the power readings show IT'S OVER 9000!!

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How does Wiz Khalifa compare to Snoop?

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Wiz is probably the closest thing to a protege that Snoop has, although he stands on his own two feet by all means. Snoop still outsmokes him though.

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David Bienenstock: When I interviewed the Trailer Park Boys, they taught me how to make hash with a frozen blender for a video. Then we smoked the hash ... then they decided we should probably get stoned in earnest!

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Pardon the delay on this one.

Bienenstock was at the Amendment 64 office yesterday to interview the campaign team for the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act and will be covering this and all of the legalization efforts nationwide from now until November (and beyond) for hightimes.com.

After talking with Mason Tvert and Brian Vicente, we truly believe that this is the time and place where history will be made. The community is united, the state is ready to regulate, and the voters seem ready to take a giant leap toward reason, compassion, and plain old common sense.

Mason Tvert will be on a panel at our Medical Cannabis Cup this weekend to get the word out, and we have a separate panel on how Colorado can evolve from a strictly medical marijuana state to one that retains those rights while gaining new ones.

As for the Feds, I would just say that they will never legalize marijuana -- that's our job, and we can take a huge step forward this November.

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are there any non-smokers on your staff?

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More than a couple.

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what is one thing everyone can do to help the cause of legalization?

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Contact your elected officials and make sure they know you are a voter, and this is your most important issue.

Also, it's amazing how people fervently call for change and then stay home on election day. Cause and effect, people.

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Of all the strains in all the world that you've had the opportunity of sampling, which stands out to you as the best and why? If you can't pick just one, give us a top 5!

Thanks for doing this!

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Tough question! We'd be squabbling all day and never reach a consensus about the singular best, but if we had to shortlist some favorites as a group, these strains would definitely show up more than a couple of times:

  • OG Kush (most popular strain in America for more than a year, and with good reason)
  • Chem Dog
  • Sour Diesel
  • Blue Dream
  • Strawberry Cough
  • Skywalker

New strains that took home Cups from Amsterdam this year, definitely worth watching out for:

  • Liberty Haze (sativa)
  • Kosher Kush (indica)
  • Moonshine Haze (sativa)

EDIT: From the cultivation guys.

Nico Escondido, Cultivation Editor: My favorite strains all center around the Chem family lineage. Chem Dog is the strongest strain I've ever smoked. Chem 91 and Chem 4 have some of the best flavors and aromas around. But my all-time fav? One of Chem's kids, the Sour Diesel (hey this is NYC, not LA, they can have their OGers).

Danny Danko, Senior Cultivation Editor: Agreed. The Chem Dog family of strains stand out to me as the most potent and flavorful of genetic lines. This includes Chem Dog, Chem 91, Super Snowdog, Chem Sister, Guava Chem, Bubble Chem and even some Sour Diesel and OG Kush in the heritage. If I had to pick one desert island strain it would be the sativa-dominant Super Snowdog.

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As a non-smoker, I had no idea there were that many types of weed. Also, did someone actually make Strawberry Cough or did they just copy the name from Children of Men?

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This is only hearsay, but apparently Cuaron consulted High Times on a strain for Caine's character to be growing, and that one stuck out on the shortlist. I'll see if I can verify this.

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Thoughts on baked chips?

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Hey, if potato chips want to get high, that's their choice and we support their decisions.

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THC infused Doritos?

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Idea of the century.

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Yesterday, NJ finally approved the first medical grower (after passing the law approving med. marijuana several years ago.)

Are you guys excited as I am? In addition, what's your take on the recent happenings in Colorado? Is there really enough support for legalization?

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David Bienenstock: As someone born and raised in NJ, I definitely share your excitement (and likely your frustration with all the delays). Every step forward is important, but there's also a lot of work left until it's truly the Garden State. For starters, High Times firmly believes that everyone, but especially medical patients, should have a right to self-cultivation, and that's not a part of the law in NJ. It's also highly restrictive in other ways, but for today, let's celebrate our progress! I'm sure you know how to commemorate this historic occasion.

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Given that the battle over marijuana rights boils down to a state vs. federal battle, where do you see yourself within that picture? Do you see yourself as holding a journalistic role, objectively covering legal battles, or do you see yourself as an advocacy organization, pushing for legalization? Or, as a magazine purely devoted to marijuana itself, would you like to avoid becoming mired within that debate.

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David Bienenstock: We are advocate-journalists, who feel that the only "objective" position on the marijuana issue is full legalization for all adults. The government spends billions on lies and propaganda to uphold their corrupt status quo, and the corporations that own much of the media are happy to give them a huge megaphone on this issue, so as an independent magazine we see our mission as telling truth to power and letting the chips fall where they may. Our primary job is to report, and one of my favorite parts of this job is covering the many, wonderful, dedicated activists fighting for our freedoms every day. And encouraging our readers to join their efforts.

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Which comedy movie is your favorite to sit back and watch after indulging in marijuana?

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David Bienenstock: The Big Lebowski is a cosmic journey every time. The Dude is a true stoner detective, who uses herb-fueled intuition to navigate his way through a world that's both corrupt and corrupting. Let's just say I can relate.

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More recent favorites:

  • Black Dynamite
  • Tucker and Dale
  • Anything from Edgar Wright

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What is the general consensus with the staff on the best way to smoke? I.E. bongs, joints, bowls, vapes, etc etc

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Via the mouth.

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all the guys over there are all about the oil rig now.

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Rigs are a hot topic, not everyone is on board with the idea though. Concentrates aren't for everyone, and the opportunistic, greasy "local news at 9" pieces where they show the rig and a blowtorch are going to be a disaster if dabs reach that level of popularity. Know what you're doing, people!

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Have you ever heard Bill Hick’s bit about what your writer’s room is like when you’re looking for a story to put on the cover? If so, is that pretty accurate? Do you know who Bill Hicks is? Maybe I should have led with that one.

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We're very familiar and huge fans of Bill Hicks. In fact, we did an interview with him shortly before his death. Apologies for not having an archived web article.

Conceptualizing stories is a lot more straightforward than you might think. There's been some ridiculous stuff published in the past by people who used to helm the magazine, and perhaps the pot stereotype really pollutes the truth f the matter, which is that we're writers and editors just doing our jobs like any other mag while also appealing to a specific niche and subculture that's changing every day.

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How come, in the public light is the question always "why should marijuana be legal?" versus "why should marijuana be illegal?" Do you think changing the tone of the question from one to the other would have a big impact on the national conversation of legalization? Why or why not? Also this will be graded.

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The same reason it's pro-life or pro-choice, and not anti-life and anti-choice. All semantics based on the political position. As long as anti-intellectual thought exists (or pro-intellectual doesn't!), these word games will continue.

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Even though there are an abundance of people who have decided to stop believing the lies that cannabis is harmful and addictive, what is the biggest/best argument you hear against it? (besides the obvious "it's illegal") also who do you feel is the best advocate who is under appreciated by the community? Now that Richard Lee has decided to hand over Oaksterdam to other people do you feel his move was a win for the "war on drugs" also do you think this has changed how some see our movement as unstoppable?

HighTimesMag37 karma

The biggest argument we hear is that if we legalize, we send the wrong message to "the children." I think our best advocates are Allen St. Pierre of NORML, Ethan Nadelman of DPA and the most under-appreciated advocate is Russ Belville of the NORML Radio Network.

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Can you please (please, please, please) tell us more about working with the [trailer park] boys?

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Bienenstock: Holy fuck, those guys are a blast. I got to watch them film some scenes ("liquor and cheeseburger party out of control") and even got to act as an extra ("Greasy Stoner #1) in an establishing shot outside a courthouse... watch closely, and you can see me and a friend passing a giant joint (Episode: "three good men are dead")...

Then we spent the night partying on the set, where the lines between fiction and reality got more than a little blurry ... rocking out next to Julian's trailer was easily one of the most surreal moments of my life!

More than anything, I remember how "homegrown" the show felt, put together by real people who had a lot of fun but worked damn hard and cared about making a great show. As for the boys themselves, they were so genuinely nice and funny, not just to me, but to all of their fans and the people on the set.

And they introduced me to Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson, who I interviewed for the new June issue of HIGH TIMES that just came out. I look forward to future adventures with TPB down the line!

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part 2 of my questions, have you guys ever/ will you ever take ideas to create merchandise instead of your typical tee shirt that just says "high times professional taster" or other things i would imagine to get at the thrift store?

HighTimesMag142 karma

Impeccable timing on that question. We are about to test out a new clothing line in Denver that's a lot different from our past merch. Bigger scale, design studio quality, really interesting stuff! We will likely begin selling it online this summer.

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Any staff working for you that do NOT partake of the Wacky Weed?

Any staff actually AGAINST legalization?

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How long do you see it taking for widespread decriminalization/legalization to happen in the U.S.? Say above 50% of the states including the federal government?

HighTimesMag158 karma

Hard to set a date, we've been saying 5-10 years for the past 20. Public opinion is changing and a new generation of voters is growing, so let's say 5-10 years and cross our fingers.

Snatch_Master49 karma

In what State(s) do you foresee passing a medical marijuana bill in the near future?

HighTimesMag102 karma

Chances are very good in Washington state right now.

Edit: Reading through a lot of questions, and answered in haste. Washington has good potential for decriminalization which will lend to its exposure on the issue, several states are putting initiatives on the ballot this year. It's logical that the West Coast will continue to lead the charge.

herpmanderpstein49 karma

How good is Rampart, starring woody harrelson?

boyfriENT48 karma

Have you looked into the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes post legalization? Do you think that raw cannabis will be used still instead of refined products that use concentrates of THC or cannabinoids?

What's your favorite color?

HighTimesMag135 karma

Marijuana legalization will be the best thing to happen to medical patients, who will no longer be second-class citizens and will have full, unfettered access to both raw cannabis and products made from the plant.


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Who has better quality USA or EU?

HighTimesMag103 karma

Spain has been kicking ass lately, but the USA, Amsterdam and UK are consistently producing some pretty kind bud.

mynameisrainer32 karma

I love High Times and think you all do a great job. Here are three simple questions 1. What are some hobbies you like to do besides maybe the obvious? 2. Whats your favorite part about working for High Times? 3. Whats the first word that comes to your mind when you hear or see the word pterodactyl

HighTimesMag96 karma

  1. We like to rescue potted plants that office buildings in NYC curb like assholes. We have a window full of them. Couple of comic book geeks, jam band loyalists, and indie music followers. Lots of diverse interests.
  2. Always the people we meet, whether it's a visiting celebrity or just a friend of the movement.
  3. Either the band, the porn or the Zord.

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LED grow lights. What can you recommend and will this be a viable trend for personal set ups assuming a lower energy/heat index?

Also, how does color temp. effect the plant in relation to other lighting methods?

HighTimesMag42 karma

Nico Escondido: LEDs are improving and gaining ground quickly in the indoor grow world. Check out Stealth Grow LEDs--kinda pricey but worth it.

fake_again18 karma

Have you guys heard David Cross' bit on your mag? If so, how do you all feel about it?

HighTimesMag27 karma

Love David Cross, he's been interviewed in the magazine a couple of times. It's an objectively funny bit, but it's hyperbole. That's not to say there hasn't been some absurd content in the magazine in its previous life; we've had some wacky moments in the past. And he's right about there being people in the subculture who are way over the top, but they are simply a loud minority, nothing more.

Check out the relaunch to see the change: http://robbricedesign.com/work.rove1.html

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What does the staff like to do in their free time? (besides smoke trees) What kind of music do you guys listen to? favorite tv shows? Is anyone there a gamer? If so what's their favorite video game? Any memorable work stories that you could share? Does a lot of the staff like to smoke cigs and/or drink?

HighTimesMag16 karma

Tyler is a big gamer. He's the newest staffer and just started a videogame column called Tokens. Here's the first post: http://hightimes.com/entertainment/tokens/7512

As for music, there's a variety of interest, from jam to indie to southern hip-hop. TV shows, everyone is talking about the weed shows on Nat Geo and Discovery, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and a few others.