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Given that the battle over marijuana rights boils down to a state vs. federal battle, where do you see yourself within that picture? Do you see yourself as holding a journalistic role, objectively covering legal battles, or do you see yourself as an advocacy organization, pushing for legalization? Or, as a magazine purely devoted to marijuana itself, would you like to avoid becoming mired within that debate.

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Mr. Sachs, you've been an inspiration to me my entire education. Thank you for remaining dedicated to the mission of eradicating poverty. You also set a great example about broadening one's interests; I too, like JFK.

1) What do you think of Ian Bremmer and his ability to popularize political risk, especially as a function of normal business operations. 2) Political risk is used to quantify risks to MNC investments in emerging markets. Do you believe that high levels of FDI are an important aspect of "getting to the first rung of development."