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The acronym MICE comes into play, here.

He mentioned Ego--the E of "MICE". Someone doing what they think is right, or to avenge themselves for some real of perceived grievance.

There's also:

Money: Self explanatory.

Ideology: Secrets shared or sold in order to counter/damage/subvert the prevailing ideology that the giver either wants hurt, or wishes to promote the ideology of who they're cooperating with.

Compromise: the person, because of financial/sexual/psychological/social reasons has/is something, and revelation of that "something" would be detrimental to them, their family, career, or well-being.

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That's okay. We can save money by getting rid of weapons and materials generals have told Congress they neither want or need.

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The important comments are always buried deep in the thread.

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Watch out for being "Swift-boated" by your opponent, if you make it to any significant level of recognition in your district. Military service to your country only counts if you have an (R) after your name, after all. /s