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The acronym MICE comes into play, here.

He mentioned Ego--the E of "MICE". Someone doing what they think is right, or to avenge themselves for some real of perceived grievance.

There's also:

Money: Self explanatory.

Ideology: Secrets shared or sold in order to counter/damage/subvert the prevailing ideology that the giver either wants hurt, or wishes to promote the ideology of who they're cooperating with.

Compromise: the person, because of financial/sexual/psychological/social reasons has/is something, and revelation of that "something" would be detrimental to them, their family, career, or well-being.

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That's okay. We can save money by getting rid of weapons and materials generals have told Congress they neither want or need.

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Your scariest Ralph Wiggum "I'm in DaNGeR!!" story from a job you did, please? It can be dangerous becuase of the pest, the people, the building, or some other factor--just that your life was potentially/almost asked of you that day.

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The important comments are always buried deep in the thread.