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You guys really should team up and make viral videos. So many people remember you, and you guys still look so similar to how you did on the show (thus, you'd be recognizable).


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Can you please (please, please, please) tell us more about working with the [trailer park] boys?

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What is the best food (that is commercially available) for an average adult indoor cat?

elbrian28 karma

But what is the best?

Or to rephrase, what would you feed your cat (assuming you had one)?

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  1. Was the gun a prop, or real?
  2. Do you still have the original gun?
  3. Was it always the same gun we saw on the show, or were there multiple?

Breaking from the gun questions:

  1. Do you smoke buds? If not, did you back then (during Season 1)?
  2. Are you close with The Boys? Any plans to hook up with them for any potential future projects?
  3. What is your favorite performance, of yourself, from anything besides TPB?