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ShamAbram782 karma

Favorite episode of Party Down?

(side question: are we having fun yet?)

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Working with J.K. Simmons must have been fun. You could have totally pulled off a young Lincoln.

Thanks for the response.

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Two questions:

  1. Will the Best Party make an attempt at international influence? America needs a little help over here...

  2. What message would you give to people frustrated about the lack of control the individual has in political affairs?

Thank you, huge fan of the -Vatkin series, along with the movie. One of the best TV shows since The Wire.

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You should do 'The Swimmer' if only for the line: "THAT'S MY HOT DOG CART!"

EDIT: Actually, the line is "This is my wagon, man!"

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I'd be more interested in a Rick Moranis cameo.