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Do you think the stoner stereotype is harmful/ a barrier to legalization?

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Not OP but similar situation (they don't live together tough.) People either tend to freak out when you tell them or they think its really cool. I never really tell anyone now unless I know them well and I never told anyone in school. My friends were okay with it. Other people, not so much. I was bullied from 3rd grade on when my secret got out. My parents, both moms and dads, encouraged me to hide it as much as possible not because they were ashamed but because they wanted to spare me the bullying.

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I just bought a house late last year and interestingly enough, the house I ended up with was nowhere close to my number one choice when I first started looking online. It was, however, the one in the very best condition and when I walked in the front door, I fell in love with it. If you have a friend or relative who knows something about diy, take them along. They can point out obvious things that may or may not be dealbreakers. Be objective but also don't settle for a house you are even meh about. My mom did this after she got tired of looking and she really regrets it. Wait for the moment where you walk in the front door and just know but also be prepared to walk away if needed. Lastly, just to warn you this will likely be one of the most stressful times in your life.

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Also check to make sure your ductwork is properly sealed. If the tape around the joins are loose or the joins are disconnected or missing, this can cause a big problem. Seal the joins with Foil tape. I did this to my house recently (previous owner used duct tape which comes loose after a year) and it made a huge difference.