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Do you (and your countrymen) actually like the Western European tourists looking for cheap beer?

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Of course, many tourists = better income = higher local growth

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Here is a dumb question: it looks like you are in a country with just over 5 million people. But that country has to have all sorts of national systems and departments (defense, health care, etc). In the US we have trouble finding competent people to run things at the state level and even the national level, and many states have much bigger populations than 5 million. So it seems to me that a small country has extra needs for politicians and technocrats since it doesn't have the federal support that US states depend on, but then has to find all these competent people in a small population. So are things hard to run well in a small country, or do idiots rise to the top everywhere no matter the scale so it is all the same?

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Honest answer I am asking myself the same question. We have problems with competent people as you said as well. Even that we are post-socialistic country, it is much much harder. Many officials have their mindset in 80s, when there was big brother in Moscow watching, or worse, their mindset is in 90s, when my country was basically in constant political chaos. And for our dis, my country had bad education system, many officials were Czechs, so there was basically no need for skilled and competent people in government institutions (as you know, our countries were connected) As somebody would say, "starting from the bottom" :D

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Did you meet the pope?

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Haha Not personally but yes, today :) But according your question you know that :D

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No, but yes. This poster has a future career in politics

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I do not understand the answer at all either.

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I didnt meet him personally, I was only on special event where the pope was having speech.

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What do you recommend for gaining internships or assistant opportunities with such high profile MPs?

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As for me, I had first internship in parliament when I was 16 or 17. So first advise, start as soon as possible. First time they will give you paper work and work that nobody wants to do, but as you gain experience, they will start offering better work. You should try to stay for few months in one internship, then another and go for another. But the disadvantage is, that many of internships are unpaid.

And, if you can, join debate club or another activities and projects. This will help you.

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Thank you for your response!

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And Read as much you can. Global news, political news, this is very important for your orientation and knowledge.

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Would it be okay to personally message you regarding further insights into the industry? I'm a rising hs senior looking to gain some exposure.

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Last year (2020) we visited Slovakia and we were amazed at the contrast between Czechia en Slovakia with respect to Covid response. People were better educated and wore masks almost everywhere in Slovakia.

Where do you think this contrast came from?

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It is very hard question. But according to some my friends, working in NGOs, the main problems are uncontrollable social media sites like Facebook. So many conspiracies were spread about covid, that actually many people outside believed in them. I think, that our society was so long in peace, that they forgot about crisis, wars, famine... They think that pandemic is not real. And now, extremists are using it. Covid restrictions are like gift from heaven for them. You wouldnt believe, how people became aggressive, and desperate. I am worried what will happen in next decade, or years.

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How tight are the security restrictions around your job and the information you're privileged with? Would you get in trouble for doing this IAmA if your identity were known? I'm always interested how us young folks end up in such trusted positions.

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There are things, that I cant say, but mostly it is okay. For my position, I am glad that my MP and my colleagues are from, how to say it, legitimate political party. Because there are some parties, that even their advisors are doing bad things or were connected to corruption schemes.

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Do you think that MPs are honestly concern about the problems that future generation may have or all they do is just to keep their electorate voting?

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Great question! I will be honest. Only about quarter. I know great guys from different parties that went to politics to change as many things possible. On other side, I know people, that are here only for prestige, money, or worst -power.

But for my MP, he went in politics from better paid job, he wanted to change as many things possible, and, he is second most active MP in our parliament.

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I have two questions about your professional path to reach that position, if you may answer! I am certainly very interesting and central Europe is a beautiful part of the world I am deeply in love with and truly interested about. Thanks for your time, here are my questions:

  1. How someone so young could get such a job? I mean, how is process for being recruiting by an MP as an advisor? How do you apply for the job, how are the interviews, etcetera?
  2. Is your job (full) paid or you do it as some kind of learning/internship in order to learn from them and become yourself a politician in the future?

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As for your question 1. It wasnt so easy. I was many times doubted by my older colleagues. When I was workign in Ministry, they had problems with my age, so there was no respect (that is why I left). I think, that in my country, there arent so many young people with ambitions or interrested in politics. I was one of them. Thats the point, why older politicians, intellectuals are very interrested in young ambitious intellectuals (yes, that sounds so badly). When I was doing first internships, I was doing that for my future, because I knew, that our school system cannot give me knowledge that I will be required in future. As for interview, it depends on MP. Because here our MPs choose their advisor, and because my boss knew me, he approached me with offer. 2. It is fully paid.

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What's your favorite national park?

(can also be in another country)

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Poloniny :D

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I will have to visit that one on my next trip to Slovakia. We have only seen the Tatras, Orava region, Spis Castle and Kosice.

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You should visit Eastern and central part! And of course, with good pivo!

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Is Slovakia also using: Pivo for one, Piva for 2 beer and then Piff for 5 beer or more?

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No only pivo and piva Pivo is single beer Piva is plural for beers

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What about 5 (6, 7, … 1000) piv?

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Oh yes, I am sorry, and piv ofc (genitiv of that word)

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How do I (as a foreigner) keep Slovakia, Slovenia and Slavonia apart from each other?

What's you favourite instance where this misconception happened?

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Slovakia is the most populous of them, and you may associate it with Czechoslovakia. This is my best advise. Actually, we have almost nothing in common with Slovenia. Only similiar flag and name. Our cultures, history and language is quite different (if you dont count Slavic origin).

I was on one project in Germany. I dont know how, or why, but main organizer of project added me to Slovenian team, even my name was on identification card with Slovenian flag.

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Dobry den! With Hungary and Poland moving away from traditional allies and speaking about leaving NATO/EU, do see a future where either could try annexing Slovak territory?

Lighter question: favorite koláč flavor?

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I don't think there will be any annexation in future 😂 we are not afraid for that. But as you know, Fidesz (the ruling party in Hungary) is financing many organisations abroad that are supporting Hungarian nationalism. This can be worrisome, but I hope that next elections Orban will be ousted


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What may be some of the biggest challenges you're facing in the upcoming terms?

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Radicalisation of society in my country, and return of old political guard. As you know, Hungary and Poland are too much radicalized, my country sadly is in the same road as them. But we are making everything possible to "fix" it

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Do you think EU will stand together in the long term? Or will it fall apart?

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I don't think it will fall. Even there are debates about importance of EU (in Germany, because Germany is biggest contributor). In my country, it would be catastrophe, because only things that are working, are so thanks to EU.

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1, thanks for answering all the questions.

2, Most people would say the US spends too much on defense. But an increasing number of defense analysts are agreeing that European countries don't spend enough. The Afghanistan crisis gave credence to their argument too: without the US, no European country (or even all of them combined) had the means to maintain a presence in Kabul on their own to evacuate their citizens. Then there's the question of what these countries would do if a bigger threat were posed to them. So what do you make of this argument? Do you think European countries are taking their defense for granted, or do you think those analysts are just war hawks simping for the military-industrial complex?

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The debate on European military actually just started in member states. There are advocates of more defensive independence from US (mostly Germans) or more proUS. I personally think, that NATO must be maintained. Our country is spending too less for defense, it would be hard to support common European defense. Slovakia is strong supporter of pro-US policy, as am I, so I hope, that we wont slowly dissolve NATO.

But for the industry sector, european arms industry is quite strong, but more unheard (unlike US). And for their lobbying power, it is way to small.

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How much are you paid?

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I don't like questions about salary, but for reddit, it is 3k

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Obviously per month. The average salary in Bratislava is around 1.3k/month.

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Yep, it is per month. And yes, it is above average salary

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A month, and it’s kinda a shitload of money for 23y.o. MPs have around 5k euro a month.

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Yes, I have best salary in my student circles

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Well, Brexit was the worst deal ever 😂

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How were you drawn to working in government / politics? What part do you get most excited about? I think not everyone is drawn to that.

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I was on many projects in my High Schools, started my first internship in parliament when I was 16. Besides I was debating, organized many conferences, travelling with erasmus projects. When I was in university, I was applied for internship in Public defender of Human Rights. I was there for 6 month, it changed my vision, my ideals on country and it did conviced me, that I must do something. Before last elections, I was organizing campaign in my region, doing posters, talking to people, giving some letters and so. That was the campaign, but for my political party, I was doing som confidential work, that helped me a lot. And of course, my experience. I was chosen by my boss, actually I didnt even apply for this position.

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Hmmm sounds like nepotism to me mate.

ornorsvk1 karma

I think that it is quite normal to take people that were working for you in campaign.

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Do you like pineapples on your pizza?

ornorsvk10 karma

I don't like pizza

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That’s incredible you have this opportunity and are following your ambitions. What are your plans for the future? Do you see a political career for yourself or in government?

ornorsvk6 karma

Thank you very much, but I am strong supporter of theory, that everything is possible, only try.

And for my plans, I want to stay in gov. sector. I think, that my country needs so many people as possible in public sector.

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What movement in your political domain worries you the most and which seems to be ebbing?

ornorsvk16 karma

As for ideologies. My country is strongly conservative, but the direction of conservativism is worrisome - more radicalized. I am personally liberal, liberals are strongest only in Capital city and second biggest city. But, sadly, as I said, extremism is on rise.

Covid changed mindset of many people. In wrong way.

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Power and money are known to corrupt people, and corruption is a huge problem in ex-eastern block. Being around money and powerful people must be tempting, even for a “moral” person, right? What do you and your MPs do to stay moraly “white”?

ornorsvk2 karma

Good question. I think that it is more complex to answer. Why is somebody corrupt and somebody not? Is it a question on morality?

I will answer with my central european perspective. My country was basically undeveloped until 20th century. Small agricultural family/clan connected society. After communists gained power, it was easy to archieve something thank to family members that were in party, or in higher positions. It (is) was normal to call family member for "help". Do you want your daughter to study in university? Call your uncle, he is teacher in only one unviersity, he will basically arrange that she will be accepted. Do you want to visit foreign country? Call your brother in law, he is vice-chairman of regional communist party. And this mentality, to archieve something without own struggle stayed in our country. After fall of communism, actually little changed in mentality. This, corruption friendly mentality, is still here, it is much worse than it was.

Corruption is so normal in my society, that if somebody doesnt give bribes is described as crazy. And imagine that literally hundred milions of euros were stolen during previous governments. And it is okay, because it is normal. As somebody once told me, if you arent stealing, you are stealing from your family.

I personally and my MP, we are, I hope, morally more against this mentality. As liberals, we want change in our society, even in this aspect. It is hard in sector which is full of corruption, but if we will fight, there is chance, that we will motivate others to be against corruption.

FunDeckHermit2 karma

From our western viewpoint, Central European is associated with corruption.

Does your country have a corruption problem and what form does it take? What does the average citizen notices of this corruption?

ornorsvk14 karma

You are true

Corruption is cancer for our society. Actually today, some detectives that were working on big corruption scandals associated with previous government were arrested. Imagine that some FBI agents are investigating Al Capone, and on the end they will be arrested and Al Capone would be glorified as political prisoner :D (no kidding).

From 2020 there were many arrests of politicians, judges, lawyers or entrepreneurs. The problem is, that it wasnt only one scandal, but multiple. As example, there was big corruption scheme on Ministry of Agriculture. Officials were giving EU dotations but only for 15% of share, those money ended in hands of oligarch of governing political party. And this is only one scandal.

bruised_bananas41 karma

How well known is PPPeter in Slovakia? His Slovakia Vlog series did a lot to convince me to travel to the country in future.

ornorsvk1 karma

As mentioned, he is quite popular. I personally was watching his videos. He even visited my region :)

Just_a_puzzle-piece1 karma

What type of people do you like to work with most there? Or rather with whom is it easiest to work with?

And out of curiously: who would you advice to actually get into the field when they are on the fence on whether or not to do so? I can see a few pros and cons to that there for many people, but I would like to know what apart of opportunity is a factor on whether or not to get into politics there.

ornorsvk2 karma

I like people from PR, they are nice. But their thinking is so strange for me. I am more technocrat, they are doing things that only must be good looking, they don't care if it is working or not :D

Second question I will answer tomorrow :)

garlic_bread_on_bike1 karma

  1. What does an assistant of an MP actually do? Do you make background research, do you help writing some laws? Do you provide your advice on how should they act?
  2. Are you from Bratislava? Do you think it is much harder for people to achieve so much so early (even indirectly through the increased difficulty of applying to various programs you have been part of over the years)?
  3. Related: Have you ever studied abroad?
  4. How useful is your law education in what you are doing?
  5. Since you say the country needs more people like you, what is it that you want your contribution to be in the next let's 5-10 years?

Hope you answer these even though I'm late to the party!

ornorsvk1 karma

  1. Yes, everything you mentioned + meeting with other MPs, NGOs, people from city councils, Gov. institutions...and lobbyists
  2. Hah, no I am not, but I am living there.
  3. If we can count Erasmus...yes. But after graduation I am moving to Germany, I want apply for postgradual study.
  4. It is very useful, actually people that arent from law background do have many problems in this position.
  5. Education, I want to motivate, support and mentor as many people as possible. For today, I am having 3 mentees

NisamN1 karma

How many talks of students, youth advocates etc did you have to listen to until now, I'm just curious as last time I held a talk nearly only assistants showed up and one MP and I was wondering whether this just happens for NGOs or other lobbying organizations as well?

ornorsvk1 karma

Too much :D Many of those are my friends actually. But I think the situation with youth has changed in previous years. I see less active young people. Even for me it was hard to search my mentees so I could help them. But for talks, we have some youth NGOs that are advocating their rights, but as I said, they became less active. I don't know if that is a new trend, hope not.

seedyare1 karma

How hard are your laughing at the United Kingdom for leaving EU right now?

ornorsvk1 karma

Well, I am more sad than laughing. I was on many protests in UK against Brexit, supported stay compaign. I think, that UK maybe will one day return where it belongs.

OnceIWasYou1 karma

Assuming you're female, has Boris Johnson groped you yet or have you not been around for UK relations?

Also, for the future- got any skeletons in that closet that are blackmail-able? No reason.

ornorsvk10 karma

I am male. And no, but for UK politics, I actually don't know who would get my vote (ofc If I would be UK citizen). For some time, I was more pro-Labour. But after the antisemitist scandals...

Skeletons :D I will be honest, I don't think there are any politicians and people around politics that don't have them.

OnceIWasYou1 karma

I won't get into our whole political issues but Labour have been poor recently to not capitalise on serious errors in judgement from Johnson and his cabinet- they should be building a wave to victory to the next election but for several reasons (Not all of their own causing I should say) they really are not.

Good luck to you!

ornorsvk1 karma

I agree, I think that after Cameron destroyed himself, the politics in UK became, how to say it, much less as it was before. The same happened in my country.

OnceIWasYou2 karma

Cameron just pocketed ~ £8-10million from business dealings he made as PM primarily for decisions he made benefitting that company...... alledgedly.

So now he gets to add that to all his Murdoch money and sail off into the sunset. I hope he doesn't leave his daughter in the bathroom this time.

It's so disheartening that the Conservative party (and I'm sure many in Labour but that is not plain to see) has such utter disregard for basic standards of Parliamentary decency. It feels like it's back at the levels I hear about in the past with Jeffrey Archer and Neil Hamilton's corruption. Pure self serving disregard for everything they're supposed to represent.

Urgh....This country isn't in a good place politically. I didn't think we could get much lower after Brexit but here we are.

ornorsvk1 karma

Actually, lobbying, illicit income are quite normal for conservative politics (look on German MPs - Amthor). Even in my experience, most of conservatives (like Cons in UK or CDU in Germany) are very lobby friendly.