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She thought everyone's dad molested them.


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This is one of the most interesting AMA's I've read in a while. Your answers are thorough and insightful. Thanks for doing such a great job.

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I've always wondered this. Why are people in such a rush to cramp into the aluminum tube they're stuck in for the next 2-10 hours anyway? No matter what boarding group I get I always wait til right before doors close. Never had a problem with overhead space either.

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So the Iraqi militants actually don't kill medics? But the Viet Cong did?

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Given how the for-profit college model has been shown time and again to be detrimental to the education and financial well-being of students, to such an extreme that the Obama administration tried to ban them, your status as one seems to discredit your entire idea to me. A student's future, their education, shouldn't be something others try to profit off of. The incentive to make money off them will always be there, and funds that could be going back into the school instead will go to higher salaries and dividends. So my question is this: why is Make for-profit?

Call me crazy but health and education are two things that I think should be illegal to profit off of.