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Of course, many tourists = better income = higher local growth

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Honest answer I am asking myself the same question. We have problems with competent people as you said as well. Even that we are post-socialistic country, it is much much harder. Many officials have their mindset in 80s, when there was big brother in Moscow watching, or worse, their mindset is in 90s, when my country was basically in constant political chaos. And for our dis, my country had bad education system, many officials were Czechs, so there was basically no need for skilled and competent people in government institutions (as you know, our countries were connected) As somebody would say, "starting from the bottom" :D

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Great question! I will be honest. Only about quarter. I know great guys from different parties that went to politics to change as many things possible. On other side, I know people, that are here only for prestige, money, or worst -power.

But for my MP, he went in politics from better paid job, he wanted to change as many things possible, and, he is second most active MP in our parliament.

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It is very hard question. But according to some my friends, working in NGOs, the main problems are uncontrollable social media sites like Facebook. So many conspiracies were spread about covid, that actually many people outside believed in them. I think, that our society was so long in peace, that they forgot about crisis, wars, famine... They think that pandemic is not real. And now, extremists are using it. Covid restrictions are like gift from heaven for them. You wouldnt believe, how people became aggressive, and desperate. I am worried what will happen in next decade, or years.

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Haha Not personally but yes, today :) But according your question you know that :D