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Completely agree with that assessment but "it's frightening just how many well connected people had ties to Epstein"

It's become a bit cliché to say now but Epstein really did seem to "Collect People"- as in, get as much info as possible during a cursory meeting and then put him in that little black book. It seems to be incredibly difficult to ascertain who was actually well acquainted with him and who was simply at the same party one night- some like you've mentioned are definitely more "Friendly" with him than others of course.

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Cameron just pocketed ~ £8-10million from business dealings he made as PM primarily for decisions he made benefitting that company...... alledgedly.

So now he gets to add that to all his Murdoch money and sail off into the sunset. I hope he doesn't leave his daughter in the bathroom this time.

It's so disheartening that the Conservative party (and I'm sure many in Labour but that is not plain to see) has such utter disregard for basic standards of Parliamentary decency. It feels like it's back at the levels I hear about in the past with Jeffrey Archer and Neil Hamilton's corruption. Pure self serving disregard for everything they're supposed to represent.

Urgh....This country isn't in a good place politically. I didn't think we could get much lower after Brexit but here we are.

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Assuming you're female, has Boris Johnson groped you yet or have you not been around for UK relations?

Also, for the future- got any skeletons in that closet that are blackmail-able? No reason.

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I won't get into our whole political issues but Labour have been poor recently to not capitalise on serious errors in judgement from Johnson and his cabinet- they should be building a wave to victory to the next election but for several reasons (Not all of their own causing I should say) they really are not.

Good luck to you!

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Oh, I know, but this is very much straddling that line of legality or in some cases absolutely qualifying as corruption like with Archer and Neil Hamilton in the past.

Even basic standards are being failed- Priti Patel had an independant review state that she was bullying and abusing those who work under her and then....Nothing. Nothing happened, the review was effectively ignored which is preferential treatment considering what was supposed to happen to her in that scenario. Dominic Cummings isn't even in an elected position yet got special treatment and apparently had far, far too much power for his role. That's after her whole Israel scandal.

Yet like everything else it just ends up being blown over and eventually forgotten.

I mean Johnson conspired with a Millionaire old school friend to have a journalist beaten up for money- we have the phone transcripts and hardly anyone seems to even known about it. Murdoch's media just ignores it and eventually it just disappears...

I hope your MP has standards of basic decency- keep them behind that line!

Sorry for the boring, long post, it turned into a rant I suppose.