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Power and money are known to corrupt people, and corruption is a huge problem in ex-eastern block. Being around money and powerful people must be tempting, even for a “moral” person, right? What do you and your MPs do to stay moraly “white”?

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A month, and it’s kinda a shitload of money for 23y.o. MPs have around 5k euro a month.

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Obligatory not OP. Bringing up Afghanistan in this argument is a weird decision, because the US was the country that had interest in there, all others were just kinda dragged along, supporting the US and didn’t really care enough about the region to send as many troops and money. So, it’s no surprise that after US troops left behind weapons and vehicles to Taliban, maintaining presence was not possible without losses of lives.

Apart from that, almost all east european countries contribute above 2 percent of gdp, and are definitely not taking their deffense from Russia lightly. And sure, those who do not contribute 2 percent (Czechia for example) should.