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Except that the cost of plastics to society is much greater than $1 per pound. That price is artificially low because producers rely on others to shoulder the major cost of disposal and long-term management of plastic in the environment.

They've been massively borrowing against the cost of future cleanup efforts in order to artificially deflate the price. Once they start taking responsibility for the expense of reuse / recycling / cleanup, those prices will start to reflect to true cost of using these materials.

We're in a plastics pricing bubble, and it's going to pop soon and force us to reevaluate our materials choices.

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Um, I think there's some context I'm missing here... Can someone help me out?

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How were you drawn to working in government / politics? What part do you get most excited about? I think not everyone is drawn to that.

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That's awesome! I do yoga to your tracks almost every day.

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Glad we could help beta test your servers. :-) I'd love to see the site though - sounds interesting.