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So are you going to set off metal detectors now with your cool partially-titanium jaw?

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brb stealing this and publishing a paper on it before you get around to it.

Just kidding, I work in IT and I have no clue how any of this works. Totally fascinating, thanks!

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How tight are the security restrictions around your job and the information you're privileged with? Would you get in trouble for doing this IAmA if your identity were known? I'm always interested how us young folks end up in such trusted positions.

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When are you going to offer sync that isn't horribly, horribly broken with crippling consistency issues and with support for more than just bookmarks?

(I get that it's a hard problem to solve while retaining some user privacy, this isn't a dig, it's just true. I've been a diehard brave user for over a year now, I couldn't imagine switching away -- but the lack of decent sync still sucks.)

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You just made my day. And I woke up thirty seconds ago. I feel like a kid ready to run to the Christmas tree. Thanks for all your work on building this big beautiful project 🥰