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More out of personal curiousity there and I don’t intend to push it, but how often do you talk to LGBTQ+ people (including aromantic and asexual and people on either spectrum)? And by extension how familiar you are with said topics?

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What type of people do you like to work with most there? Or rather with whom is it easiest to work with?

And out of curiously: who would you advice to actually get into the field when they are on the fence on whether or not to do so? I can see a few pros and cons to that there for many people, but I would like to know what apart of opportunity is a factor on whether or not to get into politics there.

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From the sounds of it, it is possible that you could be somewhere on the asexual spectrum there, while still feeling romantic attraction to your girlfriend there.

Mentioning that possibility for everyone else here who may or may not relate to this here in one way or another.

And to give a few examples for general variations on that spectrum: as an asexual you can be sex positive, sex indifferent, sex repulsed or sex ambivert (basically a mix of the other three or they kinda shift occasionally) there. You can also have a high or low libido.

Does of course not exclude other possibilities, but I’m putting the possibility in here to hopefully take off the pressure about that specifically, since it isn’t as much known about as it probably should in the mainstream.