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I’m Casey Calvert and I’m an adult performer, screenwriter, and director. I just received 22 nominations at the 2021 AVN Awards & XBIZ Awards with my first series as a director for ‘Primary’ on Lust Cinema. Ask me anything!

P.S.: If you want a sneak peek of me as a performer, you can watch me in ‘The Intern’ on Lust Cinema for free subscribing here

Edit 10pm pacific - it's my bedtime, but I'll pop back in and answer more questions tomorrow!


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MatsuriSunrise21 karma

I had to double-take when I read your name because someone from the band Hawthorne Heights with the exact same name died when I was in high school, so that threw me off a bit.

Don't really have a question really, so uh... what kinda music you like?

CaseyCalvertXXX31 karma

So, yeah, that's a thing. My stage name comes from the letters KC, the initials of my celebrity crush's children (no, I will not tell you who), and Prof. Calvert, a professor I had in college (yes, he knows.) When I chose my name, I just figured I'd be doing a lil fetish modeling and going on my way. When I moved to LA, I asked my agent about changing it, he said "nah, the other guy is dead, right?" and here we are.

Pro tip - google your stage name before you start using it.

I mostly listen to a lot of indie acoustic stuff. I stan queen phoebe bridgers.

thedevildoescomedy15 karma

When you have requests for content on OnlyFans or your site, how often do you have to really push yourself to get into the right headspace to do it? I'm sure you love sex (hence why you're in the line of work you're in) but I'm sure there's times it's rough to get into that persona... especially if someone is requesting scat femdom or something intense like that lol I can't even imagine having to act a certain way if you're just not in the mood for it... for that matter, how often do you have to just force yourself to film requests when you aren't super into it - basically where it's purely acting?

CaseyCalvertXXX25 karma

Well, I don't do scat.

But, one of the amazing things about content creation for myself (including custom videos) is that if I don't want to work, I don't have to. There are very few instances I can think of where I had to shoot something on a certain day, usually just because of scheduling. Even then, I can usually rearrange things to make it work for me.

That being said, usually if I don't want to work, it's not about headspace, it's about laziness/ being bloated/ I have a big zit/ something dumb like that. The only time I ever really need to get into a certain headspace for work is when I'm doing very heavy BDSM.

Jack__Fearow10 karma

Probably a common question, but how did you end up in this line of work? What are some pros? Some cons? How would you recommend someone (whether a male or female) get into this line of work?

CaseyCalvertXXX38 karma

So, I started in adult in 2011. I was still in college, fetish modeling on the weekends. In 2012, I moved to LA to do hardcore porn, because back then, you really needed to be either in LA or Miami to work in hardcore. I wanted to move to LA anyway, and at the time, I really wanted to jump in headfirst and do it right.

number 1 pro - the freedom. Within certain restrictions (of course), I get to do what I want, when I want. I have no boss, no 9 to 5.

number 1 con - the stigma. For the rest of my life, my butthole will be on the internet, and there's nothing I can do to change that. Does that mean I regret it? No, not at all. It just is a fact of life that sometimes smacks me in the face.

These days, it's incredibly easy to get into sex work. Sign up for an onlyfans. Hell, use my fucking referral. There, now you are a sex worker. Post what you want, when you want, whatever makes you comfy, whatever makes you happy. Don't expect the $$$$ to roll in, however. The market is incredibly oversaturated right now. Be prepared to work hard. (pun intended)

smartass50510 karma

In the modern "internet era" where everything always comes to light or is exposed, is using pseudonyms/stage names really necessary? Especially when some bottom-feeders try and hold real identities over that person or try and expose them to the friends and family of that person?

CaseyCalvertXXX41 karma

Is it necessary? No, but I don't think it was ever necessary. As long as there have been pseudonyms, there have been people trying to find out legal names. Pseudonyms never prevented that, they just slow it down. I think the choice should be up to the person whether or not they want to use an alias.

I like having a stage name. Casey Calvert feels like playing a role, a character, and I like being able to turn that on and off.

baldonebighead9 karma

What do you like better, acting or creating?

CaseyCalvertXXX8 karma

This is a tricky question, because to me, acting is creating. Directing is creating. Writing is creating. They are all just different, but complimentary, forms of creating. I guess, that is to say, what I love to do is create. I love to tell stories. Sometimes those stories are like Primary from Lust Cinema, and sometimes those stories are gonzo anal. It's all creative to me.

karltanner156 karma

I’ve read your blog about how you got laser hair removal on your pubic hair so I know I take you are not a big fan of pubic hair on yourself but i was wondering do you have grooming preference for men. Do you like it fully bare, trimmed, or unkept?

CaseyCalvertXXX21 karma

As long as I'm not getting hair stuck in my teeth when I suck your dick, or your recently shaved stubble isn't irritating my skin when we fuck, I honestly could not care less.

Yeuph4 karma

How in your opinion can we move to a reasonable and more liberal place in this country regarding sex work? I mean, sure there are probably a lot of girls driven into prostitution because of lack of opportunity; and they like your average McDonald's employee wishes their circumstances were different - but its *super* obvious making this illegal doesn't stop sex work; makes it more dangerous for the people involved; and can cause huge amounts of legal damages in someone's life who was just trying to get by.

I've seen *some* movement among the more leftwing branches of the Democratic party to decriminalize it but it still seems really far away.

CaseyCalvertXXX11 karma

I honestly don't know. Every time I think we take one step forward, it feels like we take three steps back.

Thank you for your educated opinion on decrim, everything you said here is correct.

If people wanna jump in here with their answers to this question, I'd be fascinated to read them. Please don't make me regret prompting this.

March1320134 karma

How big of a pain was it to setup caseycalvert.com? Obviously the web dev stuff but how about the business and legal stuff? I’m interested in that side of the business but the thought of fucking up or breaking laws is paralyzing.. looks like youre incorporated or an Llc. Elaborate on that aspects of the industry please? Also do you do your own Wordpress?

CaseyCalvertXXX12 karma

I built caseycalvert.com from scratch years ago. At the time, I had lots of free time and energy to fuck around with it, and even then, it was a pain. It desperately needs to be redone, but alas.

I actually have multiple S corps. I am not a lawyer or an accountant, and I really don't feel like I can give advice on this. Corey is great, and I highly recommend anyone considering getting into the business to chat with an attorney who specializes in what we do. Adult legal stuff is complicated and scary imo.

Edit: no one give me legal advice please.

March1320131 karma

I do a fair bit of wordpress and had some ideas but inevitably pulled everything down. Still have some good domains however. Thanks for the tip. Do you see yourself ever skipping out on OF and doing something similar in your site directly? Cut out the middle man so to speak.

CaseyCalvertXXX6 karma

I've wanted to do that for years, long before OF was a thing. It's incredibly difficult to run a pay site or a clips site, it's incredibly difficult to get payment processing. Adult payment processing is considered high risk, and even with one's own site, the fees are absurdly high. It's just not something I'm interested in investing in right now.

Manaleaking4 karma

I read 40 comments and clicked the link and still have no idea if you are a man or woman?

Do you hang out with other popular performers at the conventions and what are your conversations like?

CaseyCalvertXXX9 karma

hahaha if you click on my profile, there's a photo of me. Or, google me. NSFW obvs.

Believe it or not, I hang out with other performers outside of a work environment. Some of them are my closest friends. And we talk about the same exact things you talk about with your friends. We've just also probably had sex with each other.

jentlesmiles4 karma

Hi Casey, thanks for taking the time to do this AMA! I had a few questions, if that's ok:

  1. What kind of legal protections are you entitled to as an actress on set? Do you feel that they are adequate?

  2. Have you ever felt unsafe or uncomfortable during filming?

  3. What was it like the first time you were recognized in public for your work?

  4. Out of all the scene partners you've had, which has genuinely given you the best fuck and why?

  5. If you're not personally attracted to a scene partner or if they do something unsexy, is it harder to perform?

  6. Have you ever gotten off to one of your own videos/do you actively watch your own films?

  7. Is there anyone in the industry who you'd specifically love to costar with?

  8. What's something most people don't know about the industry?

  9. Have you ever had to stop a shoot because you couldn't continue?

  10. How often is poop an issue in hardcore anal scenes? What is the prep like for those scenes?

Sorry if any of these are repeats!

CaseyCalvertXXX10 karma

This is a lot of questions, sorry. I'm also having formatting issues, so breaking up my answer.

2 - Sure. Have you ever had a bad day at your job?

3 - Honestly, don't remember. I don't get recognized in public that often, or, people might recognize me, but they don't say anything. Imagine going up to someone and saying "omg I loved it when you took two cocks in your ass at the same time!" and that person was not who you thought they were. Yeah.

5 - Yes and no. I can almost always find something attractive about everyone I'm working with. If I can't, I have lube :)

CaseyCalvertXXX9 karma

6 - Never. Occasionally I look at photos from scenes and think, yeah, that's hot. But video? Never. I am way too self-conscious to watch my own videos. In fact, I pay an editor to edit my customs/content so I don't have to watch myself. The money is worth the mental health.

7 - I'd love to work with Vex and Four Chambers.

10 - Not too often a problem, in my experience. I wrote about the prep here

bacon_meat3 karma

Any plans to retire as a performer?

CaseyCalvertXXX7 karma

As I've always said, I plan on performing as long as my body wants me to. I'm directing now, yes, but I'm very much still performing as well.

lh_cooper2 karma

What do you hope to accomplish in 2021?

CaseyCalvertXXX17 karma

So, I have both of these things written on the wall in my kitchen, I see them every day. First one is my work motto for 2021, second is my life motto. I saw both of them on instagram embarrassed face

"I really resent the idea that what mainstream porn lacks for the female viewer is 'romance' when what's actually lacking, to a pathological degree, is sexual tension."

"I will not engage with people who have demonstrated that they do not see me as a human, but as a projection."

plaidverb2 karma

Here's a new thing: Hiding your 'proof' for an AMA behind a paywall. Awesome.

(it may be 'free' to sign up, but if you require my email address, it's not actually 'free')

CaseyCalvertXXX4 karma

Apologies, that was never intended to be my proof. My fault for not knowing how to use reddit correctly. Post updated.

neveradullmoment722 karma

Are you in a relationship, and if so, what does your partner think of your chosen career?

CaseyCalvertXXX14 karma

I am married, and in an open relationship. I wouldn't be in a relationship with someone who was not 110% supportive of my work. I've done that too many times, no more. Caveat - being 110% supportive of my work does not mean "omg it's so hot you fuck all those other dudes all the time come home and fuck me with his cum on you." The pendulum swings both ways.

Creed311911 karma

What’s your thoughts on WaterSports?

CaseyCalvertXXX4 karma

Members of my OF know the answer to this question ;)

portojohn20201 karma

How did your first audition go? What happened your first time trying out?

CaseyCalvertXXX12 karma

So, there are no auditions in porn in the way you are thinking. Occasionally, you audition for a big feature. For example, I held auditions for Primary. Those auditions are acting auditions, you don't take your clothes off or have sex with anyone.

As Nina Hartley says, and I'm paraphrasing, you don't fuck to get the job, the job is fucking.

aresdesmoulins1 karma


CaseyCalvertXXX6 karma

Never touch your idols: the gilding will stick to your fingers.

That being said, historically speaking, you could find me at AVN in January in Vegas.

Lolalolita12341 karma

Will the adult entertainment industry ever be able to get political power? Maybe form a lobbying group?

CaseyCalvertXXX11 karma

So, the adult industry already has a lobbying organization, the Free Speech Coalition. FSC historically has done a ton of amazing work keeping us safe (in every sense of the word.) I don't know if adult entertainment will ever get any real political power; supporting sex work is just too liberal for most politicians to support.

Though, AOC tweeted "sex work is work," the other day, so I guess you never know.

Itchy1Grip1 karma

Does regular sex remind you of being at work?

CaseyCalvertXXX5 karma

Sure, occasionally. But if the real life sex is really really good, it's SO much better than work sex.

cjrich4561 karma

If you weren’t a pornstar/director, what realistic occupation would you like to have to most?

CaseyCalvertXXX4 karma

Occasionally I fantasize about having some boring desk job at some boring company where I go to work at the same time every day, come home at the same time every day, and don't think about my job the moment I leave the office. Then I remember that I would fucking hate that.

If I got to just pick a job out of a hat, I'd like to be doing exactly what I do now (creating, telling stories) in the mainstream film industry.

Prestigious-Media1861 karma

What has 2020 taught you most, good & bad? And what is your favorite content like to give to your fans on OF?

CaseyCalvertXXX7 karma

2020 taught me that I'm actually more social than I thought I was. Maybe this introvert likes to see people, occasionally.

2020 also taught me that, for more of my friends than I'd care to admit, virtue signaling is more important than actually doing a thing.

And honestly, I just love making my fans happy on OF. I feel like I have a super broad fan base, lots of people love lots of different things, and all those different things keep my engaged and excited about working every day.

bacon_meat1 karma

Do you think the pornhub hubaloo will help the adult industrial, or will other pirating avenues take it's place?

CaseyCalvertXXX5 karma

I think it is way too early to tell what the outcome of what's happening with MindGeek (PH parent company) right now will be. I see incredibly harmful outcomes -- sites shut down, independent creators driven underground, a black market of porn online where anything goes. I also see a potential for revolutionary positive change. Give it a few years and we'll see.

IAmAModBot1 karma


CaseyCalvertXXX3 karma

New proof added!

Jumpingkangaroo551 karma

Hi Casey, your content is amazing and I'm so happy with the customs I have gotten from you. How are you doing during the pandemic? What have you been doing to stay sane while in quarantine?

CaseyCalvertXXX8 karma

I mean, I think we can all agree, covid sucks. But thank you so much for ordering customs! My custom video business is one of the reasons why I was able to stay sane during covid, for sure.

Honestly, I've mostly been working during covid. Online sex work (ie onlyfans) went from something I did for supplemental income to my fulltime job back mid-March. And online sex work is a lot of work. I literally have OF open in another tab as we speak. Let's see, what else... I baked bread (like everyone else, but I've been baking since before it was cool lol), I did a whole bunch of puzzles, I did a lot of work on my house. I took a lot of naps, and did my best to avoid anxiety attacks.

Gooningfemboy0 karma

I'm just curious about a few questions! First off, how was your day? Secondly, what do you enjoy to do for hobbies? Thirdly: what are your thoughts on Gooning? (Where one edges themselves/gets edged for hours a day, without cumming for days/weeks/months. This makes them relatively mindless, makes their relationship with porn deeper, makes the time melt away, and leads them to discovering their true selves as well as some freakier, naughtier kinks!)

CaseyCalvertXXX9 karma

  1. My day was lovely, thank you. I shot content with Victoria Voxxx, and I think she's quite attractive.
  2. My number one favorite thing to do when I'm not working is take naps.
  3. Gooning is hot. Some of my favorite fans goon. You should goon for me.