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Confirmed, this dude is my friend that chased the guy down.

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He was...a friend of mine chased him down, where he was still walking through the parking lot with knife in hand. The case is still ongoing, so I can't discuss the legal aspect of it much more =)

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I was an agnostic person before, and after this incident, I can say i'm an atheist. Watching people around you die, and you survive with the worst odds is a downer. Seeing everyone around you sick and knowing for some reason, that kid over there with cancer? you get to live, and he gets to die. Why? Cosmic dice roll. I can't personally see any reason why everyone else that died did not make it and I did...why am I any more significant than any of them? I believe that we have this time on earth, and that's all. And that time can end at any instant. So by far the most important thing to do is to enjoy it and be good to one another, make a positive impact on people's happiness because that's all that we have to live for...happiness, right here, right now.

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I did quit smoking, as I experienced complete lung failure (ARDS). My body was so weak and fragile after I woke up that even breathing was a monumental task. I really, really feared stairs up to my room for a good 3 months or so haha. After all of that, definitely appreciate my lungs much more and wouldn't ever compromise them with cigarettes again.

I definitely have a much, much more positive outlook.

I can't tell you what is on the other side of death's door. For me, it was nothing. That put the realization that what we have is this, right here, right now, and that this is very limited. I refuse to waste my days being depressed or sad, and not enjoying life. It's true we all get to the same destination in the end, but how we live determines WHEN we get there; reckless behavior might just end up being an unintended shortcut =P

Also, I now have an amazing job, fixed/got my car back, completely rebuilt my house, and am now living with a girl that has completely changed my life.

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Hi. I'm a full stack web developer that's been developing for the web since I burned up all my compuserve hours working on my angelfire site.

Most of my development flow is done on a *nix environment as most things we work with run better/easier on *nix.

The biggest annoyance of having to support IE is not the (current) browser itself...in fact I think that it's really slick. However, it's still a giant pain in the ass to have to fire up a VM then load IE. What would your team suggest to facilitate easier testing? I don't expect a mac/linux port of IE by any stretch, but currently doing 90% of development and testing in one unified environment, then having to load a completely different OS just to test a single browser is infuriating.

EDIT: i should clarify that this is under highly restricted/classified environments...testing with a public external service like browserstack is definitely not allowed.