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Cochlear implants are really cool. I've listened to a number of examples of what music/sounds sound like for people that have them.

I'm not sure if you can know how things are "supposed to sound" to compare it with... But I'm curious, we've designed music around how normal hearing works for normal people. It seems with cochlear implants that music sounds dramatically different, loss of tonality and pitch.

What do you think of music? Have you been able to identify with any music and find it enjoyable? From what I was to discern about how music likely sounds *to you* it occurred to me that we should probably try to make music for individuals such as yourself and build it around the way you hear - even if it sounds ridiculous to the rest of us.

What are your thoughts on music and your hearing compared to normal biological hearing?

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Freeman Dyson feels PhDs are largely a way to get people to do a lot of work for free. Is there any credence to that claim?

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How in your opinion can we move to a reasonable and more liberal place in this country regarding sex work? I mean, sure there are probably a lot of girls driven into prostitution because of lack of opportunity; and they like your average McDonald's employee wishes their circumstances were different - but its *super* obvious making this illegal doesn't stop sex work; makes it more dangerous for the people involved; and can cause huge amounts of legal damages in someone's life who was just trying to get by.

I've seen *some* movement among the more leftwing branches of the Democratic party to decriminalize it but it still seems really far away.

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Listening to your YouTube channel your pronunciation of the American "R" sound is absolutely incredible for a native asian-language speaker.

So what do you think of world politics on the whole? A lot of us (me included) are afraid that authoritarianism is making a big come back. As someone that lived under an extreme authoritarian regime do you have any advice for the rest of the world?