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Gooningfemboy1 karma

What do you think of Gooning? Gooning for hours a day, without cumming for days/weeks! Gooning leaves gooners feeling "high", and melts time away. PS: You're SO gorgeous and sexy!

Gooningfemboy1 karma

Will do!! Gonna let all the gooners and Goonettes I know about your love of the gooning community!

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I'm just curious about a few questions! First off, how was your day? Secondly, what do you enjoy to do for hobbies? Thirdly: what are your thoughts on Gooning? (Where one edges themselves/gets edged for hours a day, without cumming for days/weeks/months. This makes them relatively mindless, makes their relationship with porn deeper, makes the time melt away, and leads them to discovering their true selves as well as some freakier, naughtier kinks!)