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jentlesmiles4 karma

Hi Casey, thanks for taking the time to do this AMA! I had a few questions, if that's ok:

  1. What kind of legal protections are you entitled to as an actress on set? Do you feel that they are adequate?

  2. Have you ever felt unsafe or uncomfortable during filming?

  3. What was it like the first time you were recognized in public for your work?

  4. Out of all the scene partners you've had, which has genuinely given you the best fuck and why?

  5. If you're not personally attracted to a scene partner or if they do something unsexy, is it harder to perform?

  6. Have you ever gotten off to one of your own videos/do you actively watch your own films?

  7. Is there anyone in the industry who you'd specifically love to costar with?

  8. What's something most people don't know about the industry?

  9. Have you ever had to stop a shoot because you couldn't continue?

  10. How often is poop an issue in hardcore anal scenes? What is the prep like for those scenes?

Sorry if any of these are repeats!