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Is it necessary? No, but I don't think it was ever necessary. As long as there have been pseudonyms, there have been people trying to find out legal names. Pseudonyms never prevented that, they just slow it down. I think the choice should be up to the person whether or not they want to use an alias.

I like having a stage name. Casey Calvert feels like playing a role, a character, and I like being able to turn that on and off.

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So, I started in adult in 2011. I was still in college, fetish modeling on the weekends. In 2012, I moved to LA to do hardcore porn, because back then, you really needed to be either in LA or Miami to work in hardcore. I wanted to move to LA anyway, and at the time, I really wanted to jump in headfirst and do it right.

number 1 pro - the freedom. Within certain restrictions (of course), I get to do what I want, when I want. I have no boss, no 9 to 5.

number 1 con - the stigma. For the rest of my life, my butthole will be on the internet, and there's nothing I can do to change that. Does that mean I regret it? No, not at all. It just is a fact of life that sometimes smacks me in the face.

These days, it's incredibly easy to get into sex work. Sign up for an onlyfans. Hell, use my fucking referral. There, now you are a sex worker. Post what you want, when you want, whatever makes you comfy, whatever makes you happy. Don't expect the $$$$ to roll in, however. The market is incredibly oversaturated right now. Be prepared to work hard. (pun intended)

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So, yeah, that's a thing. My stage name comes from the letters KC, the initials of my celebrity crush's children (no, I will not tell you who), and Prof. Calvert, a professor I had in college (yes, he knows.) When I chose my name, I just figured I'd be doing a lil fetish modeling and going on my way. When I moved to LA, I asked my agent about changing it, he said "nah, the other guy is dead, right?" and here we are.

Pro tip - google your stage name before you start using it.

I mostly listen to a lot of indie acoustic stuff. I stan queen phoebe bridgers.

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Well, I don't do scat.

But, one of the amazing things about content creation for myself (including custom videos) is that if I don't want to work, I don't have to. There are very few instances I can think of where I had to shoot something on a certain day, usually just because of scheduling. Even then, I can usually rearrange things to make it work for me.

That being said, usually if I don't want to work, it's not about headspace, it's about laziness/ being bloated/ I have a big zit/ something dumb like that. The only time I ever really need to get into a certain headspace for work is when I'm doing very heavy BDSM.

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As long as I'm not getting hair stuck in my teeth when I suck your dick, or your recently shaved stubble isn't irritating my skin when we fuck, I honestly could not care less.