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How big of a pain was it to setup caseycalvert.com? Obviously the web dev stuff but how about the business and legal stuff? I’m interested in that side of the business but the thought of fucking up or breaking laws is paralyzing.. looks like youre incorporated or an Llc. Elaborate on that aspects of the industry please? Also do you do your own Wordpress?

March1320131 karma

I do a fair bit of wordpress and had some ideas but inevitably pulled everything down. Still have some good domains however. Thanks for the tip. Do you see yourself ever skipping out on OF and doing something similar in your site directly? Cut out the middle man so to speak.

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Who the hell doesn’t have an only fans tab open these days 🥸

March132013-14 karma

Investing you say... got any good stock tips? I’m doing pretty well in biotech this year $vbiv $srne ...alright I’m done being a rube. thanks