My name is Prudvi Mohan Kaka and I am the Chief Scientific Officer at DECIEM, The Abnormal Beauty Company. I joined the company in 2014 and I work in our lab overseeing all areas of our product’s life-cycle. My background includes a degree in pharmaceutical sciences and an advanced degree in biotechnology and microbiology. I use this experience to bring a unique perspective to the beauty industry, as I view skincare as healthcare, not luxury but necessity. My day to day includes guiding multiple teams at DECIEM to think outside of the box when creating products in order to provide skincare with synergistic chemical relationships.

For those new to us, DECIEM is a humble and happy umbrella of good beauty brands, such as The Ordinary, created in 2013. We're founded on the principle of doing everything others don't do and we are changing the world of beauty based on this principle.

For those of us joining again after last year's AMA, a warm welcome back. A lot has changed in a year, and I’m thrilled to connect with you all again.

Today I am here to answer all of your questions about the science of skincare, formulations, routines, and working in this field.

I’m all yours 12:00 - 2:00 PM EST.



EDIT: Hello everyone! I have to run back to the lab, but this has been so much fun and I will work to respond to as many questions as I can throughout the rest of the day (if the lab allows hehe). Thank you so much for joining my AMA and for the love! Stay safe and stay sciency. ;-)

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SephoraRothschild1752 karma

Can you please develop an app with a flowchart or an interactive drag and drop chart that will help me figure out which products to use with each other on alternating days, every day, etc? Maybe something based on a Big Data algorithm? Because this is legit the Riddle of the Sphinx in r/SkincareAddiction. We. Need. An. App!

Thank you.

deciem629 karma

What an amazing idea! Thank you for suggestion. We'd love to launch an app one day. For now, please feel free to reference the information available at and on our YouTube channel: :-)

sprixio406 karma


Would you consider making an azelaic acid product that isn’t silicone-based? A thinner consistency would be great, especially as silicones break a lot of people out.

deciem240 karma

Hello! Please stay tuned. :)

mangochive348 karma

Any update on the timeline for your Salicylic Acid reformulation? The masque just isn’t the same...

deciem219 karma

Hi! We are launching sometime 2021. Stay tuned! ☺

Lilancis262 karma

I‘m bummed to see most people here are treating this AMA like your regular customer service.

Thanks for being here Prudvi! What has been the most challenging project you experienced (or still experience) as head scientist at DECIEM? What was something you did not expect when starting in this position?

deciem3 karma

Hello :) I am involved in developing almost over 200 products at Deciem and every product posed its own challenge. We like to select challenging and most complex topics. Example, CAIL 1% from NIOD. A suspension could have worked as well but wanting to solubilize the peptide PAL-GHK-Cu and stabilize the formulation is a challenge and we succeeded. I never expected that I would build a team of over 100 people after me and build over 6 labs at DECIEM. ❤

barbell_fever125 karma

I love your product so much, thank you for making skincare affordable! I was wondering if there are any plans for a retinoid eye serum on the horizon?

deciem44 karma

Great idea! ❤

Jumpedunderjumpman111 karma

will you guys be developing eczema/super sensitive ski. friendly products?

deciem24 karma

Anything is possible in the future! Stay tuned. ☺

Trippymea108 karma

Pardon my bluntness but how can I build a skincare routine I can count on when your products are out of stock?

deciem63 karma

We apologize for the inconvenience! Our team are working very hard to have more stock available soon. ❤

HalfPint286 karma

Why is the AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution not available in Canada? If Canadian health regulations won't allow it is it really safe to use?

deciem104 karma

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling solution is not available for sale in a few jurisdictions, like Canada, because of the rules surrounding the classification of these products as cosmetics. I understand why the limitations were originally established but cosmetic formulation practices have evolved and the way we deliver these actives fairly new. We have gone above and beyond our normal safety testing programs for such a strong direct acid and we have a comprehensive safety package available to support the use of The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling solution. ❤

CarinasHere70 karma

Any update on the invisible mineral sunscreen? Really hoping for it soon!

deciem58 karma

Hi :) Since sunscreens are regulated as OTC drugs, this takes longer to develop than products under the cosmetic category. This is in the works and coming up in the future, please stay tuned! ❤

jonsey000758 karma

Hey,did you test the ordinary to assess suitability for the skin of persons of color?Am African. For example products for hyperpigmentation or dark spots tends to lighten my whole face, when I only need to fade the scars. For my skin,I don't want a lighter shade. Thanks!

deciem70 karma

Hi thanks for this question :). We always use skin panels that have multiple ethnic skin types to assess our products. We would recommend that you only apply products of your choice directly on the spot that you would like to address.

nuggetsofchicken56 karma

What's an often overlooked part of one's skincare routine?

deciem119 karma

This generally depends on your skin concerns! However, hydration is a very important part of all routines - even if you have more oily skin. ❤

atcg010147 karma

Thanks for doing this Prudvi.

Does your firm outsource lab work to contract research organizations? If so, what type/parts of studies do you consider outsourcing?

(Don’t worry, not trying to sell your team anything. Just curious as to what this space looks like in your specific industry)

deciem42 karma

Hello :-) We only outsource large panels for in vivo clinical studies. This is done to ensure our products are safe and efficacious.

SeriouslyNotADude46 karma

Thank you so much for doing this! I LOVE your products. I use products from each of your lines as part of my routine (which was pretty much nonexistent before I found your company because hated how skincare was marketed and you couldn't really tell what you were getting). Thank you so much for providing science-backed skincare with transparent marketing!

What products are good for rebuilding your skin barrier? Or what products are good to use after a chemical peel?

deciem46 karma

Hello! I'm glad you LOVE our products! Great question! It is important to understand that skin repairs itself, and all we can do with cosmetic products is to help it do so effectively. Application of topical lipids and NMF can help to support and enhance a healthy barrier. Application of biomimetic ingredients, such as those that are naturally found in the NMF (amino acids, urea, lactic acid), has been found to enhance skin hydration levels by providing similar water-binding properties. Furthermore, treatment with topical lipids can be done through the application of lipids that are not naturally found within the skin or lipids/precursors of lipids that are normally present in the extracellular spaces, such as ceramides and cholesterol. A combination of both aims to provide instant relief and long-term support. After chemical peels products that aim to soothe any signs or irritation are great to use, this would include products that contain soothing and hydrating agents within the formulation. I would recommend our Modulating Glucosides as it contains various ingredient to help calm and sooth the skin. It is also important to remember the use of SPF after the use of chemical peels, as the skin will be more sensitive to environmental factors like UV. :-)

Green_Kipper41 karma

Do you guys have any plans to release a mineral 30+ sunscreen from the Ordinary, especially one suitable for people of color? Likewise with a jojoba oil serum regarding releasing one.

deciem14 karma

Hello! We do have huge plans set for our suncare line, and we will definitely keep people of colour in our formulation considerations. We'll keep in mind the jojoba oil serum suggestion, you'll never know! ;)

PrinceRobot_IV38 karma

What keeps prices so low?

PS your Niacinamide is unbelievably good

deciem88 karma

The technologies used in The Ordinary Brand are effective and well-studied. As they are well-known actives, no resources are wasted on marketing to convince consumers on the efficacy of a new form of innovation. In addition, products are formulated with a minimalistic approach and format which focuses on the actives' delivery and efficacy. ❤

mirj_ana34 karma

Hello Prudvi - thank you for taking the time to do this!

I've heard mixed remarks on when is the best time to use The Ordinary's Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG (AM vs. PM)...specifically if I'm aiming for the effects of reduced puffiness, should I used it in the AM or PM or both, and would that change if I wanted to use it primarily for Eye Contour Pigmentation? I've also heard it can dry out the eye area a bit... if this is true should I watch out for this and/or moisturize a little extra there to mitigate that?

As well, do you have any recommendations for DECIEM products that are good to use on young teenage blemish-prone skin? It's for my sister, and I know products like the retinoids or some of the stronger anti-aging peptides might be too strong/unnecessary at this stage in her life.

Thank you! -Mirjana from Toronto

deciem19 karma

Hi there! :-) Thank you for your question. The Ordinary's Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG may be used both in the AM and PM to target both puffiness and dark circles caused by an uneven skin tone. If you find the strength of this formula drying, you may wish to dilute it with a cream, such as The Ordinary's NMF + HA.

deciem17 karma

During the teenager years, your skin in changing and I would recommend taking a balanced approach to cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting it. This is one of the reasons that we put together the balance set, which might be something for her to try.

Total-Activity-462729 karma

Hi Prudvi!

Thank you for doing this!

I get asked this question a fair amount so I thought I'd ask you! Do retinoids NEED to be stored in the fridge once they've been opened?

Thanks in advance! :)

deciem57 karma

Great question! I suggest storing our Granactive Retinoid and Retinol products in the fridge after opening. The remainder of our serums can be stored at room temperature, however, there is no harm in refrigerating (with the exception of The Ordinary Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3% which should not be refrigerated). ☺

Sijyn16 karma

The Ordinary Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3% which should not be refrigerated).

Would you be able to tell us why?

deciem38 karma

The saturation of Resveratrol and Ferulic is extremely high. Low temperatures will make it crystallize over time. :-)

Schteker19 karma

Hello. Any plans on opening more physical stores in Europe? I'm interested about Romania.

deciem7 karma

We would love to be in Romania in the future! 😉❤

KeepItSecret3617 karma

Do you possibly have any updates on Matte Watercolours? I was so excited when I heard about it launching, but it’s been several years

deciem23 karma

Hello! :) We are currently working on other projects at the moment, and Matte Watercolours is shifted in the priority list for now. We'll let you know once we have an update on this project.

kkat0217 karma

I am a chemistry student hoping to go into cosmetic chemistry. Any tips?

deciem3 karma

Hello :) There a lot of applications under Cosmetic Chemistry. Creative side and Operations as some examples. Identify what interests you more and start from scratch in that field and try in pairing that with a course if you could find one so you could build theory as well. Know that there are a lot of professional platforms like SCC and IFSCC which would allow you to see the world of Cosmetics. All the best. ❤

deananana13 karma

How can somebody without a chemistry degree figure out how to combine or layer products? While I'm all for doing my research, I find the content on the website to obfuscate the information rather than illuminate it, for those of us without science backgrounds.

deciem17 karma

Hello :-) I'm sorry that you find our website confusing! We aim to empower our consumers with information so that they may be able to make educated decisions. For a simpler approach, you may wish to explore our Regimen Guide here: We are currently working on an interactive platform that will help you in the selection and layering of your products, but for now please feel free to contact our amazing staff through the live chat platform available on our website. They will get back to you as soon as they can! ❤

AdImpressive8211 karma

What are the best ingredients to pair with retinol/retinoid? And what’s the difference between the ordinary and Niod? Like in terms of target market, etc

deciem6 karma

Hello! :) I would recommend combining retinoids with ingredients that support the skin's barrier function, such as amino acids or vitamin B5. I would also recommend applying sun protection daily if using retinoids! As for the differences between NIOD and The Ordinary: The Ordinary offers familiar, effective clinical technologies. It exists to communicate with integrity and bring to market effective, more familiar technologies at honorable prices. It takes pride in honesty, fights innovation stagnancy in the industry and indirectly celebrates the depth of innovation our brands, Hylamide and NIOD, continue to bring to the category.

AllEternals10 karma

Any plans to bring back TO’s Alpha Lipoic Acid? It was the most perfect skincare product I’ve ever used and I am rationing my last bottle. Is there a similar product to replace it with in my routine?

deciem9 karma

We're currently working hard on the formulation and plan to have it back in the future! ❤

fmas889 karma

Hi Prudvi! Could you clarify why copper peptide should not be used in the same routine as Retinoids? I understand the need to streamline the guidance for the general user, but for those of us who are long term retinoid user with no sensitivity issues it will be good to understand the reasoning behind it (I.e whether it increases irritation, or it actually renders the copper peptide useless). I would imagine there are many experienced acid/retinoid users who use ascorbic acid in the AM and retinoid in the PM daily, thus having a hard time fitting copper peptide based on the general guidance per DECIEM website.

deciem12 karma

Hello! We don't recommend combining copper peptides with retinoids and retinols in the same routine due to the potential of the combination to increase skin sensitivity. We also do not recommend combining copper peptides with strong antioxidants due to susceptibility of the antioxidant reacting with the copper ions that are present in the formula. Hope this helps. :-)

venusMURK8 karma

What happen to the ab caffeine shampoo?

deciem11 karma

Hello! We're sad to say AB Crew has been discontinued and will not be returning. So sorry for any disappointment, but we have lots of other exciting things coming really soon! ❤

katwoodruff8 karma

Hello, how cool.

Any exciting new launches on the horizon?

deciem23 karma

Hi there! We are working on the new categories that did not exist before! Stay tuned! ❤

wnose27 karma

I gotta admit that your website can be intimidating for new users, since your product lines are wide and deep. May I suggest a prominent link on the landing page - "If you're new to DECEIM..." - for the explain-it-like-im-5 new users.

deciem14 karma

This is a great suggestion - I'll pass it along to our team for you. <3

justatomatoipromise7 karma

I’m curious, what are your thoughts on men’s skin care necessities? I’d take a guess that I do more than most with a daily moisturiser, but am I missing something?

deciem9 karma

This generally depends on your specific skin concerns! If you find that you are looking to target further concerns, you may wish to incorporate another product. ❤

Aardeehar6 karma

I've been using your Niacinamide and Hylaluronic acid serums for the past month, and I love them both! What are you recommendations for using these serums together - I normally use HA first then the Niacinamide.

Further, what makes your HA formula much "sticker" than other formulas on the market? Is it just the nature of the acid?

deciem16 karma

Hello! Sounds great. :-) We normally suggest that if you have more than one water-based serum, you can apply based on the priority of your concern (the product that targets the most important concern should go first). Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 may be applied before Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%. Additionally, products could vary from formulation to formulation. Since our product is composed of 2% HA (w/w) with varying molecular weight that might contribute to the tackiness. Our product is formulated in a minimalistic approach, which caters to the actual function over texture. Hope this helps to clarify. ❤

deciem1 karma

Hello :-) Combining our products with pharmaceuticals is not something I can comment on with certainty, and I would recommend checking with your general practitioner or dermatologist. If you were instructed to avoid exfoliators, I would definitely follow that advice. As for niacinamide, you may use it daily!

somehomo6 karma

Are the NIOD range of products going to be restocked at all before the sale ends?

doctor_please7 karma

I asked on Instagram and was given the generic response that they’re working on restocking but can’t promise anything. I love the NIOD range but it’s very pricey so it’s annoying that so many items are out of stock in November 😞

somehomo4 karma

I’ve just been wanting to try modulating glucosides and that’s only $28 not on sale but it’s been out of stock for over a month 🥴

deciem6 karma

Our team doesn't have a restock date at the moment. 😞 Unfortunately it likely will not return during the promo but be sure to sign up for stock notifications! ❤

deciem7 karma

We apologize for the inconvenience! Our team are working very very hard to have more stock available ASAP! ❤

Eostrix6 karma

How long and how carefully do you test your new products before launching them to public? Especially in these more innovative product lines like NIOD and Hylamide?

I ask because usually all chemists and dermatologists are very anti-innovation and they recommend only basic skin care ingridients like lactic acid, glycolic acid and retinol that have decades of background data and testing. However, I don't want to believe that big companies like yourself would launch a product without testing its safety and effect on skin.

deciem6 karma

We make sure our products are safe in humans before launching. Safety testing times can vary. It takes longer with Hylamide and NIOD to develop test products as they use newer technologies.

deciem4 karma

We always ensure that products are safe and effective with safety testing performed with supervision from dermatologists before launch. For the Ordinary, ingredients like niacinamide are widely known, but for example NIOD uses newer technologies that haven't been widely studied, so it takes longer.

zib-zab6 karma

I've been using The Ordinary's niacinamide + zinc serum for my oily skin and it's amazing! However, I'm aware that niacinamide is the key ingredient in a lot of "skin lightening" products that can reduce melanin. As a person of colour living in a part of the world that doesn't get much sun, are there any products that will reduce oilyness and specific blemishes without lightening POC skin overall?

deciem9 karma

Hi! :-) This is a valid concern. I love the buchu bioderivatives that we have included in our Hylamide Pore Flush mist. It aims to reduce visible sebum without affecting melanin content.

epipin5 karma

Hello, thanks for doing this! I have a question about your Buffet serum. I’ve used several bottles of it hoping for the best but honestly it seems thick and like it doesn’t sink into my skin well. And it didn’t do much if anything as far as I can tell. So I have stopped using it. I remember reading somewhere that peptide products have to be formulated carefully to ensure penetration so what did you guys do to ensure that the peptides in Buffet are biologically available? Are there any informal studies to show it it doing anything useful? Is there any thought being given to reformulating it at some point? It seems like a good idea in principle but I don’t know if it is worth continuing with.

deciem5 karma

I'm sorry to hear that you are not seeing any results, but results could vary from individual to individual. We wanted the formula to be a water-based, lightweight cosnsistency and takes into consideration the delivery of actives by incorporating skin penetration enhancers. Thank you for your feedback; we will definitely consider it. ❤

meetthedecline5 karma

Can you attest to the benefits of CO2 extracted rosehip seed oil vs cold pressed? If CO2 extracted rosehip oil is better why does TO not offer this product?

deciem9 karma

Hi! :-) We ensure that the fatty acid composition for our oils are used as a point of difference. Although CO2 extraction could be a better process as compared to cold-pressing, the source availability and price point is more relevant for us to go with cold-pressed at the moment. Aside from that, the fatty acid profile between CO2 extraction and cold-pressed is comparable.

ZergHero4 karma

I am seeing conflicting information about Retinol and photosensitivity. Some sources say that Retinol makes your skin more sensitive to sun damage. Other sources say that it is a myth and Retinol is just deactivated in the sunlight. What is your take on this?

deciem4 karma

Hello! :) Retinol is a delicate molecule and this is why we would always recommend sunscreen. From a chemical standpoint, retinol is prone to oxidation, hence our choice of packaging for it's protection. ❤

deriancypher3 karma

Hey there! Any idea when your spf50+ sun screen will be available? I've been wanting to check that out for awhile!

deciem3 karma

Hi :) Since sunscreens are regulated as OTC drugs, this takes longer to develop than products under the cosmetic category. This is in the works and coming up in the future, please stay tuned! ❤

little_sae3 karma

Do you have any plans to conduct testing for the AHA + BHA solution so that it can be available in Canada?

deciem3 karma

This is more of an issue of Canadian regulations, rather than testing itself. Anything is possible in the future :)

not_that_kind_of_dr_3 karma

Hi & thanks so much for answering our questions! I am interested in NIOD NAAP but hoping you can help me better understand how it works. My current routine includes both 2% granactive retionoid and 2% salicylic acid. I am sensitive to acids and I have to ramp up the salicylic acid very slowly to avoid irritation but it is critical to keeping my pores decongested. Given my skin sensitivities, replacing retinoid & BHA with NAAP sounds appealing! But does NAAP really have the pore de-clogging/decongestion benefits of a BHA? I would love to better understand the "acid precursors" in NAAP (which ingredient[s]) are they?) esp with respect to clogged pores/congestion? (FWIW, I also already use niacinamide and weekly clay masks as part of my routine but still find BHA is necessary)

TL;DR - does NAAP have the same pore de-clogging effects of salicylic acid?

deciem6 karma

Hello! :) Thank you for your question. Our NAAP uses a bacterial lysate to support the skin's own exfoliating mechanisms, much like a gentle acid exfoliant. It does so without the inclusion of a direct acid. Regarding the "unclogging" of pores, it is undeniable that a BHA will do this job seamlessly, as it is able to blend with the lipids trapped inside the pore (thanks to BHA's lipophilicity). NAAP will be a great replacement for direct acids if you wish to achieve a skin smoothing effect.

thoawaydatrash3 karma

What is the biggest single routine we could start doing today to improve our skin regardless of our individual skin type?

deciem5 karma

Hello! Please check out our "simplistic regimen" at :-)

HelloMyNameIsSlimSss3 karma

Hi! Just want to say I absolutely love your products! Thank you so so much for making a product line I can finally play around with and not cry over a wasted purchase. Every girl I know uses Ordinary. I love seeing you doing an AMA, I think it’s great you’re able to connect with your customers like this: hear us, teach us, and help us!

Edited: because I am an idiot

I’m recently getting into skin care and my largest issue is some purplish, reddish discolouration along my jaw line. I get some bumps too, but they don’t really pop. They just like...fade away... I guess? I use your caffeine solution right now and the hyaluronic acid 2% + B5. How should I use these, what else do I need? Do I even need them?

My current routine: Nothing. Don’t hate me but I uh, ahem, don’t wash my face. I use make up remover wipes if I wear make up, which is only once or twice a week, so I really don’t know what to do! like literally zero idea.

deciem3 karma

Thank you for the love and insightful feedback! All materials used within our packaging process are recyclable. You may wish to explore your local recycling guidelines for more information. To target uneven tone, we generally recommend The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%! You can incorporate this with your current products as well. Generally, we recommend applying water-based solutions first, followed by anhydrous or oil formulations, and finally cream/suspension formulas. <3

neoplasticgrowth3 karma

Hi Prudvi. How can I stop pilling? It happens only when I use Azelaic acid or granactive retinoid before NMF? Other products in my routine include niacinamide 10%, hyaluronic acid, alpha arbutin and caffeine. They are all water based and nothing happens if I apply NMF directly after them, but if I use Azelaic acid suspension or granactive retinoid, it pills.

deciem5 karma

"Pilling" often occurs due to many different reasons. You may wish to apply less product! 1-2 drops of each product is enough. We recommend gently massaging into the skin until fully absorbed before moving onto the next. ❤

mstravelnerd2 karma

Hi, I just got isotretinoin tablets and I was told I cannot use harsh exfoliators, apparently not even lactic acid from the ordinary. Could you recommend me some very mild exfoliator that fits with the isotretinoin?

Also can I use niacinamide every day?

deciem3 karma

Hello :-) Combining our products with pharmaceuticals is not something I can comment on with certainty, and I would recommend checking with your general practitioner or dermatologist. If you were instructed to avoid exfoliators, I would definitely follow that advice. As for Niacinamide, you may use it daily! ❤

affogatohoe2 karma

What are your best products for redness without rosacea? Is this an area you're working with?

I feel like no product marketed for redness is genuinely effective and wonder if this is because the skincare industry just doesn't care or feels like there is no money in anti redness? Do you find that there isn't a demand for these kind of products?

deciem4 karma

Hello :-) I think that our best product for non-rosacea redness is in the NIOD line and would be the Modulating Glucosides. Marketing cosmetics to address redness is actually really tricky because many of the regulatory bodies have determined that the term "redness" is synonymous with rosacea. Because rosacea is a disease, cosmetic products are not allowed to make claims relating to this condition, only drug products can. That's why you don't see many products marketed for use in addressing "redness" as a stand alone concern, it can be very risky for the industry. We always have to make sure that any mention of redness is specifically tied to a non-rosacea related issue which can make the development of the wording very tricky.

AuntBeckysBag2 karma

When would you recommend using The Ordinary Buffet vs NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Lipid 1% ?

deciem3 karma

Hi! Both products differ in their composition, technologies and purpose. In comparison to “Buffet”, CAIL 1% is a pro-collagen, pro-lipid, pro-fat formula with a highly focused approach to targeting overall healthy-looking skin. In addition to that, the formula has the additional benefit of building and enhancing skin barrier function, elasticity, and integrity via lipophilic pathways. ❤

FaithlessnessNo62772 karma

Hi pruvdi. Can you explain me if it s possible to use sub q from hylamide with anti oxydant ? niacinamide powder ? Retinol ? Ans why?

deciem2 karma

As antioxidants and Retinol may react with copper ions or cause sensitivity, we generally recommend using SubQ Skin in alternate routines as antioxidants and Retinol formulations. ❤

Baby__Faced_Assassin2 karma

Hi Prudvi!

What products would you for a damaged skin barrier (due to eczema)?

Also - are there any plans to go back to doing a supplements range?


deciem5 karma

Hi Baby Faced Assassin, we never recommend applying products on skin with a compromised barrier. For treating conditions such as eczema it would be best to consult your health care practitioner. Supplements are not being pursued actively right now, but who knows what the future holds?!

LikableLiner2 karma

Is there a list/matrix of which The Ordinary products should NOT be used together or cancel each other’s benefits?

deciem4 karma

Hello! You may find our Regimen Guide helpful. It denotes conflicts. :-)

KLAW112 karma

Any plans to produce a larger sized bottle of marine hyaluronics?

deciem3 karma

Anything is possible in the future! ;-)

piyokochan2 karma

Why are the granactive retinoid products not available in Canada and are there plans or processes currently in place to have it approved for sale in Canada?

deciem7 karma

Hello! Great question. Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate has a long history of use as a cosmetic ingredient in Canada. On January 14, 2019, Health Canada sent us formal notification confirming they have classified Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate as a Tretinoin derivative. This means Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate is now considered a prescription drug. DECIEM will no longer be selling products containing Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate in Canada. Canadian stores and retailers have returned existing stock to DECIEM. DECIEM will continue to sell products containing Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate in countries which classify the ingredient as a cosmetic. ❤

animaldeverre2 karma

When will the Ordinary officially launch in India?

deciem1 karma

We ship worldwide at! You may also wish to explore a complete list of our locations and authorized retailers here:

jere_jeri2 karma

Hi, thank you for doing this!!

As we all know sun protection is a really important part of skincare, and overall health. Are the company investing in expanding their current sunscreen line? Perhaps higher UV protection or perhaps a chemical addition to those who aren’t a fan of a mineral formulation?

deciem3 karma

Hello :) We are constantly adding more bench strength and resources to formulate and launch sunscreen products. Sunscreens take longer to launch because they are regulated as OTC drugs in specific jurisdictions. Please stay tuned with our upcoming sunscreen launches! ❤

8ikjhg12dews2 karma

Do you have any advice for those that are custom blending and manufacturing in home environments for sterility ?

deciem4 karma

Hi :) We need to ensure the cleanliness of the environment, tools, and raw materials when custom blending at home. It is also not advisable to keep blends for over a single use, in cases where the preservative system is not fully tested for efficacy. ❤

LavenderGreenland1 karma

Hi! Do you have a timeline on the sunscreen reformulations?

deciem2 karma

Hi :) Unfortunately, we are unable to share a firm timeline as of yet. This is definitely in the works and coming up in the near future, please stay tuned! ❤

BasilBunny11 karma

Hi, I recently bought a bunch of products during your sale. I was wondering if you had more details about conflicts anywhere. Specifically, how far apart it is safe to use a product with a conflict. For example, I really want to be able to use the anti-aging products (buffet, retinoids), and also do a mild acid product (lactic acid) for exfoliation. Is it safe if I just use them AM v PM, or maybe separate days? Thank you!

deciem4 karma

Hello :-) We are working on a platform to help you navigate our conflicts more effectively, please stay tunned! Regarding your new products, when using keratolytic ingredients such as direct acids and retinoids, we recommend applying them in the PM, on separate evenings. You may use your peptide-based products (such as "Buffet") in the AM or alongside retinoids. You might also find our Regimen Guide helpful, at Alternatively, you can always reach out to our team at or through our Social Media for assistance with your routine. Hope this helps :)

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How much did Domino's pay for the rights to use the NIOD in their ad campaign in the 80s?

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Hi :-) DECIEM was actually founded in 2013.

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Hi! We're so sorry for any confusion - we are currently available online and in store at Sephora Canada and USA. ❤

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Is sunscreen the most difficult formula for you to develop and if yes, why is that?

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Hi Flickanow, sunscreens can be difficult from a formulation perspective because the ingredients that filter UV often have a draggy or greasy feel. Organic filters are sometimes difficult to solubilize and mineral filter suspensions have the potential for white cast. Ultimately it's a balance between white cast, protection, and skin feel. On top of that, sunscreens are regulated as an OTC drug which adds another layer of complexity to the overall process. :-)

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What sort of common skin concerns DECIEM products won't be able to help?

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Hi! None of our products can be considered medical treatments for persistent skin concerns. If you are experiencing extensive or persistent skin conditions, we strongly advise to consult your doctor or dermatologist. ❤

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Hi, why did you discontinue Alpha Lipoic Acid, and is it coming back?

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We are currently working on a reformulation and plan to have it back in the future! :-)

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Is it true that eating boogers can actually boost your immune system?

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Hi! :) Sorry, I'm afraid a doctor will be best equipped to answer this question.