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I think you’re being harsh. They are providing us with products at almost 15% of market price. They are finally treating skin care like health care and experienced a huge surge in demand in a very short period of time, and now we are in a pandemic. Even if they had been on the right track for upgrading their manufacturing processes prior to the pandemic they would still be at a disadvantage right now.

A real human developed this concept to make skin care affordable for average people. This person is not an expert on lead time, market analysis, or demand forecasting. There will be bumps to work out along the way, but that is expected. Be nice to them. What they’re doing is wonderful

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Hi! Just want to say I absolutely love your products! Thank you so so much for making a product line I can finally play around with and not cry over a wasted purchase. Every girl I know uses Ordinary. I love seeing you doing an AMA, I think it’s great you’re able to connect with your customers like this: hear us, teach us, and help us!

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I’m recently getting into skin care and my largest issue is some purplish, reddish discolouration along my jaw line. I get some bumps too, but they don’t really pop. They just like...fade away... I guess? I use your caffeine solution right now and the hyaluronic acid 2% + B5. How should I use these, what else do I need? Do I even need them?

My current routine: Nothing. Don’t hate me but I uh, ahem, don’t wash my face. I use make up remover wipes if I wear make up, which is only once or twice a week, so I really don’t know what to do! like literally zero idea.