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not_that_kind_of_dr_3 karma

Hi & thanks so much for answering our questions! I am interested in NIOD NAAP but hoping you can help me better understand how it works. My current routine includes both 2% granactive retionoid and 2% salicylic acid. I am sensitive to acids and I have to ramp up the salicylic acid very slowly to avoid irritation but it is critical to keeping my pores decongested. Given my skin sensitivities, replacing retinoid & BHA with NAAP sounds appealing! But does NAAP really have the pore de-clogging/decongestion benefits of a BHA? I would love to better understand the "acid precursors" in NAAP (which ingredient[s]) are they?) esp with respect to clogged pores/congestion? (FWIW, I also already use niacinamide and weekly clay masks as part of my routine but still find BHA is necessary)

TL;DR - does NAAP have the same pore de-clogging effects of salicylic acid?

not_that_kind_of_dr_2 karma

Thanks so much for the response! I think I'm hearing that I should stick with my BHA for treating clogged pores and consider NAAP for other benefits of exfoliation.