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I saw you talking about this in Trey Ratcliff's hangout!

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This is really fucked up and I'm so sorry to hear you were mistreated and abused so horrifically. If I had a friend who went through the same things, what kind of help or support should I offer or do, and what kinds of things should I say or not say? I know it's never useful to just say "you'll forget it with time, it'll get better", so just wondering what other things can help. What things can society do to better support you?

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What are the children like in your orphanage? How are they coping with the conflicts? Do you see some of them being affected by the current situations?

What are some of the happiest moments of the children's times? What do they like to do? What's their favourite food?

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Will your "I'm God" track ever be on Spotify? I love that one.

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How is it that the Eastern countries have such affordable internet and cell phone rates but here in the West (ie Canada), we can't get anything decent for under $50/month? What are the big telecom companies doing to keep our bills so damn high and why aren't more people outraged?