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Are the NIOD range of products going to be restocked at all before the sale ends?

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I’ve just been wanting to try modulating glucosides and that’s only $28 not on sale but it’s been out of stock for over a month 🥴

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I have two questions.

First, did you guys become interested in constructing languages through studying linguistics? Or were you introduced to linguistics through conlangs? I guess a better way to phrase this would be how exactly did you get introduced to conlanging?

Second, I would specifically like to ask David Peterson: do you have any plans to release documentation on GoT conlangs after the show wraps up? I'm unsure if that falls under licensing issues due to the languages being used in the show or what. The available documentation online is pretty sparse and it's clear that the languages you've designed have a rich history and well-developed grammar and I'm sure there are many online who'd love were that to be made available. (I'd also like to ask if you've been in talks with HBO about the possible spin-offs post-season 8 although I'm sure you can't answer that question 😏)

Thank you guys!

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With the covid bullshit going on and how fucking backwards everyone in America seems to think I’m not even surprised