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Can you attest to the benefits of CO2 extracted rosehip seed oil vs cold pressed? If CO2 extracted rosehip oil is better why does TO not offer this product?

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Borrow/mend/upcycle and if you have to buy second hand as much as possible and share resources with your community. Promote the message positively. Become involved in direct action and mutual aid

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I don’t see how it would be a big help if humans would be generating an order of magnitude more C than a forest can store in the time it would take for the forest to mature

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Some years ago I remember there being a lot of buzz in environmental science communities surrounding biochar. It seemed like a win/win as a potential long term C sequestration strategy and soil fertility booster among other benefits. Where has the research gone with this and has it been implemented at larger scales?

Are there any institutions, agencies, groups, or individuals that you are excited to see use you and your cohorts research and implement it into real world praxis?

Thank you Dr Waring!