Hi Reddit,

EDIT: In few hours i am going to have a photoshoot again, so if admins lift the block, i will answer all questions delayed, keep them gladly coming!

Thank you for so many and nice questions!

EDIT: thank you very much! I am back online and answering if somebody still cares. Love you till the end of the universe!

one of my life-time hobby as a nudist and photographer is to shoot amateur couples, often nude and often also during their "private time". It all evolved from pre-wedding art / erotic books from bride to groom, through "the better wedding night" sessions and now even finding my self booked often even by older couples.

Thought it might be an interesting AMA ( outrageous suddenly seems normal ) as most my customers won't talk about the experience publicly. I am from Germany but have had bookings around the EU, especially in France, Switzerland, Spain and many holiday resorts.

Not sure what level of proof i should give to not look like i am advertising, so hope this will do.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juliettfairy/


Gladly ask for more if needed.

Ask me anything!

OK, AMA got blocked and got asked for a proof. Here it is.

EDIT2: mods are really tough, so here is mother of all proofs, sorry for inconvenience .

I am photographer from Germany, have photography business with my hubby for many years.

https://yulieart.com/About.aspx where i wrote link to my profile under my name

I am shooting since i was 16yo and making moneys with it


I shoot weddings, and regular couples too, since 2015, proof:


But am here mainly to share AMA because i shoot nude couples (not professionals and not for publication)

http://yulieart.com/RedditProof.jpg (it is called reddit proof so you see i can control the domain).

But also single persons


I have also a regular website where you can find me posing with the camera to proove that i have a camera.


I did also verify me few times here on this site if you need the proof that i am a nudist.


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Obietron8838 karma

Do they know?

AboutAsItGets6006 karma

sometimes i do not want to disturb

GeorgeCarlin1917 karma

Why was the women on the right allowed to wear her clothes?

AboutAsItGets677 karma

was for my social media

sarcastic_clown2859 karma

have you ever photographed a couple where one of them really wasnt into it?

AboutAsItGets3603 karma

yes it happens often. Usually the men part.

sarcastic_clown1278 karma

how do you deal with it, is it just offer them the chance to stop or is there a naked photographers alternative to "say cheese"?

AboutAsItGets2529 karma

i actually found ultimate solution for that recently, and that is by being extremely sexy dressed, upskirt and downblouse works wonders. In some cases even nude my self during the photoshoot.

Before i just blamed them for not that good photos or told them to focus on their spouse (when they kiss, they have half of weird face hidden :-) )

ludmi8001362 karma

Do you think the spouse ever gets upset because she feels like you are upstaging her?

AboutAsItGets1849 karma

no, never. i ask before.

babybopp871 karma

Have people ever started ducking infront of u

AboutAsItGets1472 karma

i encourage it, mostly petting though

Tex-Rob960 karma

I like how OP is so familiar with the struggles of typing "fucking" and getting autocorrected that it doesn't even register.

AboutAsItGets789 karma

might as well, i just do not like the f-word by it self. i wish there was better way to say "making love" which is as simple and clear as f word

xmagicx297 karma

Why do you think this is?

AboutAsItGets1293 karma

men nudity is not that common as female nudity, men are more scared of embarassment or comparison. probably.

and well most of the time they are dragged into it by women, so...

sushipusha591 karma

It's like that episode on Seinfeld. Elaine says a woman's body is like a work of art. A man's body is like a tool. Haha

AboutAsItGets616 karma

pretty much. that is why women like women bodies and many men only like women bodies :-)

Bloom_Kitty123 karma

Have there been exceptions? Like whetr the woman wasn't into it and kinda dragged into by her SO? Anything particular about those dynamics you've noticed?

AboutAsItGets286 karma

actually never had the case

i had a case where i photographed girl alone on request of her partner and once even a dom, but never a couple who girl wasnt into it

Tosfera2221 karma

Do people of which you take photos, often (or sometimes) insist that you take your clothes of as well to break the ice?

AboutAsItGets2616 karma

they do, yes. sometimes i offer it

macro_god939 karma

What characteristics of the couple make you feel comfortable enough to offer that? Like, do they need to sexually attractive to you, or the opposite? Or is it more about their aura (for lack of a better word)?

AboutAsItGets979 karma

definitely aura :-)

lungibatman2064 karma

Do you get turned on while doing your job?

AboutAsItGets3277 karma


TheD1v1s1on51723 karma

How often are you requested to take photos similar to porn level, such as BJ and stuff?

AboutAsItGets2418 karma

i encourage that

WhatCan1718 karma

What are some reasons that people want to get photographed nude?

AboutAsItGets1777 karma

I think they just love my photos and many people have kink idea of nude photos of them self. I would say nowadays all couples sexting so it is just one step up from that...

Funderwoodsxbox403 karma

Obviously there’s no way to know for sure, but do you reckon most if not all people keep the photos private? Or are they posting them and sharing with friends and family?

AboutAsItGets390 karma

i hope they do, i know many do.

Spaghetti_Bender88731302 karma

How do you typically find work?

AboutAsItGets1882 karma

99% still word of mouth at the moment. It is hard to advertise.

But i am getting more brave as i get more brave couples, so even facebook recently.

shockingdevelopment430 karma

If the guy gets aroused do you keep shooting?

AboutAsItGets606 karma

of course.

kje1991099 karma

What's the weirdest thing you've been asked to shoot?

AboutAsItGets1210 karma

I get lot of requests for submissive men who want to be dominated when i shoot them. It was a shock at first. Did few fairly decent sessions like that, but it was neither of us making happy.

G13G131081 karma

Have you ever had someone try to offer you sexual favors instead of payment?

AboutAsItGets1299 karma

lol yes

Naihz962 karma

How old was the oldest person that you ever took a NSFW picture of?

AboutAsItGets1296 karma

in their 70ties

jmdwinter960 karma

What part of the human body is most photogenic?

AboutAsItGets1549 karma

i have to say face. especially on men

tSchumacher255817 karma

What was the funniest photo shoot that did (something that made you laugh)? Were you able to hold your laughter in?

AboutAsItGets1301 karma

oh so many :-D

usually guys trying to fight the boner or opposite

i am unable to hold the laughter, but i am very kind, it does not come out as making fun of, rather supportive.

LimE07803 karma

How often do you have couples where the guy gets a boner? And do you need to wait for him to be flaccid?

AboutAsItGets1371 karma

i actually like boner more. I find it more erotic.

But most of the time men are flaccid, the brain 🧠 does wonders. They relax way later into the session.

LimE07154 karma

Ooh, I guess it would add more to the theme, and a follow up If I may, since it adds to the theme, did anyone ever took Viagra just so little Johnny can be more up to the theme?

AboutAsItGets329 karma

few times with older couples yes,

they often need viagra not to really get a boner but the "middle" ground which probably looks best on the general photos

Thanatos-lives778 karma

In the photograph above, you are taking photographs of the couple,..

.who is taking the photograph of you, taking photographs of the couple?

AboutAsItGets880 karma

my hubby. he comes with me sometimes to the shoot, if i get permission to publish the photos from the couple

imthatguynamedwolf139 karma

is he naked too sometimes? im thinking in the photoshoot, if maybe someone has a problem being naked if not eveyone is naked (I know someone with this problem)?

AboutAsItGets153 karma

he just picks me up and takes pics when couple is ok with it, sometimes i setup a tripod

Samcrochef696 karma

Have you ever had to stop a session due to the subjects making you uncomfortable? If so what did they do to cross the line?

AboutAsItGets1101 karma

wow i did not expect that many and so interesting questions! Thank you!

well yes, usually guys who book me only for the kink and not get the hint that i am really just that (kinky, but still only ) a photographer

ViciousNakedMoleRat562 karma

I used to know a male photographer who did a lot nude shoots with women. Also worked for Playboy Germany for some time.

He had sex with the models all the time, it was insane. He had this entire repertoire of strategies to get them to have sex with him. He would meet with some of them in his studio before the shooting "to loosen up" and "to make them more comfortable". There he would suggest already undressing to get used to it and would just do small talk and casual stuff and he ended up having sex with them more often than not. Others, he would just compliment and flirt with during the shooting and ended up having sex with them after the shooting or went out with them in the evening.

It was creepy but also fascinating to watch. I was like 19 at the time and with my first girlfriend, so this was a completely different world to me. He wasn't really good looking and already around 50 at the time, but he was very masculine, self-confident and direct but also kind of charming.

He died a few years ago.

AboutAsItGets800 karma

weird to hear. i know a lot of photographers who never slept with their nude model or customer.

probably kind of power abuse from his part or really kinky customers?

UpsideDownwardSpiral676 karma

Yes, I have some questions.

When I was 18 years old I was a pizza delivery driver for a small family owned pizza shop and delivered 2 meatball subs to an extremely sleezy run-down hotel.
The occupants were a couple who had just eloped, and they were honeymooning in the honeymoon suite- complete with a heart shaped bath tub in the middle of the room, and they asked me to take some pictures so they could remember that night forever. I spent 15 minutes taking less-than-tasteful pictures of them in various states of undress with a disposable kodak camera.
They only tipped me $4.
Even though I got to see the first pair of IRL tits that night, I was bemused and felt like I was underpaid for the work I did and decided to end my career as a nude photographer after the experience.

OP, do you have any stories of people trying to get free photo sessions from you, or trying to 'karen' their way out of paying for the services that you have already provided?

dAnd, how much do you make? Do you think that I was taken advantage of because we han't discussed my fees before the photo session, and was seeing the tits (they were OK) considered fair compensation?

Is it a full time job for you, or a side gig?

AboutAsItGets939 karma

Nice question, thank you!!

What a story :-D. I think they didnt care about the photos, but that somebody seen them :-). Do not give up, just find your right customers!

I take money in advance, not because my couples would not pay (they would not get photos), but i just do not accept cancelations (which are way too often as people book me drunk and then have to think about it, build up courage). But i rebook free.

Karens are usually my favorite as i offer them price drop if they let me publish the photos. This usually turns Karen into Hildegard again.

Full time

My sessions are 116€ /h +

inivas663 karma

How do you decide what poses and angles to shoot? Or is that often described by the client?

AboutAsItGets666 karma

i do posing, but often i just let them be them self and focus on moment

Itsallover_633 karma

What are your hard limits on shoots? Ones that make you go, "Nope. Not doing it." To add on, has there ever been a time where you were uncomfortable and ended up leaving either midway or right away?

AboutAsItGets978 karma

anything that belongs to the toilet or hurts (real hurt, not just domination, teasing).

i also do not like weird roleplays

i always clear it upfront, never had to stop someone yet

scawtsauce316 karma

What would constitute as a 'weird role play'

AboutAsItGets770 karma

extreme sub/dom scenes, baby roleplays, animal roleplays and such.

ironbutterflies591 karma

what camera do you use, fav lenses, gear etc? do you shoot in the raw, format?

AboutAsItGets718 karma

I have many, but because of corona i had to slim down to 645 body with P1 back and D800/D300s.

Favorite lens is Mamiya 90 f1.9. I shoot raw, use Capture 1 and Photoshop to develop.

43556_96753403 karma

Shooting Raw should be the name of your company.

AboutAsItGets173 karma

good point!!!

broofa570 karma

Who owns the copyright to the images you shoot when booked by a client? Do clients ever insist on retaining the copyright? How do you handle that?

AboutAsItGets789 karma

I am very different. I have the copyright, but give them all rights to the photos except selling, marking with different name or publishing heavily edited without explanation.

TinusTussengas280 karma

Ever had to enforce those rules? Those things can't be turned back once done.

AboutAsItGets322 karma

no, never

Bloom_Kitty92 karma

So you release them under CC BY-NC-SA?

AboutAsItGets259 karma

no, just on contract it says they can download, print, crop, publish, monochrome it, censor it if they are publishing it

they cannot put another name on it

and they cannot edit the photo and post it as my work publicly

noddingcalvinisback89 karma

How do you police such a policy? and have you ever needed to take legal action to get something removed or properly credited?

AboutAsItGets148 karma

i dont

SnowbearX422 karma

Stupid question, but are you nude for these shoots?

AboutAsItGets657 karma

Not at all stupid.

Yes sometimes :-), and when not, than appropriatelly dressed :-)

ChrisHaze114 karma

Is it just a comfort thing? Like, "hey, let's all be comfortable here" or more like you want to for fun? Also, how many threesomes have you been offered lol did accept any?

AboutAsItGets178 karma

both :-) never had 3 some with the couple i shot and got many offers :-)

ChrisHaze99 karma

Fair enough lol is nude photography kind of a kink for you?

AboutAsItGets149 karma

one of, yes

Euronhombre381 karma

Where can we go to view your work?

AboutAsItGets720 karma

PM please, i prefer to keep this AMA without being accused of cashing on it.

PM_ME_CURVY_GW349 karma

without being accused of cashing in

There is nothing wrong with promoting your work. It wouldn’t be spam because if people didn’t care, they wouldn’t be in the comments.

AboutAsItGets241 karma

i added the link

TheRealTimpah317 karma

Do you give directions to the couple that they should do/perform or how does a shoot work?

AboutAsItGets291 karma

most of the time on start if they are having hard times to be them self

theVisce309 karma

Specific german question I guess: The part of Germany which was the former DDR is often said to have a tradition of nudity with many nudist beaches, lakes, even nudist sports.

Is this something that you can relate to your customers, as in more customers from the east and photos during activities?

Second question, since this is reddit and has to be asked: Have you been asked to take a professional dick pic?

AboutAsItGets434 karma

I do not see south or north difference. There are only nude mixed saunas in Germany, every city has at least one and nude bars/pools and paradises are common too.

Oh yes, many times. Guys book me when they want to up their online dating game.

Naughtyburrito227 karma

Do you ever find yourself admiring the amount of confidence and positive self-body image you gotta have to let someone take naked pictures of you?

AboutAsItGets232 karma

I do a lot. Really.

but my customers dont have, most of the time. I unlike many photographers (even on weddings) do not publish their photos unless explicitely asked for.

LackingDatSkill204 karma

How do you turn a kink into a career?

AboutAsItGets257 karma

Thank you! Well i would say just do it :-), but in my case it was a slow evolution. It started from shooting just brides from our weddings, then some grooms, then couples, then their parents and word got out...

technoraxira190 karma

I am only imagining how couples would recommend their parents to get a nude photographs for memory

Hey dad check this pic. You want one with mom?

AboutAsItGets111 karma

in this case it was simple. they had their own photo up and parents loved it and wanted the same, asked if it was their wedding photographer who took it.

Hereliesmeoverthere195 karma

Has anyone used you service to send tasteful nudes to their significant other? Who's the normal clientele?

AboutAsItGets376 karma

i would still say 50% are just women making presents for their men

Toloc42178 karma

Anyone famous you shot (that you can mention, of course)?

Any session that stands out after which you were like "That was awsome" for some reason?

Any horrifically awkward ones that are hopefully hilarious in hindsight?

AboutAsItGets238 karma

actually few yes, cannot name sadly. was even shot for free with hope i can publish something

few yes, bridal party :-) and few guys's too

not one i could really pin out, sorry to disappoint

Clay_Pigeon176 karma

Guys, I bet it was Hasselhof.

AboutAsItGets117 karma


Bloom_Kitty177 karma

How do you approach perspectives in erotic scenes, as opposed to conventional shoots? Do you follow the same rules you usually do, or is there a tendency for different angles, close-ups, etc.?

AboutAsItGets184 karma

i mix it. make even fun pics, formal scenes in nude which look then weird, artsy, it is very relaxed :-)

i do not have a playbook really, i get carried away from the moment

BunPuncherExtreme160 karma

Ever sleep with a couple you photoed?

AboutAsItGets313 karma

does AMA means i have to answer? :-D

actually no if by sleep you mean really sleep. In my marriage we also have only girls allowed so it usually stays as just friendly shoots :-)

Hahanothanksman101 karma

I think sleep means sex in this case. Usually friendly? What are the unusual cases?

AboutAsItGets204 karma

we had few shoots where it was more than friendly but those were also people we know a bit longer and exclusively women, no couples sometimes we go with couples to nude bar/pool or sauna together but this is just regular friendship, no real intimacy involved

Fruity___136 karma

Worst shoot?

AboutAsItGets406 karma

too many to pick :-) probably those where my couples are not that pretty and we are in public and people making evil remarks. Love is love people!!

megasaves122 karma

As in: you were doing nude photoshoots in public? If so, I'm assuming some place where that could be sort of normal, like a beach?

AboutAsItGets202 karma

normal and not so normal. I love drama and lost places on my shoots.

In Germany even wood is hard to find where you would be safe from joggers and such.

AxeLond124 karma

Ok. Have you ever taken a nude photo that was completely non sexual? Like family sitting together in a sauna or something that?

AboutAsItGets130 karma

yes, many

dirtydbird123 karma

What the experience with older couples versus younger?

AboutAsItGets254 karma

older are usually more kinky

bruce_wyne117 karma

Do u have assistants or interns working wit you???

AboutAsItGets131 karma

hubby sometimes and had few practicants yes

Outsiderx11111 karma

How can I an amateur photographer can become a professional one ? ( not in the field you are working my social anxiety alone would kill me )

AboutAsItGets416 karma

start taking money and have it a profession.

Professional does not mean good and amateur does not mean bad

SoSorryOfficial85 karma

Those are very wise words, not unlike many other things you've said in this thread. I'll likely be saying that same thing when people need to hear it.

I'd also just like to say that you do a really beautiful thing for your models and you seem to work from a place of genuine kindness and understanding. I'm grateful to know you're out there doing what you do.

AboutAsItGets38 karma

thank you very much!!

Jawhshuwah90 karma

What is the general motivation of your clients to get nude photos taken of them? It's beautiful, but not really something people put up in their house.

AboutAsItGets164 karma

Surprising amount of people do. They just hide it in sleeping room, private albums, or even take the print down when visit comes.

But i have to admit that at least 30% do it for the kink, they do not even expect that amazing photos especially if their bodies are not perfect.

MacerationMacy86 karma

What are your most common shoot locations? What’s the most unusual place you’ve shot?

AboutAsItGets119 karma

i love lost places

most unusual? well unusual for me are BDSM clubs. Never had anything really crazy.

llilllillillillllill28 karma

What’s a lost place? Like an abandoned building? Or out in nature?

AboutAsItGets43 karma

yes abandoned or ugly places

durty_digitz82 karma

Your shoot depicts a couple in the sand dunes. What possessed them to ever even consider doing this in sand? It hurts just looking at it.

AboutAsItGets100 karma

it is romantic and on holiday resorts they are usually way more relaxed than at their home country

and i give them often advice on beach cuddling as i love it my self

mackam180 karma

Do they ever try and get you to 'join in'?

AboutAsItGets117 karma

often, but usually discussed before

KiNG_fiend78 karma

What made you go to that part of photography compared to say shooting people clothed?

AboutAsItGets146 karma

more fun and less clothes to fix wrinkles on :-)

jackass422474 karma

Ever get in trouble with the police?

AboutAsItGets188 karma

once but not when i was a photographer

REDKAS68 karma

Have you ever shot familiy members. If not how do you feel about it?

AboutAsItGets131 karma

yes i did.

When it was just a nude session, no erotica, then it was not weird at all. In Germany we have mixed saunas and many families go together.

kangarufus60 karma

What is your favourite kind of cheese?

AboutAsItGets148 karma

i know it is not the answer you were looking for, but mature cheddar

214b50 karma

Do you retouch or photoshop the photos to make the couples look their best?

Do you ever photo just one person, either the man or the woman?

AboutAsItGets90 karma

yes, just fix temporary issues like pimples, bad shaving, bruises, and such

i shoot single persons yes, and when shooting couple i always take time to have them also alone on the pic

AsTribute49 karma

How accepting are Germans of public nudity? Have you ever been arrested while working?

AboutAsItGets88 karma

they are ok.

never arrested, but once got almost in jail, though at that time it was my own photoshoot

Leonitor45 karma

Do you ever get harassed by a couple demanding more than just pics? Or your involvement in them? How do you deal with that?

AboutAsItGets179 karma

couples not really, if you do not consider "sad from rejection" a harassment

from guys yes

i am russian by origin and can make really evil face :-)

CactaurJack42 karma

Do you remember, if it ever happened, to moment where your brain clicked over to "Eh, it's work"?

AboutAsItGets42 karma

so many times you cannot imagine :-)

EmperorPopovich39 karma

Which country would you say you've done the most work in?

Have you and your partner ever been the subjects of a nude shoot?

Funniest story involving during a shoot?

Any chance you're still sharing your personal calendar? :)

AboutAsItGets82 karma

Still Germany

yes, we shoot our self often, never by other photographer though

way too many. probably once when i shoot a guy and his wife came home unexpected. but it was cleared fast as he told her about it. It just looked weird.

undercovergangster35 karma

What's your most favourite shoot you've done?

AboutAsItGets39 karma

i dont really have a favorite.

They are so different and i always try to fix my failures so probably every last one is a favorite.

The first nude couple will stay in my heart forever though.

jjwinc6826 karma

Do you have a lot of clients just by word of mouth?

Have you thought of booking yourself at a place like Hedonism or nude beaches? Or does that feel too pushy?

AboutAsItGets39 karma

mostly word of mouth yes

i do not like to offer my self, i want to get asked

catemarie24 karma

Have you ever had to step back or ask someone to stop what they’re doing during a shoot?

AboutAsItGets54 karma

I didn't, i even encourage them.

The only cases were when we were in public and they got carried away and i had to stop them because some people coming.

neuromorph21 karma

At what age did you start photographing nude subjects?

What was your age when you started using YOUR nudity to influence the subjects?

AboutAsItGets45 karma

hello /u/totallynotfbi since early age, at school you could also get lot of kinky classes :-) and when i was over 20 :-)

sidenote: nudity is not forbidden in ANY age in most of the free world. Erotica and profiting might.

apackofnoodle20 karma

Am i allowed to ask 2 question?

Can you name me one weirdest place a couple uses for their photoshoot?

And how much you usually charge? Thank you!

AboutAsItGets28 karma

for some reasons german love latex shootings near the church :-), i have never done it, but got asked it a lot and seen few my self when i lived near the church

rates start with 116€ per hour including processed photos with full rights.

VonEcano18 karma

How can you compare your line of work to that of nude photographers in LA or NY where subjects are usually women and conventionally attractive?

AboutAsItGets36 karma

they have to pretend love and sexy looks

Punchausen16 karma

Given the intimate nature of your shoots, have there been any times when a client or couple propositioned you?

AboutAsItGets35 karma

Many times, very often already during a booking. Actually many bookings fail because i deny the request.

MBjerre16 karma

Are you from the Bayern area?

AboutAsItGets22 karma


Mr_Putin_14 karma

Did any couple want their photographs in a specific way that you thought was weird?

AboutAsItGets55 karma

is it you Влади́мир ?

not really, just usual kinks.

podpolya12 karma

If you’re comfortable talking business — Do you consider this as a hobby, a form of supplemental income, or is it your main source of income? Do you have a regular photography business too? If so, are you cautious about mixing the two businesses? Do you just get work by word of mouth?

It seems like a cool job, kudos to you! I’ve heard of women taking burlesque photos for their partners, but never of couples commissioning photos of themselves together. I’m sure it makes people really happy to have those memories captured by a pro photographer instead of with their cellphone cameras haha.

AboutAsItGets30 karma

It is a profession, but also a hobby. Since corona it is actually all of the photo businesses i have, since weddings got canceled. I also do IT work so 50% of income give or take.

Exactly that! And thank you too.

Darthperuzzi12 karma

How did the first couple you photographed approach you?

AboutAsItGets21 karma

my first nude couple were parents of one of my bride who i did erotic book for

stendhal_project11 karma

What's an erotic book?

AboutAsItGets17 karma

photobook of nudes, boudoir session

Ryan-connor11 karma

How did you end up getting into the field of photography or starting up?

AboutAsItGets18 karma

i loved photography since i was a kid and later started to make college money. than married a photographer and it was spiral from there :-)

lcbaron198510 karma

So do you photograph small penises ? Asking for a friend

AboutAsItGets37 karma

if you were nudist you would know that small is the norm

TopShelfPrivilege8 karma

How did you end up doing this for work? Was it always your passion, or were you passionate about photography and the nudity part came later?

AboutAsItGets8 karma

Well I've been nudist since teenie times, so it was more or less natural for me to do it as soon as i could. The fact that many women and couples rather picked me than my husband was also a driving force to speed up the process (as i was not so self-concious to offer it professionally from start).

palinsafterbirth8 karma

Whats your favorite f-stop?

AboutAsItGets16 karma

i shoot almost always wide open so 1.4-1.9

Grimlock_17 karma

Have you ever done shots where the guy has a hard on and I guess they would be embarrassed about it?

AboutAsItGets10 karma

i encourage it :-) honnestly not sure why guy would be embarrassed about it. we girls also do not mind you looking at hard nipples and swolen face

qareetaha7 karma

Would any customers offer their photos to share?

AboutAsItGets12 karma

they love to, usually in advance to make sure i have not too high expectations (usually very humble couples) and after the shoot we are usually closer friends so they send me time to time when they have something to share

NiightRadiance3 karma

My question is:


AboutAsItGets10 karma

where is demand, there is an offer.

i find nude photography the best. i do not like fashion.

Bahndoos3 karma

How’s it feel to be hotter than most people you shoot? 😄❤️

AboutAsItGets3 karma

:-D thank you...

we are all beautiful in our way. And when shooting couples it is nice to see they dont care about how i look but have eyes (and hands + ) only for their partners.

Especially above certain age i believe men work with mind as strong as women and need the connection (and common kinks) more than a traditional beauty.

Naihz2 karma

Hello and Thank you for your AmA!

Being in the position to take pictures of what people usually hide from the public - what were the most awkward situation you have ever been in because of your job?

AboutAsItGets6 karma

when i am catched with not so pretty or very kinky couple. Like for example latex or dom/sub scene outside.

pimpquin2 karma

Do you think nudests are more comfortable with you taking pictures or more reluctant?

AboutAsItGets3 karma

I think nudists are not really booking me, they have enough photos done by their nudist friends.

Mettlesome_Inari2 karma

Have you ever been arrested for shooting people? How do you hide the bodies? How are you able to be so brazen about your activities?

AboutAsItGets2 karma


Itz_The_Bees_Knees2 karma


AboutAsItGets7 karma

i do not want them to get rid of erection, if they dont want to, i tell them to wait.

The_Real_JT2 karma

Have you ever ended up hooking up with any of your clients (single or couple) at some point down the line?

AboutAsItGets2 karma

became very good friends with some of them yes, would not call it a hookup

Blackops6061 karma

Do you ever have to get nude as well or offer it to make it more comfortable for the person/couple?

AboutAsItGets2 karma

yes answered that few times

ForeskinCleaners-2 karma

What the hell, why are you shooting nude people, isn’t that a crime?

AboutAsItGets1 karma