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just hanging with Michael and shooting the shit is a treasure.


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Adam ....

Are you day drinking?

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I was just kidding

Next time I will be more assiduous with the choice of my words.

Edit: holy shit Adam savage replied to me

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hijacking to translate... pardon me if i correct a few grammatical errors.

Shikamoo Walimu Wamaasai, mnapendelea kunywa damu ya ng'ombe au kula nyama ya ng'ombe?

Hello masai teachers, do you like to drink the blood of your cattle or do you like to eat the meat of cows?/ shikamoo is too formal. also you do not need to repeat n'gombe twice.

  • mnapenda (not mnapendelea) kunywa damu au nyama ya n'gombe.

Pia, mnajua nini katika utalii na watu wako? Mnapenda utalii na fedaa (fedha) kwa sababu ni kweli muhimu kwa masikini, au hampendi mabadiliko?

Also, what do you (guys) know about tourism amongst the masai? Do you (guys) like tourism and the money it brings as it is important with poverty or dont you like progress? Ok he phrased it wrong the second question should have been, mnapenda utalii kwa sababu ya pesa inayoleta kusaidia na umasikini au hampendi mabadilikio? fedha not fedaa means coin. like game of thrones coin. use pesa=money.

Ninyi mnapenda kuishi porini?

Do you like living in the wild? A better way to ask this should have been, mnapenda maisha ya porini? do you like the way of life in the wild??

Asanteni sana! thank you very much... this one is perfect.

(natoka jimbo la Amerika na nasoma lugha ya kiswahili kisasa katika chuo kikuu).

I am from the continent of america and i am learning the language of kiswahili (of today) in a university.

I am from an american university learning kiswahili.. Nasoma kiswahili katika chuo kikuu hapa amerika * is more concise.

Ps: their crowdfunding page is https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/classroom4maji to build wells and water tanks for the kids.

EDIT: they have raised the 400 they were asking for but honestly that is not enough. they are very modest and i think we can do better. they probably need at least $1000 + 100 for like a festival where they celebrate and stuff. it is in their culture. I am tracking the donations here. please donate even if it is $5 will go a long way for these guys. https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/4uhtwj/ask_the_maasai_warrior_tribe/d5pwfva

Fun fact amongst masai that is yet to be confirmed: In the masai culture, if a man comes into your "manyatta"/ home and you are not there, he can plant his spear at the doorstep and when you come back and find a spear planted at your doorstep, you cannot go in and the man inside can do whatever he wants. basically you are cucked and have to wait outside till he is done.