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Which country would you say you've done the most work in?

Have you and your partner ever been the subjects of a nude shoot?

Funniest story involving during a shoot?

Any chance you're still sharing your personal calendar? :)

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How fascinating! Thanks for doing this.

What was your take on Bigfoot/Sasquatch before learning you were related to someone who spent so much of their career researching it? What was your family's reaction to you continuing your cousin's work?

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What has been the feel following the recent election, especially among those who were pro-Booker? I'm sure there's understandable disappointment, but can you gauge how many feel discouraged (deactivated) vs. holding on to that momentum?

Also, do either of you foresee a rise in protests (and general civic activity) once the moratorium on housing evictions is lifted? From your perspective, how are organizers preparing to respond to this, especially as heightened protests provide another opportunity to demanding justice for Breonna?

Thank you!

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Thank you for taking the time to do this! As the public is being more exposed to the wielding power that police unions have, can you elaborate on your experience and how unions have been involved in fighting against those cases? Do you have any recommendations on how to weaken the legal lines of support to police/prisons, as we continue to see unbending unions in NYC, Chicago, Minneapolis, etc.?

Thanks again!