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I assume this is to build up ankle strength, but more importantly to teach you proper control instead of relying on the boot to support your ankle?

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I don't know what it is, but it's the same everywhere. I have to assume a lot of them just sleep there?

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You guys are going to make OP sleep so well at night...

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Wow, your stories are better than mine, but I was only out 4 days or so (had trouble with intubation, otherwise a transplant patient wouldn't normally be out that long). After my liver transplant I remember being convinced that the nurses were doing weird stuff to patients at night, and I thought there was a killer on the loose. I also, and my wife constantly brings this up, thought her mom's phone was spying on me.

I can also relate a bit to not being able to talk, my intubation gave me vocal paralysis, which was horrible. I could only whisper for about 2 months.

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I apologize for not reading the article first, but I think this might be a common question.

Is it possible that the dead congressman charges were for previous services that just took a while to be paid out because of his death, paperwork, etc?