Hi Reddit! We are a few of the founders of Homies For Hydration, a social enterprise that sells water bottles, stickers and clothes to raise money and donate it to charities fighting against the water crisis.

This project was sparked around a month and a half ago by this meme made by u/donolivo in the r/hydrohomies subreddit. U/Wh25 then created a discord server, which quickly got over 400 members, people around the world who worked with us and helped get this project off the ground.

The reason Homies For Hydration exists is to have a positive impact on the world; and we do this through the donations we have made and will continue to make. But aside from the impact of those donations, this project is testimony to the incredible power of the internet and reddit to bring people together and and achieve something wonderful together.

Here's a photo of the company director, u/WH25, in one of our cool t-shirts!

Our shop

Our discord, come hang out with us!


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t0b4cc02546 karma

What do you think about nestle?

HomiesForHydration1563 karma

We'd rather not think about nestle.

lynivvinyl482 karma

I like my water really cold. Are you guys working on that?

HomiesForHydration534 karma

Our bottles will be made out of insulated stainless steel. They should keep your water cold and crispy

houseofprimetofu227 karma

How do I make my spouse a hydro homie?

HomiesForHydration492 karma

Have you heard about our lord and saviour Water?

dumbledayum89 karma

Or tell her about Kidney stones.

Tell her how the surgery goes.

Tell her how uncomfortable she'll be for four to Six weeks depending on the number of surgeries required and when the Stent gets off.

(My stent will be taken off tommorow, I went through 3 surgeries, 1st the Shockwave which ain't that bad, second a Stent Implant so my tract can get broader and third where they Took off the stone finally)

HomiesForHydration31 karma

Very happy for you!

beautify197 karma

Can you talk more about creating a non profit? How do you select your charities? Also where, and how can we contribute?

HomiesForHydration224 karma

Our project started in the r/hydrohomies community and so we wanted them to be as involved as possible - they helped choose a name, a design and a cause to support. We got a few suggestions of charities to donate to, and after doing some research, the community voted for WaterAid. If you'd like to donate to the charity directly, you can do so here, they really do great work and we're proud to be supporting them.

As for helping us out, aside from heading over to homiesforhydration.com, you can spread the word and follow us on social media (twitter, facebook, insta) or even on our discord, which is a great place to hang out, get updates and send in suggestions!

beautify67 karma

Thanks! I really love the designs you and the community do a Great job.

As a person who has helped a number of charities and non profits over the years this resonates with me a lot

we're not a registered nonprofit, firstly because it is a process that also takes more time than we wanted to wait to get this started

It’s a bit easier in the US but still hard. One thing I would recommend is a public ledger since this is not really a mandate until you fully register as a non profit, it can be hard to “trust” with so many scam charities. Anything you can do to show you’re above and beyond, will go a long way to earn trust.

HomiesForHydration46 karma

Thanks! For sure, transparency is a key question for us, and we'll definitely be working towards that, e.g. by making our financial accounts publicly accessible.

Having the company itself with its articles of incorporation and charitable objects was one thing we wanted to have to hopefully help demonstrate we're serious about this.

beautify18 karma


Now tell me about this bottle! Why is it ideal for hydration and what features will it have!

HomiesForHydration59 karma

This bottle is made of insulated stainless steel. You can drink from it, and it keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot! It can also carry a wide range of liquid, from very cold water to hot water, including lukewarm! It also has a friendly octopus to remind you to hydrate!

ChornWork214 karma

Why sell merchandise instead of just soliciting donations?

HomiesForHydration55 karma

Because it's a good way to raise awareness and encourage people to find out more.

Many people are already interested in buying merchandise, so it makes sense to sell it and donate the profits! Our recent success shows that our idea seems to work.

Kilo_G_looked_up184 karma

How do you feel about r/waterniggas being banned?

HomiesForHydration143 karma

It's safe to say that we enjoy the current community and its name r/HydroHomies. I personally didn't know about the subreddit before it "changed" its name.

ChopsMagee141 karma

How is the water situation in 3rd world countries?

Is there a possibility to resolve any issues minus government 'help'?

HomiesForHydration156 karma

So bad there's a pretty lengthy wikipedia article about it.

Considering the scale of this problem, it's going to take a very united effort from individuals, communities, NGOs, and yes, governments. Specific regions obviously face unique challenges, but this is very soon going to turn into a global issue, and so we'll all need to play a part.

Sharks3992 karma

I like luke warm water. Am I weird ?

HomiesForHydration197 karma

Yes. But as long as you're hydrated...

greenbabyshit46 karma

If you're dehydrated it's best to drink water closer to room temperature, since you're body doesn't have to work as hard to get it to body temp.

Or at least that's what a 19 year old corpsman told me during a long run.

HomiesForHydration72 karma

Ah yes, the eternal debate, which is better: better hydration or better taste? We will sadly never have the answer...

MissElridar81 karma

Say I bought a $35 CAD t-shirt from you, how much of that $35 goes to you and how much to the charity? I noticed the website says all profits and not the terrible "part of all proceeds" which often equates to mere pennies on the dollar.

HomiesForHydration129 karma

That's a great question. This is pretty ballpark and based on a tentative budget we'd put together but we're looking at something like 65% net profit (so including core costs and cost of production/shipping) which will then be donated - so around $22? The actual figure does depend on a variety of factors (like which products are most popular) so it's slightly tough to say right now!

Having said that, we're not taking a salary from this, so nothing is going to us personally.

tighter_wires60 karma

Having said that, we‘re not taking a salary from this, so nothing is going to us personally.

What is the incentive for you then?

HomiesForHydration409 karma

It may seem naive but helping out others ?

Pole201928 karma

Is it possible to volunteer for you guys?

HomiesForHydration57 karma

We're just starting up and already have a nice core team, but could definitely use more help! If you wish to participate in the project, you can join the discord server and help us by sharing designs, ideas etc...

amolluvia25 karma

Do you do anything with water filters and/or funding to fix plumbing etc to avoid the excessive plastic waste from water bottles?

HomiesForHydration36 karma

We don't sell water filters, and the charity WaterAid we support right now mainly focuses on problems like providing clean water. In the future, we might consider also supporting other charities that focus on other problems, like excessive plastic waste

sub_Script21 karma

Have you considered using sustainable material for your merch? Things like organic cotton and recycled polyester cut down on tons of wasted water and pollution.

HomiesForHydration18 karma

We strive to make sure things are produced in an ethical and environmentally friendly way. As we've started up, we've gone with a few suppliers like Contrado and Bella&Canvas who have focused on this, but I do believe we can do more, and so will regularly review our supply chain to make sure it remains as good for people and the environment as possible.

LohseBoi21 karma

When do you expect to ship the water bottles?

HomiesForHydration40 karma

As soon as possible! We're about to start production and so it depends on how quickly the manufacturer can turn this around, but we're hoping to be able to get our first shipment out towards the end of the month. It's definitely a matter of weeks rather than months!

honjusticepizza14 karma

How do you select which charities to support?

HomiesForHydration12 karma

The first charity was picked by the community on our discord, but we are constantly looking for new charities to support that could enable us to have a bigger impact, so if you have any suggestions, the discord is where it's at!

toolverine1 karma

Is Justin Wren's charity on your list?

HomiesForHydration4 karma

We're gonna look into it

honjusticepizza10 karma

What innovations in the water scarcity space do you feel could potentially change the way in which people access clean and safe drinking water?

HomiesForHydration26 karma

Someone else in the thread mentioned salt, and actually I think that's an interesting area. Considering saltwater is 97% of the world's water, if we can turn some of that into drinking water in a cost effective manner, that could really make a difference. The challenge so far has been in terms of cost and how much energy is required in the process, but there's been some recent developments which hopefully will lead to having a more affordable method for desalination.

postapocalive7 karma

What are your thoughts on the Resnicks, and how they've created a monopoly on water?

HomiesForHydration14 karma

Don't know too much about the Resnicks, to be honest! But from what I can tell, he's not the only one with a huge influence on water...

For us, water is a basic human need and having access to it is a fundamental human right. The idea of someone or some corporate entity just owning this resource is just... inconceivable.

Sparklingsmh6 karma

Would you ever consider raising and using money to drill boreholes in rural villages in different countries that are in need of clean water? I know this wouldn't be through a charity and that would take a bit of planning, background checks, etc. So not sure your thoughts!

HomiesForHydration7 karma

Maybe! Once we've raised some more funds and the organisation has grown a bit we'll do some research to try to figure out what's the most impactful way for us to use our cash - we're confident there's great organisations out there already, but maybe it'll turn out that we can be more effective by doing the job ourselves!

Sparklingsmh4 karma

I get that! I did some work in a sub saharan African country and the village I worked with constantly tried getting help through NGOs and the govt but that was often hard for some strange reason. Drilling companies exist so it seemed like if the money would have just been there it would have been a much easier process to get the boreholes. If you ever go that route hit me up!

HomiesForHydration3 karma

Will do!

nitonitonii5 karma

Is it possible to join you guys? Make other make people drink water sounds like a good life purpose.

HomiesForHydration6 karma

You can help out on our discord by offering ideas, designs, participating in seasonal events and just generally hanging out!

honjusticepizza5 karma

Ensuring access to clean drinking water often goes hand to hand with safe sanitation and hygiene, especially for women. What should organisations do so that these interrelated goals are met?

HomiesForHydration9 karma

That's an excellent question and I'll point to what WaterAid have said on the subject on their website. I think it comes down to working very closely with a local community, understanding its culture and local challenges and working with that community to find the solutons that work best for it.

whatsitmatter9094 karma

We don't have a water scarcity problem. We have a salt problem. Do you intend to do any work in the desalination industry? Because sorry to say but selling one use water bottles is just a bandaid especially considering how polluted our world is by plastic.

HomiesForHydration11 karma

Our bottles will be stainless steel and therefore reusable ;-)

For the moment, our donations are going to WaterAid which work around water related problems in many ways, which you can find on their website. We're looking towards helping out plenty of charities, and every suggestion is welcome on our discord. But we're definitely interested in doing more research and trying to find out how we can have the biggest impact possible!

-JohnnyDanger-3 karma

What’s your favorite water?

HomiesForHydration6 karma

Straight from our reusable water bottle!

HomiesForHydration3 karma

Alright Homies, thank you for all your questions, it's been fun!

If you're interested in future updates or have any more questions, you can follow us on our socials (twitter, facebook, insta) or hang on our discord.

And of course, stay hydrated!

therankin2 karma

Did you ever think r/HydroHomies would make a difference in the world?

(note: I'm pleasantly surprised)

HomiesForHydration3 karma

At least for me (H20P), never before two months ago!

Alyx_Gunn2 karma

Haven't you done this already?

HomiesForHydration4 karma

An AMA? No, but u/donolivo has made a post on r/hydrohomies about us that hit the front page, so that might be what you're thinking about.

xxriz3gxx2 karma

As you have said, all proceeds go directly towards charities, however what are your plans for marketing, the more people know about it, more proceeds go to helping people out. What are your plans for spreading the message?

HomiesForHydration5 karma

Good question! Our immediate plan is to focus on building up a community and growing organically on social media, especially on Reddit. We’ll see how far that takes us!

heterotard1 karma

Two questions; one, when do you think your bottles will come out? I might order one. Second, what things can I do to help? I know you said in another comment, we can join the discord and share ideas and designs, but what specifically do you need as of now?

HomiesForHydration4 karma

We're about to start production on the bottles and so it depends on how quickly the manufacturer can turn this around. It's definitely a matter of weeks rather than months!

As for help, the team we've got has a good range of skills, and really, following us on social media or joining the discord are great ways to help. If you want to be more involved though, send over a DM and let's have a chat!

underthebananatree-29 karma

Doesn't homie have a negative connotation associated with people of color in inner cities? Why would you call it that? It sounds racist. Friends sound more inclusive and relevant.

HomiesForHydration12 karma

We associate ourselves as part of the community r/HydroHomies, so it made sense for us to call ourselves Homies for Hydration. We definitely have no intention of being racist! To us, the word "Homie" rather has positive and friendly connotation.