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As you have said, all proceeds go directly towards charities, however what are your plans for marketing, the more people know about it, more proceeds go to helping people out. What are your plans for spreading the message?

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No, all of the proceeds go directly to charities.

However here are some other things that separate hydrohomies to N*****

• Hydrohomies did not have fake nurses and neither bribed doctors to advertise their infant formulas in developing countries even though they proved to be unhealthy. They're responsible for millions of infants dying.

• ⁠Hydrohomies did not run a cartel in Canada.

• ⁠Hydrohomies was not a part of the Chinese milk scandal of 2008.

• ⁠Hydrohomies did not get milk from Grace Mugabe, who acquired her farm when Robert Mugabe nationalized it.

• ⁠hydrohomies did not Kill their own workers in Columbia.

• ⁠Hydrohomies has never had an army to kill union workers in Philippines.

• ⁠Hydrohomies has never used child labor, slaves and unfree labor, paid less than minimum wages, and been involved in human trafficking.