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Are you prosecuting those who own "illegal" weapons?

If so what part of shall not be infringed is confusing

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Awesome! That's fascinating! Thank you for doing this AMA and specifically for answering my question and staying dedicated to the answer to even give me multiple comments. Thank you! Enjoy your weekend!

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As a teacher I'm sure you are aware of the total BS going on in public schools. Not referring to anything covid or political. But simply the fact that teachers have absolutely no disciplinary power anymore. You can't punish kids anymore or even give them their true grades because of parents now a days. Now to add the absolute insanity and unprecedented nature of COVID-19, do you believe it is time to take a serious look at transforming the public school system and dare I say privatize it? I'm a 18 year old class of 2020 civic graduate. I ask this question because after k through 12 myself and nearly all of my peers feel we did not learn a damn thing and are absolutely underprepared for the trials and tribulations of life.

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Well first of all I'm glad most everyone feels as we do. The only thing I would respond back with is, public school has failed us already.( royally fucked us is how I would put it) So how can we put our faith in the already screwed up system to correct itself and put us first. Just to clarify I completely agree with the solution!! I just dont know how we implement. If it is even possible

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We don't have a water scarcity problem. We have a salt problem. Do you intend to do any work in the desalination industry? Because sorry to say but selling one use water bottles is just a bandaid especially considering how polluted our world is by plastic.