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We'd rather not think about nestle.

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Our bottles will be made out of insulated stainless steel. They should keep your water cold and crispy

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Have you heard about our lord and saviour Water?

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It may seem naive but helping out others ?

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Our project started in the r/hydrohomies community and so we wanted them to be as involved as possible - they helped choose a name, a design and a cause to support. We got a few suggestions of charities to donate to, and after doing some research, the community voted for WaterAid. If you'd like to donate to the charity directly, you can do so here, they really do great work and we're proud to be supporting them.

As for helping us out, aside from heading over to homiesforhydration.com, you can spread the word and follow us on social media (twitter, facebook, insta) or even on our discord, which is a great place to hang out, get updates and send in suggestions!