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Do you think the best way for childrens to learn about sex is from their parents or the educational system? (Both can have a modern guide backed with recent studies)

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Which casinos buy the data that you gather to improve their hooking system?

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You should consider that the way see sex now is not the way it was always seen on in history, we are just in a fase. We can make changes if that leads to progress. Nobody knows right now which age is better to start talking about sex, but I think is a good way for them to get informed from their parents at around 6, because eventually they re going to find it online or somebody would tell them and it can lead to worst scenarios. Better to teach them what to stay away from, let them know that they are not ready, and they will (mostly) obey.

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Can I get a selfie?

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I stopped watching porn because it gave me the impression that people doing it maybe doesnt have so much of a good time. But maybe this is a myth, would you say that you enjoy your work and the enviroment around it or are you trying to look for another job?