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Because sometimes you just need to see another dudes dick.

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I get you confused with Eva Mendez all the time. I'm sorry.

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Haha... Actually, it's not funny how you cite Obama's Presidency as a reason for racial tensions. Rather than things like the events that started BLM, and the Pro Alt Right, White Supremacists that Trump had been encouraging a year prior to the end of Obama's term. It's not funny because earlier you say we need to judge people not by skin color, but then backhand Obama by inferring his presidency helped make racial relations worse. Pathetic.

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What are your thoughts on the Resnicks, and how they've created a monopoly on water?

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Definitely not the only one, but their story alone is pretty disgusting. Before you know it we'll be living the Movie "Ice Pirates" and fighting off "Space Herpes"