I’ve heard every label used against Democrats and I’ve been called all sorts of things. DEMON-CRAT, DEMO-RAT, COMMIE. It’s fine. I have a thick skin. What that says about the people leading the charge in these attacks is that they are scared! They are scared that voters might want to try something new. Labels keep voters in line. My policies are based on ideas that we’ve been trained to dismiss because if you believe, like I do, that each of us is worth more than we have been led to believe, then the balance of power will shift away from centralized bureaucracy and lessen the power of those who lead.

Labels tell voters to shut their eyes and close their ears. Elections are becoming more about boxing us into a corner rather than an exercise in free thinking.

I am Blair Walsingham. I am not Nancy, Chuck, Hillary, Bill, Barack or Bernie. If I had to pick a face to define what I stand for, it would be the face of any voter in the country who is seeking health, freedom and financial security.

The worst part about this gang style political environment is that what it really means is that voters have given up. They have decided that the individual means so little that only the faces on tv matter.

I’m not ready to give up, and I’m fighting to give voters hope. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

Our leaders in Washington have paved a path of chaos, division and low standards for success. We can stay on that path, or we can forge a new one together.

I’m Blair Walsingham, and I’m running for U.S. Congress in Tennessee’s 1st District. I will put people before politics because justice should be blind, but voters shouldn’t be. AMA!

You can learn more about me at my website here

I'll be answering as many questions as I can throughout the day **starting at 11:00 EDT**, though I will have to take some breaks to care for my kids.


Edit: Reddit is having some security issues, and as they fix that it seems to be affecting how comments are loading in. Many just came through in a wave, Blair is doing her best to answer what she can while also doing things around her house that she needs to!

Edit 2: As we mentioned, Blair has to take care of her kids while doing this. She'll do her best to answer any previously asked questions, but will likely be finishing today with only those ones. She'll try to answer some new ones over the coming days.

Edit 3: That's all for today folks!

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nmj9512389 karma

Your platform reads like any number of the DNC presidential candidates. What's out of the box about it?

UBI_WARRIOR-16 karma

My policies are founded on common sense and data. Some DNC candidates toe a party line. I'm not prepared to do that. I have deep respect for 2nd amendment rights, and I want to reduce bureaucracy. Those are traditionally GOP platforms, but my plans manage to pursue policies that align with that ideology without veering away from the DNC goals. By respecting shared values, but developing policies that don't fall strictly under one party's platform, I am unique.

nmj9512373 karma

I have deep respect for 2nd amendment rights

Do you? You've already referenced "common sense gun laws" in one of your other answers and mentioned you want to close "loopholes," without really specify anything about that. The tired refrain of saying you respect the 2nd amendment means nothing without a real statement of policy. Do you support gun control?

and I want to reduce bureaucracy

What bureaucracy, specifically?

Pineapple_Spenstar-9 karma

The "loophole" they all want to close is the 2nd amendment


I own and shoot fire arms and have no intentions in getting rid of them or taking anyones rigths away. In regards to "loop holes" one major one is right now you can buy a gun from anywhere, even the gas station here. The House of Representatives passed an expanded background check bill earlier this year. and President Donald Trump has gone back and forth on background checks. That is the biggest loop hole currently, fail a background check? just buy at another place that does not do them.


No. Not by me.

UBI_WARRIOR-10 karma

Ideally, we wouldn't need any legislation around guns, but clearly, given the number of accidents with firearms and thefts, people aren't storing their weapons. Given the data, I believe we should have basic training that teaches people how to store them. Also, tax incentives for purchasing proper storage. And, this should be part of a mandatory basic safety training class. As for loopholes, those differ state to state in many cases, so it's hard to make a blanket statement when one statement may be true in one place, but not another. As for bureaucracy, my plans for the Freedom Dividend would put the money (and, therefore, the decision making) back in the hands of the people. In other words, the gov wouldn't have to give out so much money in student loans if Freedom Dividend was already provided to Americans. Traditional means tested welfare would be reduced (and perhaps fade away) because Americans wouldn't be trapped in a system that tells them to stop working after they earn X dollars. Those are just a couple of ways in which bureaucracy could be reduced.

nmj9512310 karma

As for loopholes, those differ state to state in many cases, so it's hard to make a blanket statement when one statement may be true in one place, but not another

Given that you're running for a TN position, wouldn't it make sense to start with TN?

In other words, the gov wouldn't have to give out so much money in student loans if Freedom Dividend was already provided to Americans.

The average cost for a year of college is $21k/yr. How is a $1000/mo payment going to touch that and living expenses?


It's $1000/month more than we have now. It's $1000 /month less students need to borrow. It's (over 4 years) $48k less you need to pay back + interest. What is the downside to having more than you have now even if it isn't all you need?

pugsonunicycles74 karma

What qualifies you for office? Looking at your LinkedIn it looks like your work experience is dog grooming and hocking essential oils in a pyramid scheme.


I love how you left out everything else from my OLD linkedIm. If you want my resume im sure we can arrange that.
My dog grooming business is something I worked insanely hard and put myself through school for so yes very experienced there.
6 year military vet, Project manager for ballpoint media firm, cook and manager at waffle house, prestige advisor for Ulta, Part specialist for Oreillys auto parts ( yes I actually like to work on cars, can thank my dad for that) to name a few. When you work full time and part time for 15 years straight you aquire a few jobs.

xisnotx68 karma

There have been so many "for the people" politicians that have come before you with the exact same message you are delivering to us now. And yet the vast majority of those politicians, if elected, go on to forget about the message they were so effusively delivering before they were elected.

Why would you be any different?

beezel-21 karma

i wonder what would be the correct answer to this question. no politician would ever claim they aren't for the people.


You're right. Of course all politicians say they are for the people. And, I would guess that most of them believe it. Let's face it, the biggest egoes often don't have enough self-awareness to see how they are failing the people that voted them into office. They believe so firmly that they are right that they never stop to have a conversation about why they are wrong. I think most reps have good intentions, but most are also out of touch with reality and parrot assumptions and stereotypes that they took on at an early age. They take them for truths rather than ideas that can be reshaped by experience or conversation.

medisherphol5 karma

Will you put your ego aside and stop to have a conversion about why you are wrong?

Or do you firmly believe your are right?


A conversion or a conversation? I'm always up for a conversation. We all believe we are right, but some are willing to go deeper into a conversation, weigh all the arguments with an open mind, and the either reaffirm a belief, or make a shift. I anticipate that when I get to Congress, there may be conversations that include things I have yet to learn about. But what will remain firm is the set of values I bring to the table. It may be that the solutions are harder to nail down when faced with the reality of being one in a room of hundreds, but that doesn't mean that I compromise on the principles that lead the decisions I make. The bottom line will always be what will help lead us to greater health, freedom and financial security.

medisherphol-2 karma

For someone making a lot of spelling mistakes, you sure were quick to jump on that one.

It's interesting that your answer is "no, my values are right" despite criticizing people with that mentality.


Values make a person's integrity. And conversion and conversation are two distinct words. Unlike misspelling a word because you're typing quickly. In the case of your question, it was possible you actually meant conversion. And a person who has no values to drive their decision has no compass. But being open to conversation and then being willing to rethink solutions based on practicality AND adhering to your values is what makes for the ability to make the best decisions.


That's true. They all say it. But how many regular people earn millions from a local pharmacy that they can afford to sink into a political campaign without even having to change their lifestyle? The fact is that my life resembles that of the voters. My struggles in life are impacted by the big issues debated by politicians so far removed from "normal" life that to them it's an academic question. I can't afford to fail the voters of this District in Congress because I have the same needs they do. My family's well-being is as linked to my success as is the well-being of the families of voters in this district.


The people who came before stating "for the people" were not "on of the people" I am not wealthy, I owe no favours to anyone. I am different because I am actually living as an average American so it only makes sense that I would make choices that reflect the changes we truly need.

Beekeeper8747 karma

What are your thoughts on rank choice voting?


Yes to RCV! Too many people vote simply based on not wanting to "waste their vote"

  • Promotes Majority Support. Too often, candidates win elections despite being opposed by most voters. In elections with more than two candidates.
  • Discourages Negative Campaigning.
  • Provides More Choice for Voters.
  • Saves Money When Replacing Preliminaries or Runoffs.
  • Promotes Reflective Representation.

DunderMifflinPaper21 karma

How do we make RCV happen? We have so many seemingly more critical issues to deal with at the moment, but I really feel like RCV would restore some sanity to our democracy, so to me it’s a priority just under getting COVID under control.

What does a push for RCV look like? And when is the appropriate time to do it?


RCV has bipartisan support and is generally favoured. We are currently seeing a big push for it right now and I think this is the best time! There are many people who are currently taking pledges to support RCV and they are making strides to get it to be a "voting issue" meaning something that people will look for in a candidate!

V1per4113 karma

Why does it have support from the major parties, and how close are we realistically to getting there?

My understanding is that RCV would greatly reduce the power of both Democrats and Republicans by allowing more parties to participate and eliminating their chance to hold a majority in congress.


It has support from a growing number of candidates elected. This means that the more candidates elected by people who believe in RCV CAN lead to change. While the leaders of either party may not be in favor (though I'm not sure I've hear Nancy or Mitch comment on RCV), voters can make that a priority by electing the right candidates.

bingoflaps10 karma

RCV has bipartisan support and is generally favoured.

Where did you grow up? Your bio implies the States. Are you the one answering the questions in this AMA?


My father was Active Duty Air Force and we moved a lot including over seas. I was born in Texas
Lived: Tx, LA, NJ, FL, DE, IL, GA,CO, England

Yes, though I see a lot of comments in here from people I know as well.

EeStew45 karma

You are speaking completely in platitudes and not about policy like most other shallow politicians. Why should anyone take you seriously?


Which policy would you like me to answer? You can also visit my policy page to see a large number of more specific plans at https://blairforcongress.com/policies

UBI_WARRIOR-14 karma

ask a real quetion and get a real answer

Arkdouls40 karma

Are you going to answer any real questions? Because from what I see you’re the same as all the other politicians, deflect real questions and answer the easy ones

28carslater12 karma

I'll give her a good one. Reading your policies I see some reasonable positions which could be labeled as conservative. Based on a later post which claims a +28 Republican lean in your district, this leads me to believe you are attempting to run as some sort of neo-Dixiecrat. So, is this accurate and if so do you believe there is a possibility for some kind of Dixiecrat style resurgence?


There are many shared values between GOP and DNC candidates. But sometimes the political warfare leads the conversation to extremes or failure to acknowledge the other points of view. Some of my policies are progressive, and others are more conservative. There are far left leaning democrats who many not like 75% of my policies or the philosophy behind them, but would vote for me for the other 25%. Same could be true of conservatives (with a different percentage probably). So the bottom line is that real people running for office with authentic ideas based on experience won't fit a mold perfectly. That doesn't mean they are pandering to one side or another - it means that labels are too weak to handle people with genuine ideas.


I am a little slow sometimes as I am also caring for my 4 kids while I answer this AMA. 2 of my kids being a 1 year old and 2 years old. I am going through the list in order.

9g911 karma

Answering basic questions about your campaign shouldnt be such a struggle.


It seems the many other questions in here had no problem getting answered. It was less than an hour before most were answered. Try calling our current rep and see if he will answer? Will email you back? ( sure you'll get an auto reply) I will save you the time since you are in a hurry . He will not answer. You will not get a response. He will not meet with you, and he certainly will not answer any questions on AMA.


ALSO - Reddit had a huge secruity breach which caused an issues FYI.

ironsidesthename34 karma

Q: “Why are you unable to Directly answer one simple question about how you plan to take action? It appears as though you have done no research into politics, economy, current local issues, etc.”

A: “Great question! ;) I’m just such a cool young person. I believe people want health and security and I’m going to get it for them.”



If there is a specific question you don't think I'm answering fully enough, you can either restate the question so it pops up again, or you can schedule a call with me. I make myself available to voters all the time. Happy to answer.

tretree12322 karma

Everyone says tax the rich. How would you actually tax the rich people? Especially the ones you don't have a conventional income I.e. own lots of assets but no salary.

UBI_WARRIOR-16 karma

I do not have a "tax the rich" policy

fat_dejour21 karma

What is your stance on guns and gun control?


Gun ownership is not the problem, and banning guns is not the solution. I do support gun safety education and tax incentives for gun safety devices. I would like to see a federal level system come through that makes is easier for people to legally obtain firearms and decrease black market sales. I also would like to see loop holes closed for violent offenders.

Cemeterystoneman-20 karma

From her website

Gun Safety

Protect the 2nd Amendment

Our 2nd Amendment rights are an important American tradition. Gun ownership is not the problem, and banning guns is not the solution.

Gun Safety Education

Require Gun Certification

So basically contradictory statements, “protecting” the Second Amendment while restricting it....

No thanks. Looking at the rest of their policies on their site it’s more of the same double speak contradictions.

Edit: All gun laws are infringements.

VociCausam14 karma

The only way it's contradictory is if the 2nd Amendment is for unfettered access for all citizens to any firearms. The majority of Americans agree that some degree of regulation is needed.

Comments like yours are examples of the 'boxing' that Walsingham refers to. If she's not fully on-side with the NRA, she's an anti-gun Librul.

Cemeterystoneman-2 karma

I disagree. And here’s why, we can get into a debate on what ‘shall not be infringed’ means but it’s irrelevant to this conversation because OP does not outline their points, it’s contradictory to say you’re protecting the second amendment (how? No details there) while saying you’ll be requiring

Gun Safety Education

Require Gun Certification

What does this mean, how and what will this entail? There is no substance in these points, there’s no further information other than OP saying 2A will be protected while simultaneously saying she will introduce additional and vague restrictions for 2A

She doesn’t need to be on the side of the NRA but don’t say one thing then immediately contradict yourself in the same talking points


Having safety training is a normal in every other area that someone handles a fire arm. Police-training. Military-training. t=The same should be for civilains.

sephstorm18 karma

So do you feel the DNC has the pulse of the American people on the topic of guns in our society? It seems to me the DNC believes the base to be anti-gun as their platform clearly is. However especially as people are seeing that they cannot rely on LE to protect them, that they are the ones they have to rely on, we have seen gun sales explode among the common people, good democratic voters. Aren't the DNC's anti-gun policies blind to the will of the people, the needs of the people?

And as an aside, does the DNC recognize this is an area where they can bring liberals who support the exercise of the 2a over to their side? They are literally loosing votes not to hardline conservatives or people who want to outlaw abortion, but because they want to ban an item that millions of Americans use legally and responsibly?

And a final question for you personally, do you recognize the contradiction in the government arguing that the 2a only applied to weapons of war in a SCOTUS case, but then selling the story that weapons of war are the ones that need to be banned?


-I love this question! Too many politicians get asked "what do you think" instead of the candidates asking "what do you think" I do feel the DNC is disconnected from the general audience in many ways. Most people seem to support the 2nd amendment and also some common sense gun laws or safety precautions such as not letting children pick up loaded guns. Part of the misconception here I believe to be drawn from the media playing into dividing people. My stance " Our 2nd Amendment rights are an important American tradition. Gun ownership is not the problem, and banning guns is not the solution. "

-I agree also that they are losing support over this issue and need to take a solid look at what people really want.Too many voters are being spoon fed to vote solely on wedge issues ( abortions and guns) and they are forgetting that culture wars will not improve our education, put food on the table, or bring more jobs to the area.

Esoteric_Erric4 karma

Good stuff


Fixed! Thank you! We had technically difficulties and I have been rushing to answer questions! https://www.reddit.com/r/ModSupport/comments/i5hhtf/ongoing_incident_with_compromised_mod_accounts/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

ThrowawayQuiGon17 karma

Will you publicly support term limits for congress and the senate? Would you support a bill that would require corporations to transition to a profit sharing model if they receive tax credits/bailout money?


Term limits! YES. I took a term limit pledge and though I have heard both sides of the argument on why we need seasoned representation I have full confidence that new repsentatives can and will quickly learn and be the leaders we need.

Can you claify about what the profit share model you mentioned would look like?

hsxcstf12 karma

Hey, interested in what prior political experience you have? I couldn’t find anything on your site, e.g., working/volunteering for party or specific candidates, supporting other grassroots campaigns, or working in local/state government?

If none, would you be a better choice over somebody who has prior understanding of working in the framework of our political organizations?


-I was the canvassing operations manager for the state of Tn for the Andrew Yang campaign, did canvassing, meet and greets, call and text banking, etc.

-I did some minor volunteer work for the Bernie Sanders campaign years back.

-I am an Emerge alumni https://tn.emergeamerica.org/ (womens leadership)

-I have donated, signed petitions, written letters for various political candidates and organizations over the years.

-I am also the Vice Chair for my local Sierra Club https://www.sierraclub.org/about-sierra-club?msclkid=93ccc97505bc17a21e4e965886b55221

- Member of the TN Leaugue of Women Voters https://www.lwv.org/local-leagues/lwv-tennessee

-1 of 2 East Tennessee Rural Caucus representatives https://tndp.org/rural-caucus/

join here https://www.facebook.com/groups/TNDemRuralCaucus/

I am also served in the military which gave me much inight into our systems both stateside and national.

Manaleaking8 karma

I subscribe to the theory that change can only happen from within a major party. What are your thoughts on AOC and Dave Bratt, their methods, values, and stances, who primaried mainstream party leaders to reform their respective parties?


The 2 party system is broken. The best way to fix this is elect leaders, especially local leaders, to start making changes. It starts from the bottom up. WE need to be accountable through out the year and get more people invested and involved. Our elected officials are supposed to represent and essentially work for us, if they are not, we need to "fire them" and elect someone who will. We can bring back balance within both parties if we elect forward thinking candidates who are not stuck in the past that will focus on making the changes we need currently based on real data.

Almighty_One1 karma

Would you support 3rd party candidates equal access to all debates? Even Presidential debates?



mplnow7 karma

Where’d you get those fly curtains?


My husband picked them, I am not sure :)

neildegrasstokem4 karma

What can or would you do about Tennessee and medical marijuana? Governor Lee seems to be a big road block, but these days MM research and industry could lift is out of the home we're in and give tennesseans more choice in their health care needs, if that is a priority for you. I see politicians get elected on certain things and then get scared of the old boys club sitting in the Senate. They are afraid that they won't be reelected next year so they give up on pushing and are afraid of making enemies. We never have a candidate who wants to go in, get dirty, with no record about holding onto power. Sure you could do a lot more in 4 years than 2 or 8 years rather than 4 but someone with nothing to lose can get a lot done in a little amount of time.


I have no problem going in and getting my hands dirty where it leads to growth. Like you said, I have nothing to loose. I owe no favors, I have no ties, I do not accept corporate pac money etc.I am entirely for legalizing and regulating Cannabis to the fullest extent. It would be insanely lucrative for Tn and those funds could be used for healthcare and education and beyond. (otherwise those funds are just going to other state who are already legal) Cannabis is a fast growing sustainable crop and I would like to see a big push fro natural growing outdoors especially in rotational crops to help reduce pest and break up the ground. It would open up doors for many farmers to provide a better lasting income, bring massive amounts of job opportunity and new business as well.

Almighty_One4 karma

Would you be willing to sign a legal contract stating that, if you are unwilling/unable to make any meaningful progress on 50% of your campaign promises withing the first year, you will resign and step aside from politics permanently? Even lobbying?


No. I would urge you to talk to new reps about this. The first year is a huge learning curve and it is more likely to accomplish more after that. However, I am highly ambitious and will work to make change as quickly as possible. I am already talking to and working with some elected officials accross the country at this point.

kwantsu-dudes3 karma

What are you offering that's new? What are you striving for that either separates you from the Democrat Party platform or the growing progressive movement?

You keep saying how you don't fit any label. So tell us how you don't.

If I had to pick a face to define what I stand for, it would be the face of any voter in the country who is seeking health, freedom and financial security.

I'm so sick of that label. "The average American voter". You think your views represent any voter in the country seeking the most basic and vaguest of values? That if we'd just "see", than we'd agree with you? I'm so tired of politicans not understanding how ideological divided we truly are on some of these major political topics. And where we may have similar desires, we have different ideas on how best to get there and different values that provide certain hurdles.

Sure, there is some information manipulation and game theory in partisan politics at play, but there are certainly strict contrasting views that exist and should be acknowledged.

You're running for office. So you're presenting a win or lose situation to us. Why do we win with you and lose with the alternative? Is the opposition running against health, freedom, and financial security?


The other candidate is running with no policy on expanding healthcare except adherence to the party line to "repeal and replace Obamacare with something better." It's been three years, and we have yet to see the plan, except to dismantle the only one we currently have. My opponent, therefore is running against healthcare for all Americans. My opponent is running for freedom of some rights, and squelching of others. She wants to uphold 2A rights (which I agree with), but wants to deny Americans the right to pursue justice against cops who use unwarranted lethal methods in arresting small time criminals. My opponent has no plan for financial security. Check her website and you'll see. I on the other hand have financial security included in several of my policy papers. As I've discussed elsewhere on the AMA, the Freedom Dividend is one part of the plan. Expansion of cannabis industry is another. Fully funding education is part of that too because those with advanced vocational training are shown to earn at least triple that of the salary of those with minimal to no vocational education.

repostusername2 karma

What's a policy you support that an average Democrat wouldn't?


UBI. There are a lot of Dems opposed to it. Many are afraid that if we fund UBI conservatives will yank out the funding for welfare. Personally, I don't think that's a bad thing IF there is an alternative in place. UBI would be far superior to welfare, so while I would give people the choice between the two programs, I believe welfare would fade away because UBI would actually provide people with the opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty. PLUS, you wouldn't lose your benefits if you worked a few more hours in a week.

MaesterPycell2 karma

Hey I’m not from Tennessee but I think what you’re doing is important, not following a party line is tough. I know your tagline, what policy changes are you wanting to make?

MaesterPycell4 karma

Also follow up, what are you doing that makes you stand out from a party?


Currently we see many traditional politicians who stand soley on the label and not taking in to consideration the needs of the locals, and have largey taking up what I call "gang war politics" BY taking non-partisan approaches which emphasizes "progress over party" it has allowed me to find a "third way" which appeals to voters across the spectrum on several issues like economic security, guns, and reproductive rights. With some more progressive policies like UBI, legalizing cannabis, and guartenteed health coverage I think we can shape what our party now stands for.


There are so many areas we need to make change. Implimenting the Freedom Divident is priority 1 so people have the immediate economic security they need to solve each individual problem they are facing while also boostin our economy. Healthcare is a HUGE issue here as many hospitals are closed and we are facing a monopoly on our system. A huge mile stone would be abolishing the certifcate of need so we can re open and open new hospitals here. Getting people financially stable and healthy is the top priorities. We need to bring new jobs and expand farming support to keep those two things alive as well.

AlmostWardCunningham1 karma

Freedom Divident (sic)

Uh yeah, otherwise known as a Thought Terminating Cliche


The Freedom dividend- 1k a month to everyone 18 and up.

CPAlexander2 karma

I'm curious your thoughts on RankedChoice voting. Do you think this would allow us to break out of the D/R boxes we're stuck in?


Yes to RCV! Too many people vote simply based on not wanting to "waste their vote"

Promotes Majority Support. Too often, candidates win elections despite being opposed by most voters. In elections with more than two candidates.Discourages Negative Campaigning.Provides More Choice for Voters.Saves Money When Replacing Preliminaries or Runoffs.Promotes Reflective Representation.

Omegaprimus1 karma

Hello I happen to live in the Tennessee 1st district. What would you do to route out and dismantle the systemic racism that infects the American justice system? In addition the racism that is prevalent in the 1st district as a whole which is insane considering the area tried to join the Union during the civil war. Still awaiting an answer.


Thank you for waiting, I am going through them as they pop up on my screen!
I am endorsed by Tri Cities Women of Color and Black Coffee Justice locally for my policies to address issues that directly affect our black communities. As a white woman it is my job to listen to the black community to understand what they need and bring that into policy. You can view the full black agenda here https://black2thefuture.org/black-agenda-2020/

AlcofMagnus1 karma

I think this is a very interesting approach to campaigning doing this AMA. So what I wanna know is what gave you the idea to come to Reddit instead of, say, a radio interview or something?


Team members recommended reddit and the last reddit I did was very succesful. We also do radios, town halls podcast, interviews etc daily.

xisnotx-3 karma

As a Democrat, why, in your opinion, are the Democrats so poor at political strategy? Nancy Pelosi was just handed a huge political loss due to failed negotiations of the 2nd stimulus package and when Trump signs executive orders mandating economic relief, it will go down (even though falsely) as the refusal of the Democratic Party to reach across the aisle and negotiate for the betterment of the whole populace.

She thought she had leverage when she did not.

Why, do you suppose, the current Democratic establishment lacks political forethought and how might you help better position your party's political policies?


I happen to agree with you, even on a local level the Dem party seems slow to take action. Maybe desensitized? Maybe disconnected from the reality of what is happening? I am not entirely sure what led to this atmosphere but we have to change it.
Politicians on both sides have failed the American people for years. I am not just another Democrat. I am proudly a non-partisan problem solver, whose policies are designed to move the country forward while ending the partisan divide that has frustrated Americans for far too long and driven approval ratings for Congress to all-time lows. We will need to relentlessly work across the aisle to get things done, just as I am working relentlessly right now to help our communities through the COVID-19 pandemic. (volunteer work, giving out cash aid, and helping provide groceries to families and individuals in need)

TheD1v1s1on5-11 karma

Are you a TicTok user?


not yet