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Its been my observation the pushy, narcissistic, and deranged seem to fail upwards.

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I'll give her a good one. Reading your policies I see some reasonable positions which could be labeled as conservative. Based on a later post which claims a +28 Republican lean in your district, this leads me to believe you are attempting to run as some sort of neo-Dixiecrat. So, is this accurate and if so do you believe there is a possibility for some kind of Dixiecrat style resurgence?

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CPRF is the largest minority party in the Russian Federation, garnering 13.4% in the 2016 Parliamentary elections and 11.8% in the 2018 Presidential election. To say "completely no power" is a misnomer.


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Yes, that's essentially a Dixiecrat, that being a relative conservative minded or centrist from the South. Nice job, I can tell some thought was put into the response.

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I agree, but we see similar anti-social behavior in political leaders as well.