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Elon Musk, your hero, went to college and received two undergraduate degrees (Physics and Economics). He also pursued a PhD at Stanford.

What are your thoughts on the fundamental difference in value your hero sees in education?

Edit: Some people are pointing out that Musk believes that formal education is not important. That's not true. As another user pointed out, Elon credits college for widening his perspectives.

What he does say is that we need to provide purpose to students so they can get excited about learning.

He also says that a degree is not necessarily an indication of greatness. Easy to say in an interview, but how many salaried people at Tesla, SpaceX, or SolarCity do not have a college degree? How many without a high school diploma?

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Are there any mattresses that help with constant judgement and condescending remarks?

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Do an AMA on being a federal agent.

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Are you aware of the Reddit doggo tax?

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22% was an F when I was in school.