I'm working as a SARS-CoV-2 aka coronavirus containment scout for the german government at a local health institute. Ask me anything! proof

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Why did you go Scout when Swashbuckler and Assassin are the arguably better subclasses?

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Because Swashbucklers and Assassins are too classy. And you may use Sneak Attack after Sudden Strike in 5E.

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Actually one of the more underrated comments Ive seen in a while. Upvoting for sure

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It made my day and I'm still thinking of sending a screenshot to my dnd group.

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Have you seen/heard of covid-positive patients losing their sense of smell and then recovering it later? If so, how long did it take for their smell to return?

gigerzaehler613 karma

Yes, I supported several patients that had either slightly or completely lost their sense of smell. In some cases where it was not completely lost it came back after approximately two weeks. Some patients that had completely lost it told us that it took nearly a month to fully recover. So far I personally had no cases where the sense of smell did not recover.

blueandwhitetoile162 karma

One follow up question. For those who lost their smell completely due to covid, did they report a burning sensation in the nostrils at any point (very similar to when you’re swimming and accidentally get water up your nose and it burns)?

DEFINITELY asking for myself haha. I am waiting for my test results so not sure if I’m positive yet, but I’m experiencing those symptoms and just hoping smell comes back and my nostrils stop burning.

gigerzaehler167 karma

I haven't heard about that so far but in my opinion there could be an inflammation in your nasal mucosa that causes this pain. Inflammations cause the loss of smell pretty often but in case of coronavirus, there are multiple fu**ed up reasons for the loss of smell. Did you ever experience this kind of pain while having a sinusitis? Have you reported these symptoms to your doctor? Gosh, my nostrils are burning as I read your message. Gell well soon, mate! And my best wishes for your test results. I hope they'll figure out what's causing the loss of smell and the pain. If you want to, you can inform me about the result.

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I am really sorry for asking this but what is a containment scout ?

gigerzaehler386 karma

My work as a containment scoutcovers initial recording of people who were tested positively for SARS-CoV-2 for the first time and their contacts, making contact to infected and possibly infected persons, tracing possible contacts, supporting all of them on a daily basis wherever possible, passing on information to other state institutions and answering questions.

Nyankawaii136 karma

How much time do you think your job will last?

gigerzaehler299 karma

My contract will end in October but the Robert-Koch-Institute already asked us containment scouts if we would prolong our contract for another six months if the number of infected people will rise. I'm pretty sure that there will be a need for containment scouts at least until mid 2021 but I don't know if the government will see a need for it in autumn 2020.

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Come to the US, better job security. /s

gigerzaehler31 karma

... and better health insurance!

SomeAsianDudeII107 karma

How was it?

gigerzaehler336 karma

It was quite an experience and it still is. I have mixed feelings about my work because I get in contact with infected persons and their contacts on the phone. And most people are scared and therefore show anger, confusion, sadness or they completely ghost you.

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how are YOU doing? I always worry about people who are so busy looking at everything else that they ma neglect themselves.

gigerzaehler98 karma

I'm fine, thanks for asking! Today I'm having a day off after experiencing a horrible weekend with insane cases at work. Have a great day, mate!

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Hey, gönn dir.

Eine Frage hätte ich, ist das Scouting eigentlich zentral in der BRD oder auf die Bundesstaaten verteilt?

Stelle es mir interessant vor, wenn ein Berliner von jemandem aus dem Rosenheimer Landkreis (einfach mal rausgepickt weil's ja auch ein Hotspot war) angerufen wird.

gigerzaehler14 karma

Moin, soweit ich weiß wurden die Land- und Stadtkreise der Bundesländer im März gefragt, wie hoch der Bedarf in den jeweiligen Gesundheitsämtern ist und anhand dessen und der Einwohnerzahlen der jeweiligen Kreise und Bundesländern wurde anschließend verteilt... Wir haben teilweise Personen in unserer Fallbetreuung, die sich momentan in anderen Zuständigkeitsbereichen bei Familienmitgliedern oder in Nebenwohnsitzen aufhalten, aber das sind Einzelfälle. Wir hatten Beispielsweise eine Patientin, die in Rosenheim im Krankenhaus lag, aber in unserem Kreis wohnhaft war. Solche Fälle sind ziemlich exotisch und oft weiß man nicht recht, wer sich denn jetzt um den Fall kümmert. Behörden...

Was mich ziemlich ärgert ist wenn Personen sich bei uns beschweren, weil wir die anders behandeln als sie es von der Stadt XY gehört haben, weil dort ein Bekannter in Quarantäne war oder die das in den Nachrichten gehört hatten. Jeder Fall ist anders und jedes Gesundheitsamt regelt seine Fälle auch ein wenig anders. Manche sind strenger, manche eben nicht. Und man kann beispielsweise Hotspots wie Berlin nicht mit irgendwelchen Kleinstädten vergleichen. Und dann sind da noch die verschiedenen Coronaschutzverordnungen der Bundesländer... Behörden...

SunnyDaysRock6 karma

Von dem Behördenspaß könnte dir ein Kumpel, der in einem benachbarten Kreis von Rosenheim ausgeholfen hat, auch ein Lied singen.

Haben zum Teil halbtote Patienten von da bekommen, die es zum Teil nicht mal 24 Stunden lang geschafft haben und dann ist der Landrat angekommen und hat durchgesetzt, dass die ja nicht als Corona Tote in ihrem Kreis gelten etc. Keine Ahnung ob die am Ende irgendwo dszugezählt wurden...

Halt die Ohren steif und danke für deine Arbeit.

gigerzaehler7 karma

Heilige Mutter Gottes... Mit deinem Kumpel möchte ich nicht tauschen. Ich hoffe, die Lage stabilisiert sich bald! Alles Gute für deinen Kumpel und dich!

SunnyDaysRock4 karma

Ist zurück in Ö am studieren. Bis auf die Rosenheimer hatten sie auch recht wenig Fälle.

Kann mich noch dran erinnern, wie happy er war, dass jemand nach der Intubierung wirklich wieder gesund wurde.

gigerzaehler8 karma

Fuck yeah!

virgo-punk82 karma

What's one thing your government has done in response to the pandemic that you wish had been different?

gigerzaehler237 karma

I wish that they wouldn't had reopened kindergartens, day care centers and elementary schools as the children do not have to keep any safety distance in their corresponding groups or classes. And lots of the parents talk to each other while bringing their children to these locations or taking them back home without any safety distance or mouth protection.

saadcee39 karma

Any data on infections due to these reopenings?

gigerzaehler72 karma

Yes you can find the data on https://www.rki.de/DE/Content/InfAZ/N/Neuartiges_Coronavirus/Fallzahlen.html but unfortunately it's written in German.

borussia190913 karma

actually there is no proof of kindergartens and schools being a corona hotspot, says a study which was published today.

sources (german) : https://www.mdr.de/sachsen/bautzen/corona-studie-schulen-hotspots-ergebnisse-100.html


gigerzaehler13 karma


Fun_Jump63 karma

Have you had to deal with people that don't believe that the coronavirus is real? Also, do these same people just treat it as a regular flu that's making the rounds and it doesn't need to be taken seriously according to them?

gigerzaehler98 karma

Yes and no. At one time I had a daughter of a positively tested female patient on the phone calling me names and telling me that the coronavirus is just a conspiracy.

But a lot of people that believe in don't take it seriously and refer to the common cold or flu.

jimmycarr132 karma

How do you feel when talking to people who are dismissive like that?

gigerzaehler161 karma

At first I was confused, then I was annoyed and when I figured out that there's no hope for the person knowing any better I was both angry and sad. Angry because of their ignorance and chance of getting infected and spreading the virus, their mental influence on other people's opinions and them actively interfering with the work of good people in society that take care of others. These covidiots only think about themselves and have no empathy for the people in need or at high risk. And I feel sad for the people that are experiencing the damage these covidiots cause.

JPF15052 karma

From what you've seen, what do you think will happen, the number of infected going down or increasing?

gigerzaehler143 karma

The numbers will most likely increase in Germany because everybody wants to go back to normal including family reunions, vacation, parties, barbecues, etc. And people tend to forget that there is a need for social distancing.

ghsgjgfngngf51 karma

Did you get a special hat?

gigerzaehler105 karma

No, but a fedora would be classy.

alovelychicken31 karma

how long do you think covid will last ?

gigerzaehler86 karma

Most likely at least until mid 2021. But it may stick to humanity like the common flu until the day when humanity ends.

GarlicDogeOP30 karma

Is containment scout essentially a contact tracer? If so I’m doing it too, but from over in the US. Keep fighting the good fight!

Edit: damn lots of typos from me today

gigerzaehler30 karma

Yes, it includes this kind of work. Cheers to the US. Stay safe and sound and keep up the good work!

NotMyDogPaul29 karma

I live in the United States and as I'm sure you know, people are really resisting wearing masks and social distancing. What would you say the general mood is of the German people? Are they generally compliant?

gigerzaehler49 karma

A lot of the people in public transportation, supermarkets, etc. follow the rule of wearing a mask. In public transportation you could see some people violating the rules by not wearing a mask or by not wearing it the right way (nose free). You'd see a lot of people walking in herds through parks or on public places that couldn't care less and don't wear masks and do not keep safety distance. Sometimes I also see people taking off their masks in supermarkets. As Germany has strict rules, these people get notified about their misbehavior in supermarkets for example. But it seems like a lot of the people have problems with social distancing and keeping safety distance.

mattblues8825 karma

Have you run into any mask deniers in your interviews of people? If so how have you handled that?

gigerzaehler128 karma

Some time ago I had the daughter of a positively tested female patient on the phone as I traced back her mother's contacts. She did not believe in the coronavirus but she thought of it as a big conspiracy including the 5G net and the government wanting her to think that they are in danger. She was completely nuts but she admitted that she had close contact to her mother. So I put her legally under a quarantine for 14 days in which she wasn't allowed to leave her home except for medical treatment like getting a test at your doctor's office or other medical care outside which needs to be allowed by us (except for emergency care). They are allowed to call a doctor to their home but they will only enter the house under strict conditions. So we have a zero tolerance for covidiots policy. If you are tested positively or had close contact, you're basically under medical arrest and the regulatory office can make you pay a bill for violating the quarantine rule, or in worst case, call the cops on you for further prosecution and some time in jail.

thepainteater23 karma

Can you help explain to me regarding Surface contamination and the precautions that we take, like bleaching/wipes/pure alcohol cleaning every surface? And especially Grocery/Food Market items? Is it still necessary to do drastic cleaning to reduce infection? The science is so confusing about this. My wife is a nurse and it is still confusing.

HammerTh_170118 karma

We are pretty sure now that most infections happen over the air. Infections over fomites (contaminated objects) are possible, but seem to be rare, somewhere below 10% of total infections, some even say as low as 1%.

Regular cleaning with soapy water and desinfection of high-touch surfaces with alcohol/bleach should be enough. As far as I know, there is no evidence for spread over grocery items but I think it is a good idea to spray down plastic containers with alcohol desinfectant and to thoroughly wash your fruit and vegetables.

gigerzaehler9 karma

Thanks for keeping people informed, mate!

Charlie_does_Reddit20 karma

So in your field of work, how hard is it to get a job there?

gigerzaehler53 karma

It was a one time event in March 2020 when the Robert-Koch-Institute sent out a vacancy that was shared on social media on the 19th and it was officially closed at the 23th because of the immense number of applications that came in. They were looking for 525 scouts and got more than 11,000 applications according to some news on the internet. I still don't know why they decided to call me in except for the many other people. And I don't know if there will be another call for applicants in Germany.

barstowtovegas44 karma

Only saying this because your English is excellent and I’d want to be told if it was me:

I think you mean “instead of,” not “except for.”

gigerzaehler32 karma

That makes sense! Thank you so much, mate!!

SciGuy4519 karma

As an American with a German wife and son, what are the current travel restrictions from the US? No plans to visit Oma right now, but wondering about a long stay if our area’s cases start to jump.

gigerzaehler12 karma

In which county does Oma live? As far as I know the counties of Germany have different Corona travel restrictions for people who travel TO the corresponding county and currently the US are on the lists of countries that are considered international locations of high risk. People that travel to Northrhine Westfalia from this countries for instance have to go straight into quarantine for 14 days as soon as they land. The restrictions are not as tight for persons that visit their children or SO as long as they show no symptoms and had no contact to infected persons beforehand or atm. I don't know if this rule includes other family members. For people that show no symptoms a negative test result is a good way to exit quarantine but you have to pay for it yourself (it costs around 200 € to get tested). The travel restrictions changed pretty often and may change again so if you're considering travelling to Germany, you should check the current travel restrictions.

I hope that you and your loved ones in the US and in Germany are safe and sound!

Monsur_Ausuhnom15 karma

  1. Is there anything known that stops the coronavirus effectively beyond masks?
  2. What is the best medication or remedy to treat it currently?
  3. What are some things that people don't consider about the virus?


gigerzaehler42 karma

Hello Monsur. I cannot answer your questions without asking you to give me more details:

  1. Are you asking for the reason to use simple masks like surgeon's masks or homemade masks in public or are you asking how special masks like FFP2/FFP3 work?

  2. I'm not a doctor but I can tell you that most current medications just reduce symptoms or keep the virus level steady. There are medications on the market like Remdesivir that have a virostatic effect but it only inhabits viral RNA replication and thus preventing the virus from multiplying. It helps to control the virus so the immune response of the body can do the rest. So far there's no final evidence of its effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 because the meds like Remdesivir are still in clinical trial (since February). Furthermore doctors treat patients with super infections with antibiotics as many of them show side infections with bacteria or fungi. This way they control the infection with microorganisms but not the virus so the immune response can focus on the virus. The best treatment is to stabilize the patient and make sure the immune system can take care of this beast.

  3. It's a virus whose infection efficiency is rather based on quantity than quality. Normally it's not that easy to get infected from walking into the comfort zone of a stranger at the supermarket, standing in an elevator with another person and not talking to each other or facing one another or talking to somebody for a short time outside. People get infected by exchanging body fluids by eating and drinking in a short distance to each other and having conversations, kissing somebody hello or romantically, being in close contact when hugging or talking intensively and being in a closed, or not well ventilated (small) room for a longer time. Also people that breathe intensively and have close contact e.g. during sports tend to infect each other as well. And as masks like FFP2 or FFP3 get wet while a nurse bathes a patient or when there's a high humidity, the leakage of masks are likely to rise.

Monsur_Ausuhnom15 karma

I can clarify, sorry, 1. For the first, I was wondering if certain masks were more effective then others.

Thanks for clarifying the other two especially 3 I wasn't aware of how it has been passed.

gigerzaehler21 karma

In Europe, the highest effectiveness of masks that are recommended for usage in nursing positive patients have FFP3 masks. They are 2% leaky and filter 99% of hazard particles. FFP2 masks are 8% leaky and filter at least 94%. I got these numbers from the manufacturer and I think it strongly depends on how you use them. The effect of these masks is based on filters.

You're very welcome !

HentaiFanShrek13 karma

Since when do you started working that job?

gigerzaehler13 karma

My first day at work was the 17th of April 2020.

kazembe298 karma

Are you afraid of getting infected while you work there? What kinda gear do you use?

gigerzaehler35 karma

I'm not worried about getting infected at my working place because I don't have direct contact to either infected people or their contacts. Moreover my colleagues there don't take any risk to bring the virus to our working place. As I'm working in an office and do not have direct contact to other people than my consistent team, I don't wear any protection. But I make sure that I keep some distance to my colleagues and keep my personal contacts low. In public I wear a single use mouth protection i.e. when I do my groceries or buy gas and keep 1.5 m distance to anybody including the two members of my family I meet two times a month. The only person I have close contact to is my SO. Furthermore I wash my hands pretty often and disinfect my working place before I leave. Two of my scout colleagues at work plan and carry out mass tastings for school classes, kindergarten groups, company departments, etc. that are at high risk due to one or more infected persons of the respective group. They wear FFP2 masks, single use coats, safety goggles and gloves during the tests, which are supported and led by doctors of our institute. I had the opportunity to do this work as well but as my colleagues are trained nurses, I let them go ahead bc they are professionally trained in treating patients, do not earn more money and are at higher risk. Furthermore, they agreed to do this part of their job on their own accord.

ArminoKink7 karma

First of all, thank you and all your colleagues for your service!

May I ask about the psychological effect on you as you do this demanding work?... does it affect your mood or your automatic behaviour?...anything noticeable?...

gigerzaehler9 karma

Thank you so much for your kind words and interest in my mental health. I really appreciate you for being such a nice stranger on the internet.

Before I started working for the health institute I was quite... sensitive. Small things would upset me quite easily and I would overthink things that happen that day that made me feel uncomfortable a lot. But my friends and family also know me as a person with high empathy.

I experienced a lot during the last three months that shocked me and/or upset me but I also feel a positive effect on my mental state as I don't get upset that easily anymore. I cried only three times at work. But each time it was because of really heavy cases. I still get freaked out by severe cases and when people just do whatever they want without thinking about the risk they put other people in and then really bad things happen. But once I come home from work and had dinner and some time for myself, it gets better. Also, talking to friends and family about it helps a lot even though I'm not allowed to share any private information of the cases. I can only help others if I keep myself mentally and physically healthy.

Stay safe and sound, mate!

Smackraw1237 karma

Have you heard about some people who have scheduled appointments to get tested, missed the appointment, but still got positive test results in the mail? What are your thoughts on that?

gigerzaehler19 karma

I haven't heard about that but we had positive antibody test results that were sent to our office (because you must sent positive test results of a notifiable disease to the health institute) in which the patient was tested on something completely different e.g. MRSA. They were sent to us because of a computational error at the respective laboratory. These IT errors happen as the codes of the software are written by human beings... As we can ask for the medical report, these errors are identified pretty easily by appointment reports. But it takes some time to trace them.

NamesNotRudiger3 karma

These IT errors happen as the codes of the software are written by human beings.

It seems like a pretty grievous software bug to misidentify MRSA as SARS-COV-2 no? MRSA isn't even a virus, but a medicine resistant bacteria... How could the programmers screw that up and if it is that imprecise how can any of the sotware's use in analysis be trusted?

gigerzaehler6 karma

Idk man. I was pretty stressed that day because of this failure of the IT and it caused it a lot of troubles.

BamboozleBird7 karma

What was your job before the pandemic?

gigerzaehler12 karma

I was working on my master thesis in microbiology.

Mythril_Zombie6 karma

Did you get any good merit badges?

gigerzaehler21 karma

Not yet but I'd prefer Karma or money.

crazyforcloy6 karma

I wear surgical masks whenever I step outside. I was wondering if you’ve seen cases where (general) people who wear good masks like N95, wash hands and dont touch their faces when possibility of exposure is high, still get infected? Is taking these precautions sufficient to keep you safe?

gigerzaehler9 karma

Yes we have cases of people that nurse the elderly that got infected. There are factors that can inhibit the function of the filter of FFP3 masks like washing patients and therefore increasing the leakage of the filter by humidity.

colossuskidd6 karma

Do you monitor worldwide or countrywide ?

gigerzaehler10 karma

I monitor the cases of a certain district including 10 towns.

Whats_your_pizza5 karma

What's your favorite kind of Pizza?

gigerzaehler18 karma

Hawaii with extra cheese

brainlure495 karma

What's the pay like? Sorry if it says in the text in your proof, I can't read German

gigerzaehler7 karma

They pay below average. I earn around 1,500 €.

noahstudios134 karma

If there was any advice you would give America right now, what would it be, coming from a German scientist? And how should we handle the uprising of cases?

gigerzaehler2 karma

There are so many aspects that need to be changed immediately. The government of the US should invest less money in their police state and instead support health care and make it accessible for everybody. People that cannot afford a test or treatment are likely to spread the virus because of relatives and friends having to take care of them. Furthermore the glorious rotten orange called Trump should make masks, safety distance and social distancing great again. And they should take care of police brutality and racism and fascism. People that are fighting for their human rights are doing the right thing but they do not only put their own life at risk by demonstrating. They also are at risk of spreading the virus. And there should be a law to help others. I don't wanna think of homeless and poor people having no access to any sanitary products and living under really bad conditions that make it easy for the virus to get spread. And last but not least: Dump Trump.

abhi_074 karma

Grüß dich. Is there also help in other languages (English) other than German? I live in a city with lot of non German speakers and few are nervous about the availability of support in English.

gigerzaehler9 karma

Yes, absolutely. All of my colleagues speak english because they learned it in school. Some colleagues also speak Croatian, French, Turkish, Albanian, Spanish and Arabian (not all at once). But as I'm working for a district of 10 towns that aren't as big as Cologne, Munich, Berlin or Hamburg, we struggle to get translators within a short time. We mainly depend on the language skills of our coworkers.

londinium23 karma

Some colleagues also speak Croatian, French, Turkish, Albanian, Spanish and Arabian (not all at once).

German humour ladies and gentleman.

gigerzaehler13 karma

I was laughing so hard on this that I had to remind me to laugh silently so I won't wake up my neighbors.

abhi_074 karma

Thank you, I really appreciate you responding even though it's past 10 pm. You guys are doing a great job, I personally thank you for all your great efforts.

gigerzaehler5 karma

Thank you so much for sharing kindness on the internet! Have a good night.

manseinc3 karma


Have you heard of someone getting this more than once? Most information/ news I've seen speaks of contact tracing after 1st positive test. I've heard of people having symptoms longer than 1-2 weeks but I don't know if anyone has had it - gotten past it and - got it again.

Thank you for answering questions.

gigerzaehler8 karma

There was a case in which a patient was tested positively and later after several negative test results, turned positive again. These test were performed because the person needed a confirmed negative test result before returning back to the work in medical care. But as I have been working for only three months yet, I haven't seen a case in which the patient turned positive again after several months of showing no symptoms. In the mentioned case the tests were performed within four weeks and sometimes the tests turn negative due to a low concentration of viral RNA in the corresponding parts of the body where the sample was taken from.

manseinc2 karma

Was this in Germany?

gigerzaehler5 karma

Yes, I'm working for a district in Germany.

HepatitisShmepatitis3 karma

Why do you think the response to this virus has been so much more extreme than other viruses with similar infection rates?

gigerzaehler21 karma

In my opinion the ability of the virus to hitchhike by not causing any symptoms at all, the similarity of symptoms to the common cold and flu and the possibility of people being infectious nearly two days before they show the first symptoms are the main points that made it possible for the virus to spread so easily. Moreover most cases show a mild response with only a few and not severe symptoms. People that only have a sour throat or a cough or even just a lowered function of taste and / or smell tend to go to work, spend time with friends and family and go outside because it's inconvonient to cancel plans or call sick from work. And many people like being cared for by their loved ones and this often includes physical contact.

jim_and_john3 karma

What happens when someone is put under quarantine but can't get home, e.g. because he's in another town and now can't use public transport?

gigerzaehler3 karma

Well this depends on the collaboration of the corresponding home town and the current location. If they collaborate easily, they could book a room for this person to stay in during quarantine. Or if there are any friends or relatives with a car, they could take the person straight home and then also go into quarantine. Some districts also call for transports of patients but I haven't experienced this so far. If the infected person has severe symptoms, it should stay in the hospital at the current location.

We cannot put anybody under quarantine in another district. We have to inform the corresponding district and then they decide if they send the person back home, collaborate or take care of it.

ValuableClimate1 karma

How many cases have you seen from people who tested positive but were asymptomatic? Did any of them remain asymptomatic until they "recovered" (tested negative I guess)? And were there any issues/side effects shown in those who were asymptomatic?

gigerzaehler2 karma

It depends on the cases. We consider asymptomatic people as "recovered" if they don't show any symptoms within two weeks after their first positive test result. There's only a need for people that are working in sensitive areas such as medical care, nursing the young and the elderly, etc. I have talked to many people that were and stayed asymptomatic and were tested positively and they were always confused about their test results. Most of the time there was a positively tested relative involved and therefore strong contact to an infected person or or mass tastings from which the test resulted. But most of the cases I worked with showed mild symptoms.

ValuableClimate1 karma

Thank you for your reply and the work you're doing. I know the first cases I heard of when this started in my country (US) had most people saying they felt fine or didn't show symptoms so it was something I was immensely curious about.

gigerzaehler1 karma

You're very welcome and thank you for your kind words. Stay safe and sound, mate!

ryhntyntyn1 karma

How soon did you have to send in your application when the Ad for the job came out in order to actually get one in. What number between 1 and 14.000 was your application?

gigerzaehler2 karma

I was one of approximately 11,000 applicants that applied for only 525 positions. The vacancy came online at the 19th of March and I applied on the 21st. In the application they wrote to apply ASAP and at least until the 31st of March. I don't know which number my application was.

TheDachschaden1 karma

Why are people who die of natural causes but have the coronavirus counted as corona-dead?

gigerzaehler2 karma

It strongly depends on the person analyzing the case and interpreting it as caused by coronavirus due to the positive test result. As workers at the hospital have to notify the local health institute immediately and people at the health institute have to type in these cases into the respective programmes to send the information to the Robert-Koch-Institute for instance, these mistakes happen more often than people in politics would like to see. We are strongly advised to read the medical report of the patient's death and screen it carefully. Normally we are told not to count deaths by natural causes as corona-dead and once it happens and somebody registers it, we have to correct it and answer unpleasant questions. As people are told to always work fast and usually have to work their ass off, mistakes like these happen. We're just human beings. I don't know how other countries handles these cases.

Here's the corresponding text from the RKI concerning corona death counts in german:

"Es werden nur Fälle veröffentlicht, bei denen eine labordiagnostische Bestätigung (unabhängig vom klinischen Bild) vorliegt. (...) Allerdings werden hierdurch zuweilen auch Daten vor Qualitätskontrollen und Validierungen veröffentlicht. Durch weitere Ermittlungen der Gesundheitsämter und Plausibilitätsprüfungen kann es zu Nachträgen oder Korrekturen kommen, was vereinzelt zu Abweichungen gegenüber den zuvor berichteten Daten führt."

nikkidxx1 karma

I have just a personal question. My nephew's mother has not been feeling well for a few days.( she was over at my house for a couple days) She got tested on Friday, still waiting for results. Someone in the room I work in has been around 2 positive cases and started to feel unwell, he's going to get tested. And another person in my room, his daughter could possibly have it. If any of these come back positive, would I have to quarantine?

gigerzaehler1 karma

It depends on how your district handle contact tracing. Did you have close contact to your nephew's mother, your coworker or your coworkers daughter? At my work, we only trace contacts to positively tested persons and not contacts of contacts. I hope that you and the corresponding persons you mentioned are safe and get well soon!

nikkidxx1 karma

I never hugged or touched any of them. But she did use our bathrooms/touch multiple things, and the nephew was at our house every day (shared custody). As for my coworkers, we just stand close together and touch shared items. I work for a rather large company and they have us keep contact cards

gigerzaehler1 karma

Did you have intensive talks to these persons for longer than 15 minutes without keeping a safety distance (< 1.5 m)? How big is your shared office? Was the room well ventilated (A/C, fans, open door, open windows)? How far did you sit from another in the office?

nikkidxx1 karma

We work on a packaging line, so it varies literally the entire 12 hour shift. But most of these people I sit/stand next to for more than 15 mins. It's a very well ventilated area and we all wear masks (some people pull them down though)

gigerzaehler1 karma

So you don't talk to each other intensively while facing one another? In this case I would cross you out of my contact list because you're not at high risk of being infected. At least as far as I know atm. But it still depends on how your district will handle your case if there's any. If you show any symptoms I'd recommend to do a test and talk to your local health institution, especially if you have any diseases that put you at risk (like asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, COPD, etc.).

Mcginnis-15 karma

Given that Covid-19 is a hoax caused by 5G/Bill Gates, what are your day to day activities?

How do you feel about stores having those hand sanitizer stations at every entrance? Do you find it annoying to squirt that every time you go into a store?

edit: Do I really need to clarify that I don't believe Covid-19 is caused by 5G/Bill Gates?

gigerzaehler9 karma

First of all I would say that the "patients" would be very good actors and each one would deserve an oscar for making me believe their cases. And the collaboration with the laboratories, doctor's offices, hospitals and other actors would be amazing! I wonder how much they would pay them for their work as I work my ass off.

Furthermore I would say that in this conspiracy theory I would be the one sitting next to an office desk, annoying hundred of people on the phone by telling them what to do and answering questions concerning quarantine on a daily base.

I hate it when the stores do not offer contact free sanitizer stations as the substances do not disinfect 100% of the germs and I feel like I am getting more germs on my hands by touching them. But I still use them as I try not to touch my face with my hands or lick them afterwards. The relief of finally being able to wash my hands afterwards is immense!!!