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Do you feel superior to people who have already lost their wits by age 77? Or is it more of a “there but for the grace of God” type of situation?

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I think the backlash for a president suing someone over an unflattering parody book would be pretty extreme, and would only bring more attention to it.

Plus Trump is a public figure, he is open to parody and mocking and just has to deal with it.

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But by listing one lie from Biden and then 20,000 from Trump it suggests that Biden only has one, rather innocent/misspoken, lie. Trump may lie more, but dont bring up numbers if you aren’t going to put a number on both.

It gives the appearance of bias, and the question only asked for the one biggest lie, not who lies more.

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“No” is the word you’re looking for

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Nah, it isn’t being used to justify political violence or declaring that an election was illegitimate. Soros wouldn’t bother with it