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Hi Jonathan, out of all the projects what ones were the most rewarding to work on?

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Here are some questions that are a bit stranger,

  1. How much does the Las Vegas life itself play into the experience of creating mental health problems, since the city does have a great deal of gambling? I wasn't sure if there would be any cross over from what you have seen because Vegas has a reputation.
  2. In how many instances is the depression caused by one's own narrative or their own thoughts spiraling out of control, and does humor make this better for them?
  3. How have recent times such as corona virus and recent protests affected your client's mental health?
  4. What intellectual in the field of psychoanalysis (psychology) would you say is the most helpful?
  5. Would you be for people wearing masks that look more unique and bizarre such as ninja masks, or even some other bizarre variation to make social distancing more interesting?


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Does there need to be significant revision of laws to prevent repression of internet freedom? Are there further laws that will prevent internet surveillance or things that need to be definitely regulated?

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For the Uyghurs themselves, how many are currently detained in China? Do these bear similarities to being political prisons, work camps, or internment camps or much worse? . Also, does the vast majority of China know about this due to its own censorship?

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  1. Is there anything known that stops the coronavirus effectively beyond masks?
  2. What is the best medication or remedy to treat it currently?
  3. What are some things that people don't consider about the virus?