Here’s some proof

you can watch my live CamSoda show here @ 8pm CST. And to squash any ideas no I don’t do porn on my shows(:

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Mumu21488088 karma

How many catfish accounts have you seen of you?

Sabrinanichole6951 karma

What feels like millions

Handsome-Jim6545 karma

I'm not positive but either we're dating on Instagram or I've been sending a lot of dick pics to some 40 year old fat guy pretending to be you.

Sabrinanichole4356 karma

He must be very happy, I hate talking to strangers in any form mostly and hate sexy talk the absolute most even from people I know

ZukoTheHonorable952 karma

So, how do you meet new people? Are you more comfortable in one form of communication over another?

Sabrinanichole1717 karma

I like meeting people irl via nights out, through a friend, a cute waiter or waitress, etc

Mr-GG916 karma

Do you hate sexy talk even if it's in constant puns or dad jokes? I find myself recently turning 30, and with retirement and my death only a few years away, I have decided I am dad joke material even though I lack children.

Sabrinanichole894 karma

Love dad jokes so I could probably do that, but super serious sexy talk I’ve only pulled off once because I was a real fiend for the man I was talking to

DirteDeeds386 karma

Pro tip, if they ask for dick pics it's not a woman.

Sabrinanichole440 karma

Yeah I can’t remember the last time I asked for one from someone I didn’t really like, I’ve become bolder asking to see people’s genitals I really like lol, is still insanely akward

DizzyNW231 karma

Lol I was talking to "her" last week.

imightgetdownvoted576 karma

That one was actually her though. She just needs some money so she can buy a plane ticket to come out to visit you.

Sabrinanichole851 karma


Shimj3451 karma

What made you leave Playboy? Are you happier now? What’s your next career move?

Sabrinanichole5767 karma

Playboy has a high turn over because they believe once you’re past idk 22 you’re useless lol, I did like the exposure it started my path but yeah ultimately they “used me up” and went on lol

formerfatboys2000 karma

You don't leave Playboy. No model works for Playboy.

I used to actually work for Playboy.

They pay models very little. Unless you're an actual Playmate you make next to nothing and instead just kind of rely on it for promotional experiences. Fun fact: the general public often refers to anyone who gets naked for Playboy as a Playmate. Not true. Unless you're Miss September/October etc you're kinda just nothing.

I was there until about 2012, since then they've gone through a ton of changes but it used to be that a Playmate got $25K for her month and $100k for being Playmate of the Year (1/12 chance of that) but here's the real ripoff part: we would make them sign a contract that said they couldn't do any other modeling for the rest of that year. So unless you were PMOY, $25k was not a lot for a year. Which is why a lot of girls lived "free" at the mansion or at the Bunny house (basically a dorm) at the mansion.

The cyber girls (which is what we used to call the girls who modeled for the Cyber Club) got between $100-$1000 for each pictorial shoot. They aren't employees. Around 2012, digital operations were licensed to Mindgeek aka Brazzers/Pornhub. So the CyberClub and PlayboyTV became PlayboyPlus. PlayboyPlus is now just another site owned by the guys that own all the porn sites. It has the logos and stuff but next to nothing to do with Playboy. (I worked in digital and that buyout got us all laid off. They also bought which we used to publish articles and features that were non-nude and ran off advertising but they replaced us with cheap freelancers in Montreal and did such a bad job they ended up giving back two years into a 10 licensing pact and suing Playboy. But anyway...)

I have no idea how PlayboyPlus is currently structured but they're not staffing any models full time ever. You just book models per shoot.

No idea what real Playboy is like either at this point in time. Hef owned it until about 2012 when we basically went bankrupt and he sold to private equity and he literally took no money. All he got was the ability to run the magazine until his death and love in the mansion. That's it.He couldn't pass it down to his kids. That's why the mansion was sold well before his death but he kept living in it.

I think they tried a last ditch switch to no nudity that, duh, flopped hard and then to kind of a woke Playboy that "wAsNt mISoGyNsT" (even though Hef was like a feminist pioneer and also huge into civil and LGBT rights) and now don't publish anything at all because that too was a moronic idea.

Sabrinanichole1163 karma

Never said I was a bunny just a model, glad you wanted to inform everyone but the cyber girls have a high turn over and when I worked for them being a bunny wasn’t a thing, especially living in the house was not a thing

formerfatboys935 karma

Wasn't trying to put you down at all.

Playboy has always been a shit deal for the models but in the age of social media if you play it right it's a kick-ass springboard for launching your own shit.

Clearly you're kicking ass at that. I was more shitting on them for sucking.

Sabrinanichole670 karma

Oh definitely I didn’t see it as a put down but I don’t want to mislead. Tbh when I started in 2014 cyber girl was all there really was and being a “playmate” at the time was super shit as well I know one girl that graduated out of cyber into playmate but by 2014 she was just as monetarily fucked as the cyber models, the house being in disarray and Hugh having crystal also changed a lot of shit

DwarfyJoe2595 karma

Do you feel like Pornhub is good for independence in the porn industry, or does it take advantage of more porn workers?

Sabrinanichole3472 karma

Never worked with them just have asswipes leak the same 4 old ass videos on it

rusty_anvile1590 karma

You gotta just post them yourself and see if you can't at least make money from it.

Sabrinanichole2265 karma

I mean that’s very smart, there years old so I don’t see why not just own it

x4v1l0p3z2506 karma

What was your experience at being a former playboy model?

Sabrinanichole4518 karma

It was ok but I felt ostracized some times as being the “fattest” girl, I was about 130-135lbs so around 65kg and I felt like the fat friend lol

Edit I was closer to 61-63 kg

l0gicgate3177 karma

To be fair, you’re like 115lbs considering there’s about 20 pounds of tits there! 🤷🏻‍♂️

Sabrinanichole3575 karma


RizyRafiq1847 karma

Did you finish Hunter x Hunter?

Sabrinanichole2171 karma

Multiple times, I’m working on the piano to play departure (the opening song)

Mlarcin1837 karma

How does freelance SW/modeling compare to professional works like with PB? Is it more or less stressful?

Sabrinanichole2763 karma

Freelance forever and always, nothing beats being your own boss and the pay is a million times better

CaptainButtlet1518 karma

What's your dream house like?

Sabrinanichole2612 karma

I’m unsure because houses give me paranoia, too big, too many entry points, too much stuff to keep fixed

Ykialon1383 karma

Hi, I've been following you (not in a scary way) from your playboy era. I wanted to know how long did it take for the scars on your legs to disappear ? I received boiling water on my arm and seing how invisible it is on you, I'm curious about the healing process.

Sabrinanichole1526 karma

Ummm so once it happened I had a 3 day hospital stay then 16 days of bed ridden rest and after that it slowly faded over the course of a year or more, idk I never really kept up with it after the skin turned to normal skin color

seanular505 karma

Boiling water what? What happened?

Sabrinanichole1671 karma

(Removed the article link)

I think the article is a bit skewed so I’ll just give my rendition; I was trying to make mashed potatoes and watch finally getting into watching GOT and when I went to strain the pot I rested the pot on the lip of the sink (it was a fairly large lip) to change grip and it fel back onto me and instantly I began screaming bloody murder and I didn’t notice it was me screaming till a few seconds later (felt like time froze and I heard screaming and I looked down and my brain couldn’t comprehend what happens and I told myself I was dreaming) my downstairs neighbors kids heard me and frantically asked if I was ok I screamed “NO” (clearly) and they rushed up and I fell on the ground and I guided the girls btw they were girls (maybe 15-16) and a little 8yr old boy on what to do because we were all in a frenzy and I had like a calming moment and they took my pants off and I instructed the frightened little boy to help one of his sisters with getting towels and dampening them (I have no clue why I thought of doing this but probably because my legs felt like they were on fire and I needed to cool down) the other called the ambulance then my bf at the time and my mom in that order and yeah, got rushed to the hospital and taken care of on heavy ass drugs lol

TLDR: tried to make mashed potatoes and dropped the pot of boiling water on my legs and my neighbors helped me

Baldazar666539 karma

I'm impressed at the quick reactions and thinking of the teenage neighbours. Not surprised their first thought was to remove your pants but who can blame them.

Sabrinanichole458 karma

I actually instructed them I removed the link I think the story’s a bit skewed

gionnelles202 karma

Cool article, thanks for sharing and glad you healed up. I've been hospitalized for bad burns before, so I am very sympathetic. It was hands down the worst pain I've ever experienced, and I had that same shock of not actually registering the pain at first.

Also, your attitude during the recovery says a lot about what a cool person you are.

Sabrinanichole234 karma

It was the most out of body experience I’ve ever had

Sabrinanichole1370 karma

ALRIGHT SO I gotta cap the questions for now, I’ll be back at 7pm CST to answer any other question, I’m actually insanely happy how well this turned out I figured 30 questions at best, but yeah see y’all later!!!

walterjanro1346 karma

What hobbies have you got in this pandemic times of isolation?

Sabrinanichole1813 karma

furthering my Japanese, German, and piano lol

batman02971249 karma

Did working in the adult industry effect your sexual drive, or did it not ruin sexual activities for you?

Sabrinanichole1590 karma

Nope still as horny as ever, got a lot of links and if anything it opened my eyes as to what I’m into

batman0297217 karma

What did you discover?

Sabrinanichole152 karma

Sorry this blew up and I had a hard time answering but I love sensory depravation and restraints! I’m still learning but if you can make me feel helpless while I consent lol we’re in good hands for a fun time

red_raider11238 karma

Do you have any advice for someone in their early 20s?

Sabrinanichole2938 karma

You don’t know shit

-signed me a 25yr old

BMPCC969 karma

Hi Sabrina!

Have you ever met someone new and known immediately that they recognized you from your work? Does that recognition bother you or are most people pretty chill about it? I imagine some awkwardness or unsureness might bleed in sometimes.

Also want to just say thanks for standing up for marginalized folx in these times, I have really appreciated your engagement on the issue!

Sabrinanichole1442 karma

Oh yes definitely, I can spot it a mile away. Generally starts as an unusually long stare followed by a questioned face, then realization and approach in some cases lol

AntonioE1988222 karma

How do you handle the ones who are brave enough to approach you?

Sabrinanichole132 karma

I love it! Not a bad experience so far and generally it’s at a bar so free drink!

holyshitqki7960 karma

Favorite artists or bands?

Sabrinanichole2603 karma

Gorillaz all the way, fell in love with plastic beach album the most though, other than that I love chrome Sparks and low roar

Moses2SandyKoufax928 karma

What are your biggest guilty pleasures?

Sabrinanichole1426 karma

Damn thin dark chocolate frozen Oreos

nmullin14680 karma

What would you say is your greatest accomplishment?

Sabrinanichole2022 karma

Being my own boss for about 5ish years and doing quite well, also never having to have slept with anyone to “get a better life style” this coochie on lockdown

SchlongBottom420589 karma

Big fan here! What music are you listening to right now? :D

Sabrinanichole1505 karma

The silence by my apartment ft. Muted traffic noises

such_a_disapointment558 karma

What brought you to the sex work industry and had you not gone into that line of work what would you be doing? Huge fan btw you're a true beauty.

Sabrinanichole1144 karma

I was working at twin peaks just getting by and a photographer for playboy asked me to shoot and I turned him down not believing him but he spent a good 2 hours proving to me he was legit and boom rest is history

prodigy2142557 karma

Dumb question: What are your favorite and least favorite things about having big ol' boobs?

Not dumb question: What are your favorite books?

Sabrinanichole931 karma

Love having them because I have a large fan base mainly for them but my back is in agonizing pain almost all the time

PlsHelpmeThrowRA534 karma

Do you have any advice for a gal looking to get into freelance nude line of work?

Sabrinanichole1451 karma

Can’t be worried about nudes leaking or family seeing it, you literally need to tell yourself you’re ok with ANYONE seeing ANY PART of you, and lastly having any judgement on you and your nude body, if you don’t have that realization please don’t do it or you’ll be upset real quick

DignityInOctober346 karma

Is it worth it to give your family a heads up so they don't just stumble across it?

Sabrinanichole813 karma

Tbh I hid it from my family because I was worried but yeah give a heads up, you may not get support but know you being in a safe space selling work of your body doesn’t make you a whore or any derogatory word people may use, you’re being safe and it’s your body

kitkatkhi522 karma

Do you think playboy has changed for the better regarding issues like sexism? And do you think things like onlyfans are killing playboy?

Sabrinanichole1184 karma

Oh playboys been dying for years it’s why they cant even afford to actually pay their models/photographers/make up team/ etc. the pay is such shit from a seemingly “large” company

Sparker9471 karma

Do u like sushi?

Sabrinanichole691 karma

Love it like it provides life

botodestroyer314 karma

What games do you play?

Sabrinanichole1103 karma

I really love solo adventure, I hate the move to online team games I just hate playing with others, I’m very strong willed and really don’t want to do what others want lol, it’s my game time lemme play how I want

InsomniGreg261 karma

What's your favorite video game or video game console of all time?

Sabrinanichole790 karma

BOTW on switch fight me

According-Data-777248 karma

What is your ideal direction for your career? Any big goals?

Sabrinanichole746 karma

Wanna retire hopefully late 30’s, got introduced to a financial advising company who will hopefully have my future financially secured by then so I can successfully retire! PLEASE INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE

jawanda325 karma

Make sure they're a Fiduciary or else they're not legally obligated to have your best interest at heart.

(This is Reddit so you probably already know that)

Sabrinanichole184 karma

They are they’re LPL and follow Fiduciary and don’t sell products

DarkScorpion63248 karma

Are you enjoying being on OF?

Sabrinanichole353 karma

I do there’s no analytics working against me

ZHiiFt227 karma

Do you feel proud of your own body and how you look? Also follow up question: how do you feel about hundreds of people jacking it to your pictures? To me it feels weird, but yeah hahah.

Sabrinanichole367 karma

I mean I’m paid mostly aside of dick wads with leaks and I have good days and bad days, but I love being naked so I try and keep a body shape that makes me proud

Gazokage202 karma

What’s the most ridiculous request that you ever received?

Sabrinanichole662 karma

Poop videos. It’s always the fucking poop videos I will not ever do them but man do people go into detail

badab00mba197 karma

If you could have any superpower what would you choose and why?

Would that change if you could only have that superpower for a day?

Sabrinanichole346 karma

Teleportation forever I’m in love with seeing every area of the world

jcdus2k165 karma

Hello, I'm curious to know if you already had proposals from companies to make more explicit content?
Thanks for you reply, Kiss from France.

Sabrinanichole309 karma

I don’t produce porn or work for porn companies if that’s what you mean, I just really like being nude

Legacymemez137 karma

Whats the story behind giant milkers gang? Aside from well the milkers

Sabrinanichole441 karma

I just have giant milkers and a gang

cainolx131 karma

Is there any advice you wish you heard when you started your SW + model career?

Sabrinanichole210 karma

People can have negative opinions of you and also google and use patreon for the love of god

8yr0n97 karma

On behalf of r/wallstreetbets what stocks are you feeling today?

Sabrinanichole68 karma

I’m not on stocks just yet

SSJTaserFace72 karma

Hi, i was curious what’s the best place to support you? Also what’s the best way, subscriptions or like?

Sabrinanichole121 karma

If you check out my subreddit it has all my links but for now my onlyfans lol is the best

Royal_Zenitfc58 karma

have you learned other language? ex) korean

Sabrinanichole123 karma

I only know English fully and a lot of Japanese and a bit of Spanish/French/German

ReadontheCrapper57 karma

What advice would you give to people around discussing your line of work with teens? Meaning regarding positive and negative aspects of your work?

Sabrinanichole120 karma

Idk, my brothers know but I don’t sit and talk with them, I suppose if I ever have kids I’ll just be blunt because idk why I should spare them or beat around the bush they might find it on their own

flintgooch1346 karma

Does the internet ever scare you? Putting your sexiness out there like you do has to bring out all kinds of "ick". Ty for sharing all you do! Beauty and brains, God has surely blessed you!

Sabrinanichole83 karma

Tbh I think I’ve been shielded by fans and even my own subreddit because I don’t really deal with ick

JamesKSK1343 karma

Why did you wanna do an AMA? Like, what was the motivation?

I just found myself curious and I’m gonna ask this on every AMA thread I see now

Sabrinanichole110 karma

The Camsite that sponsors me paid me to do this lol but it was really fun

Iakov-the-rat38 karma

How many of your more stalker like fans have ever bothered your personal life?

Edit: made you particularly uncomfortable, not bothered (bad wording)

Sabrinanichole71 karma

None oddly enough, idk if I should feel flattered or sad about it lololol

jordanderson137 karma

Big fan of your work! What was the process like to becoming a Playboy model? Did they just see you and snatch you up? Did you have to apply? I'm curious to know.

Sabrinanichole50 karma

A photographer was at my work scouting and saw me!

Afraid-Capital34 karma

Are there any things you do to feel more confident or hide your anxieties in your self to do your job? From someone who wants to be more confident in themselves 👉👈

Sabrinanichole70 karma

Eat right tbh, when I eat right my body looks right and I feel right lol

cwheel1132 karma

So how many tacos do you have to eat before you’re like “ok I’ll just have one last one”?

Sabrinanichole34 karma

Usually 4-6 lolol love the question

WhosMagical_15 karma

Will you be selling merchandise in the near future like posters, calendar’s, t-shirts, etc?

Sabrinanichole31 karma

I will but I’m moving soon so I need to have a solid home base for things to be delivered to

Ace0916go9 karma

Any books you’d recommend everyone should read?

Sabrinanichole14 karma

I read manga because normal novels are hard I cant keep track of what sentence I read and sometimes reread it 4 times, get frustrated and don’t read again lol- but if you want manga; Dorohedoro, dark dai, chainsaw man, and jujutsu kaisen

staticurmom1238 karma

Hi 🥺. What’s your favourite place to eat out?

Sabrinanichole60 karma

Oh gosh I’ve been on a diet the past month so that’s hard but before that this place called Biscuit bar in Dallas, it’ll get you fucking fat

Ihavenocomments14 karma

Do you like the Rustic? Best chicken sandwich ever...

Sabrinanichole31 karma

Oh I love the rustic, their beer can chicken with whatever that biscuit side thing is omg I melt

goodMontys3 karma

Do you attend as guest @ cons and so? Fave/hated cosplay u done?

Sabrinanichole8 karma

Only once idk how to apply lol, my fave cosplay is me in a big T-shirt and everything else is meh

Regera802 karma

PlayStation or Xbox?

Sabrinanichole10 karma

PlayStation lol

hithereIambi2 karma

You going commando right now?

Sabrinanichole2 karma

Completely nude my friend, why not it’s my house

thatguyCaRo1 karma

If there was only one song you could dance to for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Sabrinanichole5 karma

Damn either Désolé by Gorillaz or still think by Chrome Sparks