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Is it worth it to give your family a heads up so they don't just stumble across it?

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Policy Question: One of the biggest problems I've heard recently is that the docket of every immigration judge is packed and they are graded almost solely on how many cases they can clear. Is this just a number of judges problem or has something else changed that has loaded the system beyond its limit?

Technical Question: I've also heard that because immigration judges are article II judges (part of the executive function) not article III judges (part of the judiciary) they have almost no leeway for finding an equitable resolution, they are instead bound by essentially checklists of whether those before them have the right paperwork. How true is this?

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What was your family's reaction? I hope your family was ok with it when they found out.

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Sometimes you just gotta fit in more NYE parties than there are NYE's in a year.

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Do you have a top 3 destinations to see around the world? To go with said teleportation power.