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Sometimes you just gotta fit in more NYE parties than there are NYE's in a year.

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Is the situation in Venezuela any better in the country away from the cities?

I know in the US there are a lot of people who are homesteaders and salivate over supporting themselves off the land, but obviously that isn't possible if you live in a city.

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New Years Eve party I'm guessing.

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Two questions really. Why have you focused on Tarantulas? And what from your findings can be extrapolated to other illegal trade animals in North America?

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Where I live we only have 2 large grocery chains, and neither of them has particularly good quality food. The thought has crossed my mind about what it would take to start a grocery store.

Given the economics of groceries (very low margins, perishable goods, and demand for large variety of food) How can new stores open and grow to offer food in new and under served areas like food deserts?